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Learn how to design AI-powered products and experiences to set yourself up for a career as an AI product designer.

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Course overview

Break into AI Design with Confidence

Why Should You Take This Course?

If you’re a Designer aiming to break into the AI industry or if your team is starting to build AI products and you feel unprepared, this course is for you. By the end, you’ll feel confident and ready to transition into an AI design role, armed with the knowledge and skills to thrive.

Why Should You Learn from Me?

With a decade of experience in building AI and AR/VR products, with over 4 years focused on AI-first products, I bring practical insights and skills you won’t find elsewhere. My experience includes leading world-class AI design teams and developing cutting-edge AI products, most recently at Meta.

Course Overview

Designed for busy professionals:

• Total 3 weeks, 3.5 hours per week commitment

• Recorded Sessions: Available anytime

• Discussion Boards: Participate asynchronously

• Support: Dedicated support and 1:1 guidance

• Resources: Ongoing AI learning materials

• Live Q&As and Discussions: Hands-on learning

What You’ll Learn:

1. AI Design Fundamentals:

• Understand types of AI models and how to leverage them for your design project

• Key AI terminologies (NLP, CV, GANs, etc) you'll need to know as you design

• Emerging product types and potentials

• Limitations and future potential of AI products

• AI Design Principles to keep in mind

2. Designing AI-Powered Products:

• End-to-end design process for AI products and how it differs from traditional design

• Current design challenges and opportunities with AI products

• Case studies and critique existing AI product interfaces

• Responsible AI, regulations, and ethical considerations for AI products

• Future of AI, beyond chatbots

3. Career in AI Design:

• What do Design Managers look for in Product Designers looking to join AI teams

• What to expert when joining / starting an AI Design team

• Tips for interviewing with AI-design teams

• Transforming your strengths to enter the AI field

• Leveraging AI tools to your advantage

• Staying updated with AI trends and continuous learning

• Guide to key resources, influencers, and companies

Additional Course Components:

• Mini-Projects/Brainstorms: 2 outputs to practice course content

• Discussion Sessions / Q&As: 3 live interactions for in-depth discussions

• Case Studies: Critique existing experiences together

• Live Panel: Insights from AI design experts (e.g., Ammaar Reshi - Head of Design @ ElevenLabs)

• Resource Guide: Key resources, influencers, and companies to follow in AI

By the end of this course, you’ll have the skills and confidence to excel in AI design roles.

Who is this course for


Designers looking to join AI companies but concerned about their skill gap 


Designers and Design Managers new to AI, looking to expand their expertise to build AI-powered products and confidently lead their teams


Technical professionals interested in understanding the key-elements of design in creating AI-powered products

What you’ll get out of this course

Mastery of AI Design Fundamentals
  • Grasp key AI concepts and terminologies helpful for design.
  • Become proficient in AI design principles and opportunities
Effective Collaboration Techniques
  • Learn how to effectively collaborate with new stakeholders, such as Research Scientists.
  • Understand how your role shifts as design becomes democratized (e.g. PMs designing with AI).
Confidence to Design AI-Powered Products
  • Understand how the design process differs for AI products
  • Discuss challenges that exist for AI-products (e.g. response accuracy and bias)
  • Opportunities for better interactions in AI-powered products (including chatbots)
  • Brainstorm potential solutions
Techniques to Create Ethical and Responsible AI Designs
  • Develop skills to design AI products with ethical considerations in mind, including fairness, privacy, transparency, and regulatory compliance, to create responsible and safe AI experiences.
Prepare for a Career in AI Design
  • Understand what design managers seek in AI designers and the types of skills beneficial in today’s AI teams.
  • Understand how to hone your skillset to find the right fit in the AI industry
Get 1:1 Support and Guidance from Maheen
  • Feeling stuck? Have additional questions? I'll be available throughout the course to help you get the most out of this course.
Join a Community of AI Designers and Stay Inspired
  • Build a network of peers in the AI design field and stay inspired with key resources, influencers, and companies to follow.

This course includes

6 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

14 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

3 projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus

Expand all modules
  • Week 1

    Aug 26—Sep 1

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Aug


      Brainstorm & Workshop #1

      Thu, Aug 29, 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM UTC

    • Aug


      Optional: Q&A

      Sat, Aug 31, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM UTC


    • Intro & AI Fundamentals

  • Week 2

    Sep 2—Sep 8

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Sep


      Brainstorm & Workshop #2

      Thu, Sep 5, 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM UTC

    • Sep


      Optional: Q&A

      Sat, Sep 7, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM UTC


    • Designing AI-Powered Products

  • Week 3

    Sep 9—Sep 15

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Sep


      Industry Panel & Discussion

      Thu, Sep 12, 12:00 AM - 2:00 AM UTC

    • Sep


      Closing Q&A

      Sat, Sep 14, 4:00 PM - 5:30 PM UTC


    • Prepare for a Career in AI Design

What people are saying

        Maheen is an immensely talented designer who streamlines simplicity and delight in AI-driven product experiences as magical moments through deeply understanding the people she is designing for and clear focus of core AI capabilities. I’ve learned so much from Maheen over the years, and her valuable depth of knowledge continues to resonate!
Marcy Regalado

Marcy Regalado

Design Manager at Pulley, former Design Lead at Meta
        Maheen is an exceptional Product Design Leader, and this course is a fantastic resource for anyone looking to break into the AI field.  If you have the opportunity to learn from Maheen, I highly recommend it.
Chavez Procope

Chavez Procope

Product Design Lead @ Cash App

Meet your instructor

Maheen Sohail

Maheen Sohail

Design Lead Manager with a focus on creating 0-1 innovative products. Maheen's work encompasses various emerging technologies, including Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality. Currently, she leads design on the Generative AI team at Meta.

She is passionate about diversity, making emerging tech accessible. In her free time, she enjoys surfing and experimenting with different storytelling techniques, such as film, audio, and AI art.

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Become an AI Product Designer

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Aug 26—Sep 15, 2024

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Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Wednesdays

    5:00 PM PST / 8:00 PM EST

    1-2 Hour Live Sessions

    • Content Overview
    • Discussions
    • Brainstorms

    NOTE: If you're unable to make it to above sessions, you can watch videos and engage with content at your own pace at a later time.

  • Self-Paced

    30-40 minutes

    Do this at your own time:

    • Read/Watch course content
    • Put learnings into practice through short hands-on projects
  • Saturdays

    9:00 AM PST / 12:00 PM EST

    1 hour · Optional Q&As

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Join an upcoming cohort

Become an AI Product Designer

Cohort 1



Aug 26—Sep 15, 2024

Payment Deadline

Aug 23, 2024

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3 Weeks