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Cohort-based Course

Learn from a world-leading expert the essentials of accelerating innovation with trustworthy A/B tests. Recorded videos and live sessions.

Course overview

Empower your organization to be data-driven and innovative

NOTE: this video with live sessions course is designed for private (at least 30 people) or semi-private ( at least 20 people from your company; you pick the dates, others can join). Sign-up for the waitlist and reply to the email if you are interested in scheduling a class.

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Through multiple real examples of well-run experiments and real stories at Microsoft, Amazon, and Airbnb, you will see the humbling reality that we are terrible at assessing the values of ideas.

Trivial changes can be surprisingly useful, whereas large efforts often fail. A/B testing allows you to evaluate changes and accelerate innovation by building Minimum Viable Products and Features (MVPs). The organization becomes evidence-based and humbler, as it adopts and learns to use evidence from the gold standard in science: the controlled experiment.

You will understand the challenges in designing and running trustworthy controlled experiments, or A/B tests, including the importance of the Overall Evaluation Criterion (OEC), scaling, pitfalls, and Twyman's law.

Learn the essentials of A/B testing by watching easy-to-consume videos at your own pace, ask questions on the Maven questions channel, and attend two interactive one-hour sessions for fun polls and Q&A.

Who is this Course For?


Organization leaders (VPs, directors, managers) interested in understanding the essentials of A/B testing to accelerate innovation


Program managers focused on growth, revenue, conversions, and prioritization who will understand how to better design robust clear metrics


Data science managers and scientists who do not need or want the 2nd part of (or prefer videos)


Anyone interested in making the organizations more data-driven and efficient with fewer severe incidents

What you will learn from this course

Understand and internalize the humbling reality that we are poor at assessing the values of ideas: most ideas fail!

You will hear multiple real memorable stories and examples, many that don't make it to books or articles. These were chosen from over 20 years of experimentation. You'll have the data to show that the poor success rate is documented across multiple organizations; expected it!

Understand the key advantages and limitations of A/B testing

Understand key concepts like causality, hierarchy of evidence, and key organizational tenets required for effective experimentation.

Learn how to design metrics and the Overall Evaluation Criterion

Designing metrics is hard. There is a hierarchy of metrics and perverse incentives. The most important metrics comprise of the OEC - The Overall Evaluation Criterion. We will look at good and bad examples.

Learn how to designing trustworthy A/B tests

Getting numbers is easy; getting numbers you can trust is hard. You'll understand common pitfalls and how to design reliable and trustworthy tests.

Learn how to generate and prioritize ideas

You'll understand the key tradeoff between the cost and fidelity of different methods. You'll learn about the key concept of EVI: the Expected Value of Information. You'll learn about different prioritization frameworks.

This course includes

4 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

19 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

Projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Course syllabus

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    Not satisfied after seeing some videos? Get a full refund within 48 hours of the course start
    Not satisfied after seeing some videos? Get a full refund within 48 hours of the course start


    (3 ratings)

    Attendee Testimonials: What People Said (from the longer course)

            Ronny made the content amazingly easy to consume...I can't recommend it enough
    Dylan Lewis

    Dylan Lewis

    Experimentation Leader at Atlassian
            If you're interested in running A/B tests and learning the science behind them, my highest recommendation is to take Ronny Kohavi's cohort-based course on the topic. (The book Ronny co-authored is tied for first on my reading list too.)
    Ryan Lucht

    Ryan Lucht

    Director of Growth Strategy, Cro Metrics
            The entire course and the way it was delivered was amazing - had tons of learning, especially on where we could go wrong. Examples followed by key concepts was great. Really appreciate Ronny taking time to answer each question even after the session.
    Pavan Gangisetty

    Pavan Gangisetty

    Staff Data Analyst @ Intuit
            The culture of Q&A during the session. The depth and width of the experimentation topic. Really eye-opening learnings from Ronny. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Han Dong

    Han Dong

    Sr. Business Intelligence Engineer @ Credit Karma
            I love Ronny's stories. I think that apart from the learning, two of the most valuable things from this class are: 1) Stories because you will remember them and they will come in handy and 2) Links so that you can dive deeper.
    Ishan Goel

    Ishan Goel

    Lead Data Scientist @ Wingify
            50% of what I've learned myself about experimentation is wrong. The other half I learned from Ronny.
    Deborah O'Malley

    Deborah O'Malley

    Founder & CEO @ GuessTheTest, named a "top-10" digital marketing experts to follow
            Ronny's tons of experience is valuable and hearing it firsthand is amazing.
    Jialin Huang

    Jialin Huang

    Director, Customer Knowledge & Strategic Insights @ Fidelity
            Favorite part: Practical info and learnings that weren't in the book but were probably not easily publishable.
    Scott Rome

    Scott Rome

    Senior Principal Engineer @ Comcast
            This is an amazing opportunity. I think of all of the times I have questioned, “does X make sense?” I saved up all of those questions. I’ll tell you that Ronny Kohavi covered MANY of them in his lecture content (so I didn’t have to ask those). It was so powerful to just ask directly. Easily saved me hundreds if not thousands of hours of research.
    Aaron Gasperi

    Aaron Gasperi

    Principal product manager, Walmart
            Just had an incredible experience as the entire leadership team at Vinted Marketplace joined me in the 'Accelerating Innovation with AB Testing' course by Ronny Kohavi himself! 💪🔥 …Let's take our experimentation game to the next level! 
    Manuel de Francisco Vera

    Manuel de Francisco Vera

    Sr. Director, Data Science & Analytics, Vinted

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    Top: Companies sorted by approximate market value. A/B Vendors: sorted by alphabetical order

    Meet your instructor

    Dr. Ronny Kohavi

    Dr. Ronny Kohavi

    Ronny Kohavi was an executive at Amazon, Microsoft, and Airbnb and has over 20 years of experience running A/B tests and leading experimentation teams. He loves to teach, and his papers have over 60,000 citations. He co-authored the best-selling book: Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments: A Practical Guide to A/B Testing (with Diane Tang and Ya Xu), which is a top-10 data mining book on Amazon. He is the most viewed writer on Quora's A/B testing and received the Individual Lifetime Achievement Award for Experimentation Culture in Sept 2020.

    Ronny holds a PhD in Machine Learning from Stanford University.

    See more at

    Course schedule

    Over 4.5 hours of videos + 2 hours live
    • Week 1: Watch 10 videos of ~20 minutes each (total 2:50 hours)

      Watch videos on your own

      • Ask questions on community forum channel
    • Week 2: two one-hour live sessions, 7 videos (total of 1:53 hours of video)

      Attend live sessions

      • Live session Monday
      • Watch 1:53 hours of videos on Tuesday/Wednesday
      • Live session Thursday
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    A/B testing book Chapter 1

    Interested in reading chapter 1 of my book: Trustworthy Online Controlled Experiments : A Practical Guide to A/B Testing?

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    Learning is better with cohorts

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