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Section Writing for USAID


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4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Improve your writing and learn to craft compelling, responsive proposal sections

Hosted by

Joanne Moore

Expert proposal writer and former executive at top USAID implementing partners

Course overview

Write Better Proposals

This course is geared towards international development professionals looking to up their proposal writing game. Participants will learn the anatomy of a typical USAID proposal and how to craft responsive, persuasive proposal sections.

Who Should Take This Course?


Business development managers seeking to craft more responsive proposals


New Partners for USAID looking to win more business


Project managers hoping to improve their proposal writing skills

Learning Objectives

Understand how to read and analyze an RFP

Learn the best practices and tactical tips for rapid and detailed reads of RFPs and other solicitation documents

Develop responsive proposal outlines

We'll cover the fundamentals of outlining, a foundational skill in proposal writing

Write concise, compelling proposal sections

You'll understand the typical anatomy of a USAID technical volume and how to tackle the Management & Staffing Plan, Personnel, Corporate Capabilities, and Past Performance sections of a proposal.

Learn tactics for persuasive writing

Participants will walk away with a better sense of how to make their content persuasive and interesting

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Section Writing for USAID

Meet your instructor

Joanne Moore

Joanne Moore

Course Facilitator

After 13 years successfully working in and leading business development and project management efforts at USAID implementing partners (IPs) Chemonics International (contractor) and Population Services International (NGO), Joanne started JoMoConsult LLC and has been providing similar consulting services primarily to USAID IPs for nearly a decade. Joanne loves creating and delivering training and sharing her experience, expertise, and epic mistakes all in an effort to support others on their professional journeys

Course syllabus


Reading an RFP and Intro to Outlining

In this first module we'll cover how to effectively read and analyze a typical USAID RFP. Participants will also learn the basics of outlining, a fundamental proposal writing skill.


The Management & Staffing Plan

This session covers how to approach Management & Staffing Plans (including personnel sections). Topics include:

  • Who writes the section?
  • Where to look in the RFP
  • What makes up the Management Plan?
  • What is the point of the Personnel section?
  • How to solicit input from teammates


Corporate Capabilities and Past Performance

What are these sections, and how do writers distinguish between them? What makes a compelling capabilities section? What pitfalls should writers avoid when seeking examples of past performance?


Persuasive Writing

In this compelling module, we'll cover how to make your writing more persuasive, concise, and responsive.

Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Mondays

    9:00 AM - 10:30 AM EST

    Every Monday for four weeks we will meet as a group for a live cohort session.

  • Weekly Homework

    1.5 hours per week

    We'll be assigning homework each week to put the practical skills you learn during the live session to work!

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Section Writing for USAID

Frequently Asked Questions

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Section Writing for USAID