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Master the skills you need to stand out on video, secure your seat at the virtual table, and create your virtual-first presence.

Lorraine K Lee


Lorraine K Lee

LinkedIn Learning Instructor | Top-rated virtual keynote speaker

Do you want to leverage virtual to its full potential? This course is for you.


Professionals who are struggling with getting noticed and advancing their careers.


Managers who want to lead better meetings and engage their teams — while reducing video fatigue and burnout.


Professionals who want to create a strong professional online identity and brand.

See what people are saying

        Within a short time after implementing Lorraine's teachings, I reaped benefits immediately and received the following feedback in my workplace: -"It's been awhile since I've been in a productive meeting" (Meeting rating score: 4.5/5 ⭐ ) | "Looking forward to the next meeting." | "I commend you on your delivery!"
Putera Camaro
Putera Camaro
Quality Improvement Specialist
        Not only did she help me understand the importance of how having better meetings can impact productivity and building a LinkedIn presence, she's also extremely thoughtful and intentional about the live coaching sessions. I felt that she had a strong desire to help the students succeed. So I definitely recommend taking the course.
Vivian Lo
Vivian Lo
Director of Recruiting, SignalFire
        Since I followed the course, it is always on the back of my mind now. I find myself regularly saying: "Well, I followed this course by Lorraine, and she taught me...". The course gave me several insights in how I prepare and execute online meetings, how I use feedback and how I use LinkedIn to create engagement.
Renske Zuurveen
Renske Zuurveen
Getting Things Done® trainer
        I was impressed by her ability to maintain such an approachable energy while also positioning herself as a true subject matter expert. I've invited her to deliver some presentations to my current organization, all of which have received high-praise and rave reviews.
Erin Sprague
Erin Sprague
Global learning leader @ a Fortune 500 global hospitality brand
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It's time to lead from the screen.

The future of work is here. To truly excel and advance, you'll need to move beyond the status quo and equip yourself with the hard and soft skills needed to stand out and be heard.

Topics covered

How to grab attention virtually

Video is one of our most important tools for connecting virtually — but Zoom fatigue has made people disengaged, disconnected, and burnt out. Learn how to turn video into your new best friend and capture attention in a virtual world.

Creating engaging virtual meetings

We are spending too much time in meetings. Cut down meeting time while making the ones you keep more productive. Learn the essential frameworks to achieve this (based on Lorraine's popular LinkedIn Learning course).

Grow visibility and find new opportunities through LinkedIn

Optimize all aspects of your LinkedIn presence to create maximum impact and build your brand. Find new and exciting opportunities, grow your network, and become a recognized thought leader.

Shine on camera

Say goodbye to the screenshare. See what it takes to create content that is catered to our virtual environments and which is sure to "wow" your audience, both internally and externally.

Meet Lorraine

Lorraine K Lee
Lorraine K Lee
Learn more: lorraineklee.com

I've been around video and LinkedIn for most of my career, whether it was creating and hosting one of LinkedIn's most engaging video series and building a following of 300K+ followers, or as a virtual keynote speaker invited to speak to Fortune 500 companies, tech firms, and more.

And now, in our virtual and hybrid offices, my expertise in video and LinkedIn have become some of the most important skills that have helped me as a manager and leader to build an engaged and productive team and organization that will stand the turmoil and changes happening across businesses.

Don't just take it from me, though: I'm proud to say that in 2020 I was named a top virtual keynote speaker by ReadWrite, and in 2021 I published the popular LinkedIn Learning course: "Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials."

I've also been featured in publications including Entrepreneur and Inc.

I can't wait to share everything I've learned with you to help you shine virtually in 2022.

See more: lorraineklee.com

Course syllabus


Video 101: Your Must-Have Foundational Frameworks for Engagement

As the world returns to some semblance of normal, business will not. Companies are shifting to virtual and hybrid models while the Great Resignation/Quit/Reshuffle looms. Now's the time to learn the frameworks needed to capture engagement and attention on video.


Virtual and Hybrid Meeting Essentials (based off Lorraine’s popular LinkedIn Learning course)

Video calls don't have to instill anxiety and dread. Learn best practices and techniques to create meetings that actually move things forward. Get noticed by peers and leaders when you can lead a productive and collaborative virtual and hybrid meeting.


Using LinkedIn to Build Your Brand

LinkedIn is a key tool to drive engagement and grow your brand. Get Lorraine's top tips for enhancing your LinkedIn presence to continue strengthening your network, gaining visibility, and finding new and exciting opportunities — even outside of working hours — without making it another full-time job.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active learning, not passive watching

This course focuses on async workshops and hands-on exercises. You'll learn by doing.

Gain a new support system

We're all in this together. You'll be part of a community that can lean on each other and Lorraine for support during and after the course.

Receive real-time feedback

Real-time feedback is one of the best ways to learn — and you'll get a lot of it in this course. We're here to help each other improve and grow in a positive, constructive way.

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Course Roadmap

Course Roadmap