Coffee Tasting and Sensory Evaluation with Jennifer Stone and CQI

2 Days


Cohort-based Course

Grab Your Passport - Your Journey into the World of Extraordinary Coffee Awaits. Develop Pro Tasting Skills Like an Expert

Course overview


Do you want to be a coffee drinker or become a coffee taster? In this 2-session course, you will learn how to discover distinct coffee flavors, taste a range of coffees, and learn how they can be made in a range of methods. We'll cover hot and cold coffee. Students will receive links for coffees relevant to the coffee-tasting journey and a special offer for the text 21st Century Coffee: A Guide, the latest book by James Beard nominee, author Kenneth Davids.

This interactive class will equip you to converse intelligently with friends, colleagues, and restaurant industry professionals on topics related to coffee. You'll leave with the ability to add value to coffee-related conversations, or at least be the smartest in the room at the next company meeting or supper club.

Who is this course for?


Food and Beverage Pros who want to learn to taste distinctions in coffee


Designers and Consultants who want to advise clients about coffee equipment choices (you may qualify for a scholarship & 4 CEU credits).


Culinary Enthusiasts who want to know the most in the room about the wonderful world of coffee

Key outcomes

Coffee Tasting Essentials

Build your coffee skills by first understanding and practicing tasting basic coffee flavors.

Tasting Tour

Journey to one of three coffee growing regions to create your common tasting vocabulary. Plus, discover what factors contribute to the taste of coffee.

Coffee Pairing Lab

This interactive lab builds on your new tasting skills by introducing certain foods to contrast and compare. Kiss the wine and cheese party goodbye!

Today's Coffee Menu

I am often asked how to navigate a cafe menu. After this course, you will have a good understanding of how different brewing devices create different tastes and experiences with coffee including cold coffee. Learn what tools and devices to use and why.

See what people are saying

        “I thought your presentation was informative and well organized – great presentation. I love coffee! Looking forward to more learning opportunities." Thanks
Kevin Edgerton, FCSI

Kevin Edgerton, FCSI

FHA Architect, Omaha, NE
        Jen Stone’s coffee expertise and passion is evident, but she’s incredibly down to earth. Listening to Jen is like having my own travel guide - through the world of coffee. Love this escape!
Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Dr. Andrea Wojnicki

Founder, Talk About Talk, Toronto, Canada
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Coffee Tasting and Sensory Evaluation with Jennifer Stone and CQI


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Meet your instructor

Jennifer Stone

Jennifer Stone

Licensed Quality Grader, Coffee Authority & Educator

I want to hear about the first coffee that blew your mind...for me, I was studying abroad, seated at a tiny café in Puebla, Mexico, when a cup of coffee changed my life. Time briefly slowed as I took in the richly layered taste of that cup, observing the energy, community and vivid conversation, all centered around a common love of coffee. At that moment, I realized that in some way, coffee would be an important part of my future and altered the path of my life.

From there, I journeyed to the plazas of southern Spain, where I became a student of café culture, in preparation for bringing the authentic experience to America. By 1997 I was the owner of a café in the U.S. The coffee I was sourcing from a regional roaster was the best to be found, but I knew I could do better. By the following year, I had purchased a coffee roaster and my first bag of unroasted green coffee beans, embarking on a lifelong quest. In the 17 years since, I have traveled across countries and continents in search of the most extraordinary coffees, innovative producers and complex flavors.

What began as an attempt to satisfy my own desire for superior coffee, soon became a mission to share the ultimate coffee experience, as I realized other sophisticated coffee lovers were seeking the same qualities I had discovered. With the Coffee Explorer Podcast and Ciel Coffee, I am exploring cultures and expanding palates, focusing all my efforts on delivering to every person who tastes a cup of Café Privé Sélect their own life-changing coffee moment.

Jennifer A. Stone, founder of Ciel Café Privé Sélect, is a Licensed Quality Grader by the Coffee Quality Institute as well as an internationally recognized coffee cupper and judge for the Cup of Excellence.

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Coffee Tasting and Sensory Evaluation with Jennifer Stone and CQI


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Course Schedule

2-3 hours per week
  • Wednesday & Thursday

    2:00pm - 3:00pm EST

    We'll meet for three days. This is required class time for learning the course objectives and tasting sessions.

  • First Class: June 14, 2023

    2:00pm EST

    Classes are June 14 and 15.

    Prior to class - think about and be prepared to share your current coffee preferences. Class is Video On.

  • Weekly Projects

    Approximately 2 hours per week

    You'll be brewing coffee at home. A supply list will be in your syllabus.

  • Office Hours: June 14

    3:00pm - 3:30pm

    Time for Q&A and additional resources.

Check out Jen on the Roasters Marketplace Podcast

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Coffee Tasting and Sensory Evaluation with Jennifer Stone and CQI


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