Design your online course using learning science, not guess work

Access 20+ years of insights on how people learn online. Adopt a design process & principles proven to 10X learner engagement & achievement

Dr. Philippa Hardman |  Ed Tech Founder | Cambridge University Scholar | Former VP Learning & Chief Learning Officer


Dr. Philippa Hardman | Ed Tech Founder | Cambridge University Scholar | Former VP Learning & Chief Learning Officer

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Get hands-on experience by designing a course using the groundbreaking DOMS™️ framework

Access a design process & set of design practices developed over 20+ years

Leave with a course design + the tools you need to optimise every design for learner engagement, impact & joy


        As a Learning Design expert, Phil is a powerhouse. Our work on digital pedagogy, online learning, & socially connected experiences always push the envelope, and Phil is great about challenging the status quo.
Astrid deRidder
Astrid deRidder
VP of Content & Learning, FutureLearn
        Phil is a true visionary. She understands online learning & evidence-based practices like no one else and has played a key part in shaping how I design learning online learning experiences.
Rachel Haak
Rachel Haak
Director of Learning, Sales Impact Academy
        Working with Phil & using the DOMS™️ framework fundamentally changed how I design my online courses & transformed my students' engagement.
Rachel Fox
Rachel Fox
Winner of the Technology-Enhanced Learning Award, University of Manchester (2022)
        Phil puts learners & evidence at the heart of learning design work. Her guidance is always backed up with solid research & concrete examples - she makes being a great designer very easy!
Ainara López Córdoba
Ainara López Córdoba
Chief Product Officer & Bootcamp Lead, ProductBeats

Bootcamp Summary

🚀 Week 1: Ramp-Up

Get active in the community: choose the course you'd like to design, get to know the DOMS™️ Playbook & your personal LSB Work Book and start to get to know me & your cohort.

🎓 Week 2: Working Sessions

3 x 2 hr design sessions, during which we will work through the DOMS™️ process & design our courses, together.

✏️ Week 3: Design Time & Presentation Prep

A week to refine your storyboard, prepare you showcase presentation & get feedback from me & the community & access drop in support.

🎪 Week 3: Showcase Event & Graduation

A final, live showcase event where we will be joined by an expert guest from the world of learning design to give feedback, kudos & celebrate our achievements.

Always-There Community

I and the rest of the cohort will be active in the community to take questions, give feedback & hold one another to account.

Always-On Bootcamp Resources

All resources will be available from July 11th, so you can complete all prep around your schedule.

The Bootcamp Walkthrough with Phil

The what, why & how of the bootcamp

Schedule in Detail: July 11th - 29th, 2022


Bootcamp Ramp-Up

During the ramp-up we will use our dedicated community space to:

  • Get to know one another
  • Select & share the course you'd like to design (or re-design)
  • Get to know the DOMS™️ Playbook & Workbook
  • Get pumped & prepped for launch 🚀

📆 When: July 11th - July 18th

📚 Async Effort: ~60 mins

Live Ramp-Up Meet-Up: Thursday July 14th, 6-7 PM BST


Discovery: the science of learner profiling

Robust discovery is critical to high impact learning design. In our first working session, we'll explore the what, why & how of great course discovery (Vygotsky, Mayer et al) & run a real discovery process for our chosen course design.

📚 Async Prep: ~30 mins

Live Working Session: July 19th, 6-8 PM BST

🚢 Ship: A design brief & course promo


Outcomes & Mapping: the science of outcome-writing & sequencing

Next, we'll use my ABC Framework based on the work of Mager, Merriam, Van Merriënboer et al to turn our design briefs into a sequenced set of high-leverage outcomes which optimise for student engagement & impact.

📚 Async Prep: ~30 mins

Live Working Session: July 20th, 6-8 PM BST

🚢 Ship: A killer set of course outcomes & high-level course map


Storyboarding: the science of content, activity, assessment & feedback design

In our final, we'll use easy-to-apply principles from the DOMS™️ Playbook to make robust, evidence-based decisions about content, activity & assessments to hit outcomes & optimise for engagement & impact.

📚 Async Prep: ~30 mins

Live Working Session: July 21st, 6-8 PM BST

🚢 Ship: A v.1 of a best-in-class course storyboard


Design Week & Drop in Time

During the design week we will refine our storyboards & create a 3-minute design presentation to present back at the showcase & graduation event. Throughout, you can connect with me & the cohort in the community for feedback & support.

📆 When: July 21st - 28th

📚 Async Work: ~90 mins

🚢 Ship: A stellar course storyboard & showcase presentation


🎪 Design Showcase & Graduation Event

At a final event, we'll present our designs to the cohort + a guest learning design expert & get feedback & kudos in a safe & supportive environment.

After the event, with your permission, we will share designs on social media to celebrate your work.

Live Event: July 29th, 6-8 PM BST

🚢 Ship: An eyes light up course design & presentation

Who is this course for?


Instructional Designers who want to leverage the power of learning science & optimise their practice without doing an M.Ed


Teachers & Classroom Instructors who want a rock solid foundation as they transition into the world of online teaching & learning


Online Course Creators who want to differentiate their course & 10X user engagement, completion & love

Key Outcomes

Principles - No more finger-in-the-wind design decisions

10 evidence-based principles & related practices to add rigour to how you design your online course

Process - Make better design decisions, faster

Expect a 25-50% reduction in “time to design” via a robust-but-streamlined design process 

Skills - Practice & get feedback on your design

Get hands-on: design a course & get feedback from peers & experts

Engagement - No more tumbleweed

Learn how to tailor your course to your audience & unleash up to a 90% uplift in learner participation Vs in the flesh learning experiences

Completion - Reduce drop outs

Leverage learning science principles to deliver average completion rates of 97%

Impact - Move beyond the forgetting curve

80% of learners report a long term impact on their knowledge, skills & behaviours 

Meet Your Instructor

Dr. Philippa Hardman |  Ed Tech Founder | Cambridge University Scholar | Former VP Learning & Chief Learning Officer
Dr. Philippa Hardman | Ed Tech Founder | Cambridge University Scholar | Former VP Learning & Chief Learning Officer

Hello 👋 I’m Phil and I’m obsessed with a wicked problem. Millions of people designed & delivered online learning experiences in the last decade, transforming education as we know it...but there’s a problem: online learning is broken.

"We understand how humans learn, but translating this understanding into a set of principles & frameworks for online course design is incredibly challenging."

Through 20+ years of research & experimentation at the intersection of pedagogy & education technology, I have developed the DOMS™️ Learning Design Framework - a new way to design learning experiences which makes it easy to apply learning science to learning design practices.


More About Me:

⇨ Founder @ Palo > building the world’s first design product for learning experience designers

⇨ Co-Founder @ Plot > developing a design process which 10Xs the speed & impact of instructional design

⇨ Post-doc Researcher @ Cambridge University > digital pedagogy & learning science

⇨ Former VP Learning @ Aula > led the world’s largest & most successful digital learning design projects which impacted the outcomes of thousands of learners

⇨ Former Chief Academic Officer @ Construct > designed hundreds of digital learning experiences, including Oxford University’s first & most successful MOOC

⇨ Mentor & Influencer > recognised leader in the field of pedagogy-first learning design alongside innovators like Minerva

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active, not passive

The learning science bootcamp is intense & hands-on by design. We'll learn by doing, working through each step of the DOMS™️ framework together as a team.

You'll leave with:

  • a best-in-class learning design
  • a robust design process & principles
  • 10X design skills & confidence

Learn with a cohort of peers

Learn alongside & in collaboration with people like you

Join a community of people like you

Surround yourself with like-minded people who want to grow alongside you

Frequently Asked Questions

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When will the resources be available so I can start to prep?
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I work full-time, what is the expected time commitment?
Could the bootcamp help me to design a hybrid rather than fully-online course?
What do I do if I have a question about the bootcamp?
I can't attend the bootcamp - how I can learn more about learning science?


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