Draw your complex ideas in just a few minutes

Draw your complex ideas in just a few minutes
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Anyone can teach you how to draw, but what will set you aside is how well can you think in visuals.

Have meaningful, impactful and memorable visual conversations with your audience.

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Draw your Thoughts

Who should take this course?


Writers/ content creators with ideas that words fail to convey


Teachers & Coaches who wish to better convey their ideas and create timeless knowledge archives.


Thinkers looking to shift from boring presentations/reports/blogs to more engaging tools.

Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Week 0: Visual Thinking
    Pre-Recorded Module, opens on 9th Aug

    In this module we dive into the details of visual THINKING

    I will help you build a Visual Vocabulary using cues from you own daily life & rich digital environment.

    Pre-recorded videos:

    1. Setting foundations for building a Visual Vocab,
    2. Drawing Humans
    3. Drawing Expressions

    + 4 Tasks

  • Week 1: Speed Drawing, Filters and Live-SketchNoting
    Live-Session: 16th Aug, 8:00- 9:15pm IST

    "Drawing takes a lot of time", hence I don't draw

    "everything feels important when I take-notes

    "My sketchnotes are a mess"

    If this is how you feel about drawing your ideas, this module will help you through it.

    Pre-recorded videos:

    1. Layouts
    2. Hand-writing
    3. Colours

    + 3 Tasks

  • Week 2: Developing your STYLE
    Live-Session: 23rd Aug, 8:00- 9:15pm IST

    In this module, I will help you develop your unique processes & formulate your style.

    Experience a major perspective shift through case-studies and well designed tasks. Deep-dive into practices that will help you find your own unique voice.

    This module has 5 tasks

  • Week 3: Draw complex concepts using simple metaphors and analogies
    Live-Session: 30th Aug, 8:00- 9:15pm IST

    Add fun & depth to your visuals through clever metaphors. Learn to define the

    metaphors that you use every day & know how you can invent new ones.

    Pre-recorded video:

    1. Frameworks & common metaphor Templates

    + 4 Tasks

  • Week 4: Self-Paced Visual Notes, Distilling and how to give and take Feedbacks
    Live- Session: 6th Sep, 8:00- 9:15pm IST

    Draw for your blog, twitter threads or a book. Learn to draw for yourself & others which may include clients & commissioned projects.

    With longer briefs, it's not about filtration, but distillation. Leverage your community & learn how to give & take feedbacks.

    4 Tasks + 1 Blog

  • Week 5: Audience Building, Sharing the business side of Drawing your Thoughts
    Live-Session: 12th Sep, 8:00- 9:15pm IST

    Know the story of how I built an audience & a creative business.

    I will open the session for questions where you can get deeply practical & surprisingly personal.

    Learn how sketch-noting is transforming things in all professional spaces.

    QnA + Wrap-Up

Course Outcomes

DRAW your ideas

75% of drawing is THINKING and happens way before it reaches a paper. In this course I'll guide you towards practices to train your brain to think visually and take them to a canvas.

Practicing SPEED drawing

If you find yourself with ideas that you cannot draw or take a lot of time, SPEED drawing is your answer. Learn how to make quick sketches of the ideas in your head.

Developing your STYLE

Think and Express in your own style, not the one you borrow from me. The course if designed in a way that encourages you to build your own processes and styles.

Create compelling Visual Notes

Compile all your learnings with my tried and tested processes, layouts and systems to build engaging sketchnotes that you and your audience will love.

Build your Creative Portfolio

The tasks and exercises have been designed to cover a wide range of topics and skill sets. They will not only help you learn more, but create work you can show-off ;p

Build and Audience and make a Revenue stream

Make your work, work for you. Leverage your skills to build an audience who will be willing to pay for your work.

Meet your instructor

Tanvi Agarwal
Tanvi Agarwal
Founder and Illustrator at SillyStrokes

Tanvi has been practicing Illustrations and Sketchnoting for over 3 years now. She has successfully built a 6 figure business- SillyStrokes, creating compelling visual stories for brands.

She has worked with companies like IBM, AIM, Roche, Inmobi and Ernts & Young for Live-sketchnoting and interactive doodling workshops.

She uses her sketchnoting practice and process to create visuals for books, websites, wall murals, packaging, pitch-decks and merchandise.

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Draw your Thoughts

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active learning, not passive watching

Learn with the best of both worlds: Live- sessions and short pre-recorded videos.

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through the Live-sessions, community platform and work on a self-decided project throughout the course.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you.

See what people are saying

        The cohort was an awesome 3 weeks! From a well-planned curriculum and interactive learning sessions to the much needed daily doodle practice and the gentle nudge to staying true to weekly goals, it was an experience to remember for a lifetime! I’m truly grateful to her for sharing her immense knowledge & insights & opening a whole new world to us.
Anu Priyadarshini
Anu Priyadarshini
        Over the course of 3 weeks, I learnt what it meant to filter out your content and take notes that you would want to refer to later. I liked that the course was designed with the primary focus on understanding the concept rather than developing skill set. This ensured that the process of learning doesn't end with the course.
        I always wanted to learn Sketchnoting , and I’m glad I learnt it from Miss Sillystrokes. Tanvi was very encouraging and patient with all of us. Apart from regular session, we would also have doubt clearing sessions & timely check-ins (for homework). I learnt a great deal! So much so that I started my visual newsletter.
Founder: Creators Nest

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Draw your Thoughts

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