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How to build a community-based product. Learn the tools to convert your audience to a community and build products they care about.

Greg Isenberg


Greg Isenberg

CEO of Late Checkout, Advisor to Reddit

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Community is the most valuable currency of the new internet.

Join me for a two-week hands-on course and leave with the knowledge and skills to launch a community-based product.

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        I am all about powerful insights delivered in simple, digestible formats. Greg has an incredible knack for simplifying the complex art of community building. This course is a masterclass!
Sahil Bloom
Sahil Bloom
Creator, Investor, Entrepreneur
        I’ve known Greg for a decade so I know first-hand how much he cares about community. You’re in for a treat.
Lenny Rachitsky
Lenny Rachitsky
Writer, Lenny's Newsletter
        Morning Brew's community is the lifeblood of our business. Learn community from Greg to outperform everyone else, he's the community pro.
Austin Rief
Austin Rief
Co-founder, Morning Brew

Who this course is for


You’re a founder at an early-stage startup who wants to build a successful community.


You’re a PM who wants the toolset to create and grow community-led products.


You're an exec at a Fortune 500 looking to learn more about communities.

Some of what we'll cover

Why build a community-based product?

Community-led businesses are the future. Learn the tools needed to identify a viable community for a CBP. 

Convert audiences to communities.

The different tactics behind building an audience vs building a community.

Create community-market fit.

The resources you need to reach community-market fit: where to build, what information to collect, and best landing page practices.

Co-build a product with your community.

A clear, step-by-step roadmap for how to think about building a product with your community, plus effective frameworks to improve the process.

What previous students have said...

What previous students have said...

Meet your instructor

Greg Isenberg
Greg Isenberg

I build internet communities. I'm the Co-Founder/CEO of Late Checkout, a product studio and agency that designs, creates and acquires community-first tech businesses.

Previously, I was the Head of Product Strategy at WeWork and an Advisor at TikTok. I was the Founder/CEO of Islands, a messaging/community app that was acquired by WeWork. I was the Founder/CEO of 5by, a leading video discovery app which got acquired by StumbleUpon. I helped build one of the internet's most popular financial education communities Wall Street Survivor (acquired).

I've helped build communities and technology products for brands like Microsoft, FedEX, NASCAR, TechCrunch and Wordpress.

I've been featured on places like Vanity Fair, Forbes, Mashable, Fortune Magazine, L.A Times and have won multiple Webby Awards.

Course syllabus


Find and understand your community

Choosing the right community is half the battle. Learn how to find out which community or sub-community is the right target.


Build the audience and the community

A community with no one in it is a failure. Learn the secrets to building audience and community to unlock community/market fit.


Convert the unmet need of the community into a product

You can make $1m/year business within 6 months of conceptualizing a community-led business. Learn the simplest way.


Master the skills to unbundle

Platforms like Reddit, Facebook are ripe to be unbundled. Learn how to unbundle goliath.

A community-first approach to online learning

A community-first approach to online learning
Active learning, not passive watching

This is the opposite of an Instagram Live. Greg hosts engaging workshops and engages with the class to make for an intimate, fun learning experience optimized for learning.

Learn with a cohort of peers

This course is designed to bring together the most interesting people who are eager to master community-led product building.

Special guests

Greg often brings well-known entrepreneurs and VCs to class. You never know who you’ll meet.

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