Impact through Influence in Engineering Teams


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Cohort-based Course

Learn the mindsets, frameworks, and tools you need to build your personal brand, build relationships, and become influential in 2 weeks.

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Course overview

It doesn't matter if you're right ... if you can't get others to join you.

Making people commit, comply or change is not rocket science.

Getting buy-in, convincing and negotiating aren’t elusive arts.

But most people approach it the wrong way.

The truth is this:

➡️ Good ideas don’t sell themselves (no matter how good they are).

➡️ People are irrational, even when it's for their own good.

➡️ More arguments in favor of an idea won’t make someone say “yes”.

You need something else.

You need influence.

Whether you have formal authority or not, you need influencing skills. Unless you’re the CEO, your levels of authority are limited, making it difficult to shape decisions or keep people accountable. This can lead to missed deadlines and a sense of frustration and disempowerment. You might feel behind, stuck in your career, or worse, like you’re never taken seriously.

💡But it doesn’t have to be that way!

How would you feel if your insights were not only heard but also valued and implemented? If you could feel a sense of control over the direction and outcomes?

What if you were finally seen as a real partner and had a seat at the table?

By learning the proper influencing skills, you’ll be able to achieve all these things and more. You’ll inspire voluntary commitment from people and get buy-in on ideas with ease. If that’s your goal, then this course is perfect for you!

Course Outcomes

➡️ Reframe the inner obstacles that get in the way of your influence.

➡️ Define and build a memorable personal brand

➡️ Become your own PR person and create your own brand strategy

➡️ Build mutually beneficial relationships based on trust and social capital

➡️ Learn to influence despite resistance

➡️ Learn the most effective persuasion and pitching techniques

Course format

➡️ Course pre-work videos and articles

➡️ Highly interactive classes

➡️ Frameworks to explain complex concepts in simple terms

➡️ Worksheets and templates to learn by doing

➡️ Exact phrases and questions to use right away

➡️ Office hours for more direct time and personalized answers

Build a network

Software Engineers, Data Engineers, Engineering Managers, Researchers, Directors, CTOs, Product Managers and Researchers from companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Intel, and Square have taken this course and found it transformative.


➡️ You get 1-year free subscription to "The Caring Techie Newsletter" - worth $100.

Not sure this course is for you?

Feel free to email me at and I'd be happy to jump on a call to answer any questions you might have!

Who is this course for


Tech Leads and Senior+ Engineers lacking formal authority to mandate decisions, who rely on influence to lead, motivate, and get buy-in.


Engineering Managers who want to navigate complex, challenging cross-functional projects, where direct hierarchical influence is limited.


Anyone who wants to find a larger scope, have a bigger impact, and get to the next level.

What you’ll get out of this course

Come up with an actionable plan to increase your personal power

Using the personal power leaks worksheet, identify the mindsets that are holding you back from being the most influential version of yourself and learn the techniques you need to re-program them once and for all. Learn how to align your body language to support you.

Define, position and showcase your personal brand

Using the personal brand plan, define your core values, brand attributes, and opportunities to build a memorable personal brand at work ASAP. Learn to position yourself as a subject matter expert capable of contributing to the strategy, not just executing.

Build reciprocity and trust-based relationships

Learn what to do and what not to do to build trust-based mutually beneficial relationships with peers and superiors from your team and beyond. Learn to truly understand others, by making them feel heard and seen. Build a tribe of allies and sponsors.

Persuasively frame and present your ideas

Learn to create moments of influence, how to frame and present your ideas clearly, and how to communicate them persuasively, to maximize getting buy-in and support from any stakeholder. Practice using the 9 persuasion tactics and pitching templates.

Practice negotiations and disagreements

Manage the resistance and conflict that will be unavoidable as you establish yourself as an influencing figure who deserves a seat at the table. Learn how to approach conflictual situations — what to say and what not to say — so you win no matter what the outcome is.

This course includes

9 interactive live sessions

Lifetime access to course materials

17 in-depth lessons

Direct access to instructor

11 projects to apply learnings

Guided feedback & reflection

Private community of peers

Course certificate upon completion

Maven Satisfaction Guarantee

This course is backed by Maven’s guarantee. You can receive a full refund within 14 days after the course ends, provided you meet the completion criteria in our refund policy.

Course syllabus

Expand all modules
  • Post-Course


    • Module 3: Building Relationships and Organizations

    • Module 4: Principles and Tactics of Persuasion

  • Bonus


    • Resources for self-study

    • Module 1: Foundations of Influence & Power

    • Module 2: Personal Branding

    • Module 3: Building Relationships and Organizations

    • Module 4: Principles and Tactics of Persuasion


(20 ratings)

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Course Syllabus

Meet your instructor

Irina Stanescu

Irina Stanescu

With 14 years of experience in building software products, Irina has done it all: grew from junior software engineer all the way to staff software engineer, was the Tech Lead for numerous large cross-functional projects at Big Tech companies such as Google and Uber, and also managed people.

At Google, Irina's team built dynamic ad insertion in the linear and on-demand TV streams for the Google Fiber Mobile TV App. The project involved multiple orgs: Google Fiber, YouTube and DoubleClick, and Irina successfully influenced across all 3 organizations. At Uber, Irina’s team was in charge of the entire Eater Delivery Experience in the Uber Eats Eater app, which was a place of intersection for multiple other teams and functions.

No matter what company she was at, Irina built a memorable personal brand and was able to lead by influence on numerous occasions. As a very hands-on technical leader with limited direct managerial authority, Irina’s influence was her biggest asset. She had to hone in the skills presented in this course and now she wants to share everything she learned with you!

Currently, Irina is a leadership coach, content creator, and the author of “The Caring Techie Newsletter”. In the last year, by continuing to use her personal brand and influencing skills, she grew her newsletter audience to over 20k subscribers and is a Top Voice on LinkedIn with more than 30k followers.

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Impact through Influence in Engineering Teams


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Learning is better with cohorts

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Impact through Influence in Engineering Teams


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