Unblock Your Career

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Cohort-based Course

Get unstuck from an unhappy work situation. Ignore common advice that holds smart women back. Discover a career path that works for YOU.

Course overview

Move from trapped & frustrated to confident & energized in 4 weeks with ease

When you're a smart and caring woman, people in every corner of your life rely on you. Investing time and energy to advance from your current position, conduct a job search, or make a career change feels daunting and impossible.

Conventional wisdom, like "Find your passion," "Do what you love," "Make a plan," "Set goals," "Take a personality assessment," or "Build your personal brand," might work for some but tend to trip up talented women and keep them trapped.

After 15 years of working with hundreds of talented and compassionate women, Dr. Stacy Kim developed The Lighthouse Method® a way to make big life changes that is...

* Easy and enjoyable

* Step-by-step and streamlined

* Evidence-based and tested by her coaching clients

Designed to fit into a busy schedule, this 4-week course combines the mutliple modes of learning:

* live interaction with Dr. Kim and other students

* short video clips

* downloadable workbooks

* an online community to offer and receive support

Who is this course for


You're a talented woman, good at what you do but unhappy with your work situation.


You feel stuck either because you lack the time, energy, or confidence to make a change, or you have no idea what you want to do next.


If you don't identify as a woman or are looking for your first job, this course is not for you. (Jump to the FAQ for reasons & an apology.)

In this course you will learn to

Silence conventional advice that holds women back

You don't need a master plan, clear direction, or a large investment of time and energy to figure out what to do next. Instead, learn The Lighthouse Method® to discover how to move forward with ease and joy.

Reclaim time to work on your priorities

Forget long-term planning and master plans that don't serve you. Learn efficient strategies to plan your day, week, and quarter to help you find more time for you.

Build confidence and overcome imposter syndrome

Understand why and how smart and talented women get debilitating self-doubt and what to do to build authentic confidence.

Take small steps that produce big results

Rather than procrastinate, postpone, or wait for the perfect moment, learn how to build momentum with things you can do in 10-20 minute increments each day.

What people are saying

        The course and Stacy's positive encouragement gave me practical ideas for defining and pushing forward my goals one step at a time. With her help, I was able to step back and see that it was time to start my retirement from work.
Teresa Jones, MD

Teresa Jones, MD

        Other programs I tried triggered my perfectionism, and made me feel inadequate. I felt overwhelmed by all the things I needed to be doing, to make a plan, be organized, and get it done. Yours was all about giving yourself grace, celebrating small actions, and focusing more on pleasure and process than specific results.
Sarah Rigas

Sarah Rigas

Artist at SarahRigas.com
        I really enjoyed this course. The portal was great for sharing small wins and getting feedback. The videos and coursework helped to clarify the next steps in my career path. Stacy provides thoughtful feedback and cheers everyone on. My biggest takeaways were enjoying the process of career planning and taking risks - even the smallest ones :)

        During the process of taking the course, I had received an email about taking writing classes, which I have always put on the backburner, but something I have always secretly wanted – and I signed up. I don't think I would have signed up so quickly and confidently if it weren't for your course. 

        This was an amazing course with tons of resources for engaging on an area of life where one has felt stuck. In addition to the expertise and resources, the biggest strength of this course was Stacy's warm and individualized support! I'm thrilled to finally get going on a professional project I've been wanting to do for ages.

Meet your instructor

Stacy S. Kim, Ph.D.

Stacy S. Kim, Ph.D.

Founder of Life Junctions LLC, Dr. Kim is social science researcher turned career coach who helps smart and caring women find time and energy for meaningful work and people they love.

She is the author of The Lighthouse Method: How Busy Overloaded Moms Can Get Unstuck and Figure Out What To Do With Their Lives, and has written for Real Simple, The New York Times, The Washington Post and WIRED.

Dr. Kim has over 15 years of experience in work-family research. She has worked for such institutions as Columbia University and the Families and Work Institute, where she coauthored Feeling Overworked: When Work Becomes Too Much with Ellen Galinsky and James T. Bond.

Through her coaching, writing, research and teaching, she translates research into practical strategies in a style that is intellectually stimulating and fun for YOU.

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Unblock Your Career


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The Lighthouse Method® Course Syllabus


Aim your boat and get in

You don't need to know exactly what the lighthouse looks like. You just need a glimmer of light to see where you're headed.

  • Break down mental barriers that prevent you from getting started
  • Tweak your daily planning routine to incorporate action steps toward your goals
  • Take concrete action that is enjoyable and "resets" your navigation system


Ease in to rowing

You can go with the flow and take the scenic route.

  • Learn why "Tiny steps are better than leaps not taken."
  • Learn when to say "yes" and how to say "no."
  • Tweak your weekly plans and task lists
  • Figure out which small steps are right for you, how to do them, and why they are beneficial.


Let go of anchors and keep rowing

Accept that obstacles will get in your way. Learn how to navigate rough waters.

  • Learn how to handle disruptions, roadblocks, and difficult people.
  • Rethink "work," "leisure," and other labels that can trip you up
  • Learn how to seek advice and weed out the noise
  • Build on small steps to tackle worthwhile projects


Adjust your sails

Sometimes as you move toward your lighthouse, you see others that are more attractive and closer.

  • Take advantage of unexpected opportunities
  • Tweak quarterly plans that serve you well
  • Learn why and how to celebrate all accomplishments big and small

Course schedule

1-2 hours per week
  • Self-Paced Independent Study

    Max 1 hour per week

    Designed to fit into your busy schedule. Watch short video clips on your own time. Complete workbooks or make journal entries throughout the week. Report progress, ask questions, and provide feedback to fellow classmates in the online community.

  • Kick-off Masterclass: Why the Smart get Stuck

    Th June 5, 1-2 pm EDT / 10-11 am PDT

    Learn why conventional advice holds smart and caring women back and how The Lighthouse Method® works instead. Get an overview of the course. Do some exercises to build momentum from the start.

  • Mid-course Masterclass: Procrastination Prevention

    Tu June 27, 1-2 pm EDT / 10-11 am PDT

    Avoid a mid-course slump. Stay energized with easy strategies and fun exercises to propel you to make significant progress. Includes a live Q&A.

  • Closing Masterclass: Accountability and Action

    Th July 6, 1-2 pm EDT / 10-11 am PDT

    Learn ways to keep moving forward beyond the class. Share wins big and small. Includes a live Q&A and a graduation ceremony.

Free resource

Conventional Advice Can Hold You Back

What works for many doesn't always work for smart and caring women. Learn what 4 pieces of common wisdom can hold you back.

More importantly, learn what to do instead to get unstuck. This one-page PDF download will give you 4 evidence-based tips that have worked for Stacy and her clients.

Get this PDF resource & more

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Multiple Learning Modes

This course combines on live masterclasses and Q&A sessions with self-study video clips and written exercises.

Interactive Support

Get suggestions and answers from Dr. Kim. Give and receive feedback from classmates.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

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Unblock Your Career


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