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Become a more confident PM, armed with a toolkit full of actionable advice, tactics and frameworks to immediately put into action.

Lenny Rachitsky


Lenny Rachitsky

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A 3-week-long intimate workshop-style course by the author of the industry-leading Product Management newsletter, Lenny’s Newsletter.

What product experts have to say:

        Beyond being a product manager shipping features that became billion dollar businesses, Lenny is an expert on articulating the true craft of product management.
Josh Elman
Josh Elman
ex-LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Robinhood
        Lenny is a strategic product leader who knows how to get things done. Any PM would be lucky to learn from him!
Jackie Bavaro
Jackie Bavaro
Co-author of Cracking the PM interview
        If you want to set your product career on the right track, you need to learn from Lenny.
Shreyas Doshi
Shreyas Doshi
Product Manager at Stripe
        If I were a new PM, I'd take this course. Lenny does a great job distilling his insights, plus those from the greater product community.
Gibson Biddle
Gibson Biddle
Former VP Product at Netflix

Who is this course for


Associate Product Managers

You work at a Big Tech company as an APM and want to drop the “A” 


Entry-level Product Managers

You’re less than a couple of years into your PM career and want to level up.


Transitioning to Product Management

You’re handling PM duties alongside your real job or transitioning into PM.

Topics Lenny will cover

Understanding what separates good PMs from great PMs

Leveling up your strategic thinking and vision

Strengthening your written and verbal communication

Collaborating and influencing your peers more effectively

Mastering the art of shipping on time while keeping your team happy

Gaining confidence as a PM and defining a clear plan to accelerating your career

Leveraging  user research, metrics, and stakeholders to prioritize

Leveraging the Minto Pyramid to delivering better presentations

Meet your instructor

Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny started his career as an engineer, joining a startup right out of college as their first engineer where he quickly moved up the ranks to lead their engineering team. After spending nine years as an engineer and engineering leader, he decided to start his own company (Localmind), which he eventually sold to Airbnb.

After joining Airbnb, Lenny moved into Product where he spent seven years leading teams driving supply growth, conversion, community, Instant Book, and trip experience. In 2019 Lenny left Airbnb to tinker with new startup ideas and advise, and unexpectedly started a paid newsletter. These days, Lenny spends most of his time on the newsletter (#1 business newsletter on Substack), angel investing, and advising companies on product and growth.

Learn with a comprehensive curriculum


What makes a great PM

It’s critical that new PMs understand their career paths, the skills that can accelerate progress along those paths, and the traits that distinguish a good PM from a great PM. In this module, you’ll be able to recognize where you stand against the 5 core skills of a PM and build an action plan for addressing weaknesses and emphasizing strengths.


Influence & Collaboration

Engineers code, designers design, PMs communicate. In this module, we’ll study and write concise emails that clearly articulate purpose without losing meaning, and build clear product docs that drive alignment across teams. With a clear purpose, agenda, and pre-defined roles, your colleagues will rave about your productive meetings.



New PMs are judged based on how well they can execute. You’ll learn to define success metrics for every project and align stakeholders around critical decisions. You’ll impress colleagues by your ability to consistently ship your project on time, and leverage templates, processes, and frameworks to improve the quality & speed of your work.


Customer Insight

Your job is to ship products to users to achieve business impact. To do that well, you need to figure out WHAT to build. In this module, you'll be able to speak confidently with users, conduct user research sessions, and expand your product taste with examples within and outside of your industry.


Strategy & Vision

To level up, you need to get good at strategy, looking months and years ahead. You need to map concrete goals to identify whether you're successfully executing on a strategy. In this module, we’ll examine good and bad examples of strategy & goal-setting and help you apply prepared templates to articulate your own company’s strategy.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active learning, not passive watching

Workshops aren't lectures. Lenny won’t just talk to you, he’ll engage the class, facilitate breakout discussions, and leave plenty of time for Q&A. Think interactive seminar vs a massive lecture hall.

Learn with a cohort of peers

This course is designed to facilitate peer learning and interaction through Zoom breakout groups, an engaged Slack community and group projects.

Accountability and feedback

You’re a busy person. You can figure things out when you have to, but it’s important to have feedback and accountability to drive your likelihood of success.

Tactics, templates, and case studies

Don't expect just theory and principles. We learn best from applying what we learned into our day-to-day work. Expect to walk away from each week with next steps to improve your effectiveness as a PM.

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