The Unstuck Career Accelerator

4 Days


Cohort-based Course

4-day live masterclass helping ambitious women get their work noticed, eliminate overthinking, and move faster in their careers.

Hosted by

Lia Garvin

Founder/CEO | Author | TEDx & SXSW Speaker | Ex. Google, Apple, Microsoft

Course overview

Rise as the leader that you were meant to be 🚀

The Unstuck Career Accelerator teaches women how to recognize and reframe the patterns and limiting beliefs making you feel stuck so you can move faster and recession-proof your career.

Who is this course for


Early career women entering the workforce who want to land a job and make an impact quickly.


Mid-career women, hungry to reach that next level and are seeking ways to bring more visibility to their work.


Women making a career pivot or ready to launch that side hustle, and want to quiet those impostor voices.

Ready to accelerate?


Let's be done with "stuck," shall we?

But first, we have to get to the bottom of it: why we get stuck, how to recognize when we're stuck, and what to do about it.

In this first module you will be introduced to the concept of reframing and how to leverage it as your new superpower for overcoming challenges and frustrations in the workplace.


Wait, good work doesn't just get noticed?

Nope, it doesn't. In this module we'll explore one of the the hardest professional challenges I've seen women struggle with, talking about our work and impact in a way that feels authentic and communicates the value we bring.

Here you will gain tools to bring visibility into your impact so you are tapped for career advancing opportunities.


Decisions aren't the end, they are only the beginning.

The best case scenario is just as likely as the worst case, and yet when it comes to decision-making, 99.999% of the time we worry about the worst case. Just me? I didn't think so.

In this module we will reframe the finality of decisions to overcome overthinking and enable you to take bigger and bolder risks in your career.


It's not you, it's your approach.

Failure is a gift. Or was it feedback that's a gift? Doesn't matter. Both true, both suck. Failure is something talked about more and more as something we're supposed to run towards, but would kind of rather not.

We're gonna change that, leaving you with tools to differentiate between failures, setbacks, and mistakes, and how to embrace all three.

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The Unstuck Career Accelerator

See what people are saying

        Lia's reframing framework is brilliant. There have been many times I've felt stuck, and after talking to Lia, I had a fresh perspective and a new plan for action.
Director of Ad Sales

Director of Ad Sales

        It completely reframed how I thought about work and significantly reduced the existing anxiety I have around certain work related topics. I feel more in control and "in the driver's seat" in my day to day work.
Verified Amazon Review for Unstuck

Verified Amazon Review for Unstuck

Course schedule

4 hours of class, 1 hour of practice
  • September 27th - 30th

    12:00pm to 1:00pm EST

    One-week intensive, designed to get out thinking outside of your defaults so you can reach for more.

    Come to each session ready to share ideas, reflect, and reframe.

  • Day 1

    Stop feeling stuck. Recognize when you're stuck and how to shift your perspective to unlock unlimited possibilities and move faster.

    After Day 1, workplace challenges don't phase you because you have the tools to depersonalize and reframe.

  • Day 2

    Own your accomplishments. Go from "what" to "so what" when it comes to telling your story and getting visibility into your work.

    After Day 2, conversations like your performance review, asking for additional scope, and negotiating for more feel effortless.

  • Day 3

    Decide with confidence. Overcome overthinking decisions by tapping into the experimentation mindset, the magical 3rd option, and reframing the finality of decisions.

    After Day 3, accelerate your decision making pace, allowing you to quickly seize exciting new opportunities.

  • Day 4

    Make failure your friend. Fear of failure has nothing on you. Unlock the tools to find growth in setbacks to propel your career forward.

    After Day 4, take bigger, bolder risks and approach setbacks with the resilience to set yourself apart from the pack and rise to the top.

  • Day 4 BONUS

    September 30th, 1:00-2:00pm EST

    The Unstuck Career Accelerator Social!

    Stick around after class wraps to celebrate completing the class and get a little more time to connect with your awesome new network.

  • Recommended Practice Outside of Class

    20 mins per day reviewing pre-reads or completing exercises... and then on Friday once we wrap, take those 20 mins to toast to your greatness.

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Build a network of kick-ass women to support you in your career for years to come.

Join the Unstuck revolution

Unstuck at SXSW 2022
Unstuck at SXSW 2022
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The Unstuck Career Accelerator

Meet your instructor

Lia Garvin

Lia Garvin

Founder/CEO of The Workplace Reframe | Author | TEDx & SXSW Speaker | Ex. Google, Microsoft, Apple

I'm the author of UNSTUCK: Reframe Your Thinking to Free Yourself From the Patterns and People that Hold You Back, leaning a decade of experience working in team operations at some of the most influential companies in tech and finance including Google, Microsoft, Apple, and Bank of America to help women explore the power of reframing to overcome common challenges found in the modern workplace.

I'm a TEDx and SXSW speaker and have been featured as a workplace expert across HBR, FastCompany, Inc., CNN Business, and WGN Chicago News.

As the Founder & CEO of The Workplace Reframe organizational consultancy, I support companies, teams, and leaders in building motivated, inclusive, effective teams; and as a coach, I help people shed the patterns and perspectives holding them back so they can break through to the next level in their careers and accomplish their boldest aspirations.

Learn more at

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The Unstuck Career Accelerator

Learning is better with live cohorts

Learning is better with live cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on exercises

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and live discussion

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community and grow you network with awesome people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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The Unstuck Career Accelerator

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