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Cohort-based Course

Master the same "9-Step Project Path Framework" I've taught to the world leads leading companies to overcome 90% of project failure cuases.

Course overview

The Project Path Framework

The Billion-Dollar Drain: Project Management Failures

PMI reports nearly 10% inefficiency per $1 billion spent.

That's a possible $100 million loss for companies.

Where does it bleed?

 1. Scope Creep: Projects expanding unchecked.

 2. Poor Communication: Clarity gaps cause delays.

 3. Resource Missteps: Misjudging needs and costs.

 4. Unclear Objectives: Teams lost without goals.

 5. Risk Neglect: Unseen issues turn setbacks.

 6. Stakeholder Overlook: Misaligned expectations.

 7. Weak Quality Control: Errors slip; reputations dip.

 8. Rigid Methodologies: Inflexibility hampers progress.

 9. Outdated Skills: Stagnation reduces efficiency.

10. Low Team Morale: Motivation drops; turnover hops.


Leaders: Address these pitfalls; guard your gains.


Learn my 9-Step Project Path Framework

Did you know that most projects stumble and fall because of the same old problems?

In fact, 90% of project failures come from just a handful of challenges.

That's a massive number!

But what if I told you there's a way to dodge these pitfalls and come out on top?

That's where my "9-Step Project Path Framework" comes into play.

Tackle the Top Challenges: The framework zeroes in on the most common challenges people face in project management – the very challenges that cause 90% of projects to hit the dust.

Tested Solutions: It's not just about pointing out the problems. For every challenge, I provide you with proven strategies and tools that have worked time and again.

Keep It Simple: The best solutions are often the simplest ones. I've distilled all the expertise and advice into easy-to-follow steps. No jargon, no fluff, just clear guidance.

Who is this for?


Founders/CEOs/Business Leaders. As you grow and expand your business and team, it's crucial to streamline every process.


Non-project Managers. New to project management? Feeling overwhelmed? This workshop is your essential lifeline!


Experienced PMs. Get fresh perspectives, updated strategies, and insights into the most common pitfalls even seasoned managers can overlook.

What You Will Get Out Of This Workshop

Master Scope Management

Learn concrete techniques to prevent scope creep, ensuring that projects stay on track and meet set objectives without unnecessary changes.

Effective Time Utilization

Gain hands-on strategies to allocate and prioritize time efficiently, ensuring every minute counts and is directed towards value-driven tasks.

Enhanced Stakeholder Engagement

Acquire communication tools to keep stakeholders informed and engaged, transforming them from mere observers to active project contributors.

Optimal Resource Allocation

Discover methodologies to match your resources with project needs, ensuring you leverage the right talent and tools at the right time.

Drive Team Accountability

Implement proven routines and feedback mechanisms that bolster team responsibility, ensuring everyone is aligned and accountable.

Efficient Task Management

By employing a top-down approach to team objectives, you can streamline tasks, enhance delegation, and seamlessly monitor progress, ensuring projects remain on track.

Clear Project Objectives

Grasp frameworks like SMART goals to crystallize project objectives, ensuring everyone understands and is aligned with the project's aim.

Conflict Resolution Mastery

Equip yourself with strategies and techniques to address disputes head-on, ensuring that conflicts are resolved promptly and amicably.

Precise Budget Management

Delve deep into budgeting techniques that not only help manage finances but also tell a compelling narrative of your project's ROI and value.

Sharpened Project Strategy

Learn to define and articulate your project approach, ensuring stakeholders buy-in and your team has a clear, unified direction.

9-Step Project Path Framework Syllabus


Step 1: Define Your Battle Plan

Lay out a crystal-clear strategy that steers the direction of your project.


Step 2: Guard Your Project Boundaries

Be vigilant in controlling the scope to avoid unintended changes or scope creep.


Step 3: Master the Clock

Harness time effectively, ensuring that every minute counts and propels the project forward.


Step 4: Rally Your Champions

Engage stakeholders actively, making them allies and advocates for your project's success.


Step 5: Deploy Your Aces

Strategically position your best talent where they shine the brightest and deliver the most value.


Step 6: Forge a Culture of Responsibility

Cultivate a team ethos where accountability isn't an afterthought but a driving force.


Step 7: Set Beacon Goals

Illuminate your path by setting clear and tangible objectives.


Step 8: Navigate Through Storms

Swiftly and tactfully resolve conflicts, ensuring they don't capsize your project's progress using "Crucial Conversations:"


Step 9: Safeguard Your Treasure Chest

Prudently manage budgets, ensuring financial decisions are both strategic and sustainable.

What Others Are Saying

        I really appreciated that this course went beyond the theoretical and walk through specifics in the course of day to day work.
Jennifer Creager

Jennifer Creager

Manager - PMO
        Justin made the topic very approachable and also gave resources to all participants. I would highly recommend that if you have an interest in project management then sign up.
Chris Schafer

Chris Schafer

Business Development North America
        The course was both interesting and the information taught was insightful. He did a wonderful job at answering the many questions I had and providing quick thorough feedback. I highly recommend taking his course if you are interested. 
Shae Arnold, PMP

Shae Arnold, PMP

Project Management Consultant
        Very few people reach Justin’s level of brilliance and professionalism. He is absolutely fantastic to learn from, has a great sense of humor, and provided the critical insight and input necessary for projects.
Shanon Cooper

Shanon Cooper

Business Strategist 
         I am so glad I took this course. I am surprised that I haven't even scratched the surface. This course is a game changer.
Taizoon Tyebjee PMP

Taizoon Tyebjee PMP

Director, Project Delivery
        Very insightful especially when approached from a case study point of view.
Eric Miller

Eric Miller

CEO and Founder
        This is some next-level stuff. This is just what project managers need to stay ahead.
Glenn Fellows

Glenn Fellows

Founding Partner / Managing Director
        Justin does an excellent job explaining and demonstrating the value of Project Management.
Julie Wuest

Julie Wuest

LMS Consultant

Meet your instructor

Justin Bateh, PhD, PMP

Justin Bateh, PhD, PMP

Project Management Thought Leader with more than 24,000 followers on LinkedIn and 21+ years experience in project and operations management.

I've leveraged my expertise as a former Chief Operating Officer (COO), where I oversaw a multimillion-dollar operating budget. As a consultant, I've successfully closed 16 high-impact projects. My innovative use of Six Sigma methodologies and data-driven approaches resulted in cost savings of $15 million.

As a testament to my passion for nurturing talent, I've trained over 8000 professionals from Fortune 500 companies in operations and project management and harnessing the power of data analytics, earning me 8+ distinguished teaching awards and recognitions.

I have had the privilege of teaching students and managers from esteemed Fortune 500 companies such as Apple, Microsoft, Google, Amazon, Facebook, Procter & Gamble, and more.

My academic credentials include a Ph.D. in Operations Management, post-graduate specialization in Applied Statistics, Project Management Professional (PMP®) certification, and a Six Sigma Master Black Belt.

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Project MGMT Accelerator

More Feedback

        Justin made it very easy for me to understand the benefits of gaining skills in for project management. Well done Justin on breaking it all down so clearly and concisely.
Catherine McDonald

Catherine McDonald

Lean and Leadership Coach at MCD Consulting
        Loved the course, I had an interview last week for a promotion and I was offered the job. Because of your course I was able to articulate my words better and in a relatable manner to the panel.
Oscar Davila

Oscar Davila

Logistics Management Specialist
        Justin Bateh is a phenomenal instructor. He brought loads of passion and a bunch of real-world experience to the course and proactively shared it with all his students. His teaching style and interaction with his students helped me to be more curious about the subject.
Pamela Scott

Pamela Scott

Strategic Marketing Consultants, Inc.
        Justin is one of the best people I know who preaches what he has already done instead of talking generic fluff.
Keyur Kumbhare

Keyur Kumbhare

Founder at GrowedIn
        I was immediately struck by Dr. Bateh's teaching style and ability to connect with the audience. Dr. Bateh demonstrates empathy, kindness, and a deep understanding of the topics he teaches. I loved the class I took with him and the way that he demonstrated various applications of the field in real world careers.
Stacey Pecenka

Stacey Pecenka

Trauma Injury Prevention Program Manager
        Dr. Bateh's teaching effectiveness can be observed in several aspects of his career. His presentations are excellent. His enthusiasm about the topics he tackles makes the class more interesting.
Gustavo Olivera

Gustavo Olivera

Healthcare Chief Operating Officer and Chief Technology Officer executive
        If you don't yet know Justin or haven't had a chance to work with or learn from him, I would consider moving that onto your priority list
Eric Ross

Eric Ross

Chief Strategy Officer with Two Twelve Benefits
        Teaching is both a science and an art form. As an older individual, he effectively communicated recommendations in such a fashion that what I learned today, I could put into action tomorrow. He had an open line of communication so if I did not understand his recommendations or resource materials, I could reach out to him.
Rick Coad

Rick Coad

Senior Vice President, Public Finance Banker
        This was an extremely educational course, easy to read slides, the material was presented to promote clear understanding.
Michael Fiandalo, PhD, MBA, PMP

Michael Fiandalo, PhD, MBA, PMP

Assistant Director of Project Management
        Justin gave practical and actionable takeaways for the current environment.
Kelly A. Hayes, PMP

Kelly A. Hayes, PMP

Agile Coach
        Justin was responsive, enthusiastic, and full of ideas for the training. Justin's training style was exactly what I was looking for. He is equally skilled at teaching theory as he is fielding Q&A about industry-specific issues.
Kayla McGuire

Kayla McGuire

Freelance Project Manager

Workshop Schedule

Total Committment: 3 hours
  • Live Workshop

    9 AM EST - 11:00 AM EST

    I will teach you each of the steps in my "9-Step Project Path Framework" and how to use them to beat 90% of the obstacles that hinder project success. This session will be recorded and provided back to you.

  • Live Group Coaching

    11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

    Stay after the workshop with me and let's discuss all of your questions in a group session. Students tell me this is often their favorite part. This part will NOT be recorded for confidentiality purposes. Ask me anything! I may even stay on longer if we're having fun.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Learn with a cohort of peers

Study with a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

Accountability from a cohort of peers

The online world is full of content. Selling information isn't as helpful as it was five years ago. That's why cohort learning is so much more valuable. Instead of information, you get transformation. 

You're In Good Hands

You're In Good Hands

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Project MGMT Accelerator

More Reviews

        Thank you, Justin! I only started following you yesterday and it already seems your resources are going to dominate my saved list.
Tamaal Rodgers, PMP

Tamaal Rodgers, PMP

Sr. Project Manager, Business Transformation Office
        The amount of content I have in my saved folder from you is great! Thanks for the great resources and content. Loving every bit of it!
Sebastian Luna

Sebastian Luna

Airborne Intelligence, Surveillance, Reconnaissance (ISR) Operator
        Thankful for sharing us such a great & valuable content
Luis Eduardo Moraes 

Luis Eduardo Moraes 

Senior Project & Program Manager
        Thank you, Justin, this is timely, helpful, and highly recommended.
Darlington Ehwarieme

Darlington Ehwarieme

General Manager, Projects
        Smart tips... will work for every PM junior, senior, or accidental. Thank you
Ademola Oladele

Ademola Oladele

Agile Project Manager 
        Thank you for sharing your invaluable wisdom and experience
Ami Jape

Ami Jape

Project Manager