Managing the Chaos - Effective Engineering Leadership for High Growth Startups


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3 Days


Cohort-based Course

Confidently lead engineering teams that ship and scale using techniques and lessons acquired through real-world experience.

Course overview

Effective Engineering Leadership in Startups

Engineering Management can feel like a trap, but hey, someone's gotta do it! A move into Engineering Management can feel like a promotion, but it's a whole new job. Rather than learning that new role on your own, let us share what we've learned from our experience.

Get a headstart or strengthen your existing skillset with frameworks, templates, and real-world, proven strategies that we have refined through scaling multiple Engineering teams.

This course shares the most important lessons learned in 15+ years of leading engineering teams in early-stage and high-growth startup companies.

* Shipping working software confidently and with increasing velocity

* Setting and communicating strategy

* Managing remote and outsourced teams

* Growing your team

* Goal setting

* Tracking and reporting progress through metrics and KPIs

* Partnering with Product and Design

* Keeping your team healthy.

We've written the course we wished we had when we started in Engineering Management.

Who is this course for


Engineering managers with a few years of experience eager to excel in fast-paced early-stage and high-growth startup environments.


Experienced leaders seeking to sharpen their skills and adapt to the unique challenges of early-stage and high-growth startup companies.


Early-stage and startup founders and CTOs looking to accelerate the pace of their teams' software development and delivery.

What you’ll get out of this course

Examples to guide and think about your role as an Engineering Manager

Get clarity on what you need to do as an Engineering Manager in early-stage and high-growth startup companies, so you can take the lead, guide your team, and help your company succeed.

Beyond the basics knowledge on how to ship and support impactful software in a chaotic environment

Discover how to manage multiple tasks, stay focused, and deliver high-quality software in a startup environment where everything moves quickly.

Understanding what metrics are important

Hone your skills in establishing and interpreting meaningful metrics that drive your team's growth and make a measurable impact.

Ready-to-go templates to define fundamentals for your team, such as goals, charter, structure, capacity, etc.

Establish clear goals, define your team's roles and responsibilities, and build a team culture that encourages productivity, collaboration, and innovation.

Strategies to approach your technical influence and responsibilities as a leader.

Unnderstand your role as a leader and how you can use your technical skills to guide your team, optimize processes, and encourage technical excellence.

Communication techniques that will help you minimize dysfunction

Create the communication skills to overcome conflicts, align priorities, and ensure everyone cooperates smoothly.

Frameworks to keep your team healthy

Find out how to create a positive team culture that encourages personal growth, technical excellence, and long-term success, so your team can stay healthy and engaged.

Our hard-earned lessons

Learn from our mistakes before you make the same mistakes yourself.

Course syllabus

4 modules • 6 lessons
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  • Post-Course


    • Building and Leading Teams in a Chaotic Environment

    • Shipping Products While Juggling Flaming Chainsaws

    • Unleashing the "Engineering" in Engineering Management

    • Communication: Your Secret Weapon Against Dysfunction


(20 ratings)

What students are saying

Meet your instructors

Juan Pablo Buriticá

Juan Pablo Buriticá

Executive Product & Engineering Leader

Juan Pablo Buriticá is a seasoned engineering leader with a focus on distributed engineering teams, fast-paced growth, and innovation. With experience at top companies like Stripe and Splice. He also led and scaled engineering teams at Richie Bros, Ride, Onswipe, and Panelfly.

He is the author of The Holloway Guide to Remote Work, a comprehensive resource for navigating the world of remote work, and leads the organization of conferences like JS Conf Colombia

James Turnbull

James Turnbull

VP of Product and Engineering, Smartrr

James Turnbull is VP of Product and Engineering at Smartrr. Before Smartrr, he worked at Microsoft, was founder and CTO at Empatico, CTO at Kickstarter, VP of Engineering at Venmo, and in leadership roles at Glitch, Docker, Timber, and Puppet. He chaired the O'Reilly Velocity conference series, is a startup advisor and investor, and has written eleven technical books.

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Managing the Chaos - Effective Engineering Leadership for High Growth Startups


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Course schedule

3 Day Intensive
  • Thursday, Friday, Saturday

    1 PM - 4:30 pm EDT

    We designed the course for busy leaders.

  • Pre-work

    ~ 3 hours

    Getting started projects ground all students on foundational concepts so we can go deep during the live sessions.

  • Post-course work


    You can choose to complete post-course projects for personalized feedback highly relevant to your current role.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Go beyond the basics

One-on-ones are important, but there is so much more to leading engineering teams.

We will show you the way.

We're living our content

We're neither coaches nor consultants.

In fact, both of us recently left established companies to join early-stage startups and the tools you'll get are the ones we're using today.

Don't go it alone

Leadership is less lonely with a supportive community of peers.

The cohort community will have your back.

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Managing the Chaos - Effective Engineering Leadership for High Growth Startups


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