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Discover Your Zone of Genius


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6 Days


Cohort-based Course

Finally see what sets you apart, expose your blindspots, and surface your forgotten strengths.

Hosted by

Kat Koh and Brandon Lee

300+ clients coached, 15m+ views on Quora/YouTube, featured by TEDx, BBC, & TIME

Course overview

Discover Your Zone of Genius

Life's too short to do work you don't love. We'll give you a blueprint to think clearer, live louder, and find your life's work.

Who This Course Is For


You secretly wonder about those people who always "knew" what they wanted to be when they grow up and wonder if you missed something.


In the back of your mind you’re thinking, “Is this... it? There’s got to be something more.”


You want to find a career that's more fulfilling, meaningful and aligned with your personality and strengths but not sure where to begin.

What You'll Get

Get confirmation and clarity on your direction

Get a direct 1-1 with us and walk away with clarity about what you can do immediately to apply all the insights gained from the course.

Crystallize your work "Must-Haves"

Make choosing your next career a clear and simple, no-brainer decision. This is absolutely possible once you get crystal clear on your work non-negotiables (especially the non-obvious ones) — all in a single evening's work.

Discover your Zone of Genius

See how your Zone of Genius has played a role in your life and career thus far and how it can play a central role in how you make your biggest life decisions.

Discover your Work Tendencies

Quantify and clarify what aspects of work you naturally gravitate towards and see how uniquely different it is from your peers.

360º view of your strengths

Finally get an accurate read on how the world sees your strengths and capabilities — rather than through your own biases, insecurities, projections, and that pesky "Imposter Syndrome"!

Completed course worksheet that serves as a North Star

Example of what the completed course worksheet looks like.

A priceless support community

Become friends with people on the same journey as you. This course was deliberately designed around interactive group discussion, connection, and peer-to-peer support— not a series of long boring lectures you'd find in the typical courses these days.


(14 ratings)

See what people are saying

        An impressive course... I come away with new understandings and language to describe who I am (and want to be) in the workplace and beyond. If you’re trying to figure out where to focus your professional energies, this is a very effective way to get closer in just over 6 hours.
Jess Henricks (Cohort 1)

Jess Henricks (Cohort 1)

STEAM Educator
        I have taken quite a few course like these. One thing that stands out from others, is the real world application of the frameworks used through all the sessions. I felt I can take substantial action from here onwards!
Chetana Desai (Cohort 1)

Chetana Desai (Cohort 1)

Product Manager
        I came to the course from the perspective of trying to narrow my focus and find my strengths. This was a lovely, safe, and lower-stakes environment to do some self-evaluation in a way that made sense and is effective.
Nipa Eason (Cohort 1)

Nipa Eason (Cohort 1)

Creative Director
        I love how this course revealed NEW frameworks for me to see my strengths and talents in a fresh way!
John Chen (Cohort 1)

John Chen (Cohort 1)

Director of Operations
        I would recommend this course for anyone feeling rudderless in their career, in a transitional period, especially someone who has been in a career for a particular career for several years to help differientiate between what it is they are good at doing and what they may hate about their current role.
Anonymous Student (Cohort 1)

Anonymous Student (Cohort 1)

        It felt like being told - "this thing you do, that you don't even notice, it is special, it's a superpower." It ended my comparison game and led to self compassion. I was able to let go of pressure of having to effort in other areas and instead I could just continue offering my gifts.
Tim Nikolaev (beta)

Tim Nikolaev (beta)

Co-Founder of Strata Athletics
        Even though I already considered myself relatively self-aware, discovering my zone of genius brought a new level of self-awareness that felt deeper and more comprehensive than ever before. It gave me permission to own who I am, not fear my strengths, and make sense of my natural ways of being.
Joe Lam (beta)

Joe Lam (beta)

CEO / Parents are Human
        It helped me get super clear on my strengths, which has given me more confidence to take ownership of the type of work that comes easily to me. This, in turn, has made work a whole lot more fun.
Lilly W. (beta)

Lilly W. (beta)

The Wiggle Way
        It was really interesting to see a reflection of something I feel like I always knew intuitively, but had a hard time representing to others. It has given me reassurance to be unquestionably myself and optimism for the future of the psychological sciences.
Rebecca C. (beta)

Rebecca C. (beta)

        It's incredibly clarifying, like taking muddy water and turning it into clear water, it made explicit some dichotomies that I now feel more comfortable accepting.
Ryan D. (beta)

Ryan D. (beta)

Manager, Market Operations @ Cityblock Health
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Discover Your Zone of Genius

Meet Your Instructors

Kat Koh

Kat Koh

Creative Career Coach

Kat is an ex-curator who previously worked at places like Brooklyn Museum, MoMA, San Jose Museum of Art, and the Venice Architecture Biennale. After a decade in museums, she realized her real work was to help people plug in to their purpose — and that she needed to build something new.

Since, she has helped 150+ people over the last 7 years move from unfulfilled, frustrated, burned out, or bored to discovering and building fulfilling and meaningful careers.

Her clients have created for places like:

  • Apple
  • BBC
  • Google
  • Harvard Graduate School of Design
  • James Beard Foundation
  • MIT Media Lab
  • New York Times
  • Tribeca Film Festival
  • Rolling Stone
  • Vogue

Kat is a (proud) Ph.D. dropout from the Institute of Fine Arts, NYU who went on to work on and take Seth Godin's altMBA. She has been interviewed in publications like The Cut by New York Magazine, PRI's Marketplace, Creative Review UK, and Apartment Therapy.

Brandon Lee

Brandon Lee

Founder | Serial Reinventor

Brandon reinvented himself 5x over the last decade:

  • Leadership Development/Non-profit (7M+ views on YouTube)
  • Real estate investor (20%+ returns for investors)
  • Education company for teens (Certificate of Honor - SF Board of Supervisors, 4.0 Schools Fellow)
  • Employee #1 @ Y Combinator HR tech startup (backed by Accel & Founders Fund)
  • Founder of Zone of Genius Institute (300K Seed)

Brandon has always had a mission to equip people with tools to become conscious architects of their lives and careers:

  • Talks at TEDx, Haas School of Business
  • 8M+ views on Quora
  • Featured on Inc, TIME, BBC, Huffington Post, AppleNews, World Journal
  • Podcast guest on RESL, BrightEyes, Just Embrace the Suck, Cracking Creativity, The Mentor Project, Sojourner Stories, The Fuse Show

Course Syllabus


Course Master Framework + Skills Inventory

  • Why learn from us, anyway?
  • What's the best way to get the most out of this course?
  • What's the fundamental framework to guide this whole course?
  • Can we quantify and rank the skills that you're not spending enough time on to get more life satisfaction?


What's your Zone of Genius?

  • What do you naturally gravitate towards in life?
  • How do they differ from our user database and your classmates?


What are your Work Tendencies?

  • What do you naturally gravitate towards in work?
  • How do they differ from our user database and your classmates?


What are your "non-negotiables"?

  • What are your must-haves when it comes to work environment?
  • Given everything we've covered, how do we tie it all together and have a clearer idea of what to aim for?

Is this course for you?

Course Schedule

8 hours of live instruction
  • Session 1 Monday

    5:00pm - 7:00pm PT

    Cohort 3: February 27th

  • Session 2 Wednesday

    5:00pm - 7:00pm PT

    Cohort 3: March 1st

  • Session 3 Monday

    5:00pm - 7:00pm PT

    Cohort 3: March 6th

  • Session 4 Wednesday

    5:00pm - 7:00pm PT

    Cohort 3: March 8th

  • Projects

    30-45 minutes outside of class

    Personal 360 project, pre-work for the skills inventory.

  • (Optional) Saturday Office Hours

    11:00am-2:00pm PT

    Cohort 3: March 11th

    Drop in, optional, if you want some 1-1 time with Brandon to go through any of your results and/or course worksheet.

Why bother making this course?

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active learning, not passive watching

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

What makes our course different?

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Discover Your Zone of Genius

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Discover Your Zone of Genius

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