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One-on-One Masterclass For Leaders

4 Days


Cohort-based Course

In one week, gain a repeatable 1:1 framework to help your team become independent and inspired.

Hosted by

Jacob Espinoza | Leadership Coach and Foundation Director

Course overview

Develop A Team That Will Listen And Execute

It's frustrating feeling like your team can't get great work done without you.

You'll implement a 1:1 framework that will Connect and Inspire.

Everything Starts With Trust.

Who is this course for


New Managers

Connect with your team and develop trust. In exchange, you get a loyal and motivated team eager to grow in their role. 


Managers in High-Stress Industries


Use this framework to ensure your team feels supported, inspired, and engaged in their work.


Business Owners

Your time is money. Learn how to facilitate one-on-one conversations that create passionate problem solvers.

Key outcomes

Save Time

You'll learn how making time to develop problem solvers in your 1:1s will save you hours in uninterrupted time.

I'll teach you to simplify the process

Recharge the Vision

Keep your team inspired by reinforcing the vision and tactics of the team and organization.

You'll save money by keeping your team engaged in their work.

Develop Future Leaders

You'll create independent problem solvers who innovate and bring you solutions.

See People Deeply

Start recognizing the strengths and needs of your team, while providing the support they need to be at their best.

Efficient Feedback Fundamentals

You'll understand how to quickly and confidently give actionable feedback that makes your team feel valued.

Navigate Conversations with Difficult Personality Types

Stop avoiding conversations with those who challenge you most. I'll break down how conflicting personality types can lead to conflict and disengagement.

See what people are saying

        What impressed me the most about the empathy discussion and coaching framework Jacob taught us was how our team could immediately apply it and make an impact.
Megan Duvall

Megan Duvall

FSOil - Chief Business Officer
        Working with Jacob was the best decision I made. My team was all over the place and he helped us get aligned. This is going to be the biggest year ever.
Ricardo Escobedo

Ricardo Escobedo

John Dom & Rich Construction - Owner
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One-on-One Masterclass For Leaders

Meet your instructor

Jacob Espinoza | Leadership Coach and Foundation Director

Jacob Espinoza | Leadership Coach and Foundation Director

After spending time as a leadership consultant for a Fortunate 500 company, Jacob now works as a leadership coach and director of The McLaren Leadership Foundation in Salem, Oregon.

Jacob has observed hundreds of hours of manager 1:1s, and is certified in StrengthsFinder, Myers-Briggs, and John Maxwell coaching programs.

He's onboarded and developed hundreds of managers from companies like T-Mobile, Google, and the University of Oregon. He has also facilitated team builders that help leaders create alignment, resilience, and focus in their organization.

Course syllabus


5 Truths of Impactful 1:1s

We start with laying the foundation for 1:1 mastery and creating engaged problem solvers on your team.


Creating Your Perfect 1:1 Schedule

Every team and organization has different needs. We'll walk you through the steps to identify a sustainable cadence to help your team thrive.


Seeing People Deeply

The most impactful moments of your 1:1s will be what you hear, not what you say. Learn to uncover limiting beliefs and obstacles preventing your team from reaching their potential.


Define the Path

Be confident that each team member understands their next steps and feel confident they have the support and tools needed to be great in their role.


Build on Strengths

Gallup research shows individuals are 3x as likely to report an excellent quality of life and 6x as likely to be engaged in their work when their boss helps them focus on their strengths.


Bonus: Videos, Templates, and More

In addition to the three two-hour sessions, you will have access to a private office hour session including special guests, exclusive video content, and customizable templates for you to use in your 1:1s.

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One-on-One Masterclass For Leaders

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • June 21 - June 23

    9 AM - 11 AM PST

    Each session will involve interactive lecture and breakout groups. Most of the coursework will be done during class.

  • June 24: Bonus Session

    9 AM - 11 AM PST

    Students can also join an optional bonus session with special guests. This will be an Ask Me Anything session, where all leadership related questions are welcome.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public through breakout rooms and an engaged community

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One-on-One Masterclass For Leaders