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STEMinine Evolutionaries - Mentorship Accelerator for Women in STEM

6 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Conquer Imposter Syndrome. Embody Quiet Confidence and Navigate Male-Dominated Careers with Sovereignty, Savvy, and Strategy.

Hosted by

Abi Shobowale

18+ Years @ Meta, Uber, Apple, eBay, Microsoft. Mentor & STEM Advocate w/ Google

Course overview

Ready to succeed in STEM and other male-dominated industries?

We've all heard the myths. Women are too emotional for leadership. Women must imitate men or "fake it till they make it" to succeed. Women like 'people' more than 'things'. Women aren't logical or as good at maths.

Created exclusively for Women in STEM+ (Science, Tech, Engineering, Mathematics and other male-majority professions like Finance, Management, Law and the Creative Industries) - STEMinine Evolutionaries provides tried-and-tested research-backed tools, peer mentorship and empowering unadulterated insights that arm women with the truth and finally unravel these myths that make women doubt themselves.

In 6 weeks STEMinine Evolutionaries helps women 'evolve' past impostor syndrome, find their voice and become the change they wish to see in the world - by unleashing the hidden feminine traits, 'soft' skills and superpowers they already had within themselves all along.

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Who is this course for?


Ambitious Individual Contributors. You want to defeat imposter syndrome, get clarity on your career path and show up as your full self


Aspiring Leaders. You want to rise up into powerful and meaningful leadership positions within STEM - while staying true to yourself


Female Founders. You want to build your confidence and develop a fearless approach to innovation and advocate for yourself and your business


Emerging Experts & Trailblazers. You want to find your voice, impact your field as an expert and be an inspirational example to others


Career Changers. You want to take a leap and transition smoothly and seamlessly into STEM

By the end of this journey together, you'll get:

Empowering Tools to Conquer Impostor Syndrome

Overcome self-doubt with our tried-and-tested myth-busting process and empowering insight tools that help build unstoppable confidence from the inside out.

Access to Mentors and an Empowering Community of Women

Find invaluable support, sisterhood and solidarity with a close-knit community of like-minded women on a similar path to you.

Inspiration and Wisdom from Trailblazing Women

Stories and perspectives from top female professionals and pioneers who know what it takes to succeed in male-dominated industries and are passionate about helping other women do the same.

Powerful Playbooks to Help You Lead Authentically and Authoritatively as a Woman

Master soft power dynamics to help you negotiate with wisdom, influence with skill and lead unapologetically.

What previous mentees are saying...

        I am so grateful for the mentoring session with Abi. She provided practical strategies and insights for advancing in tech that were tailored to my specific strengths. Abi guided me through developing a personal brand and and a clear career path to success in my field. I now feel more empowered to break the glass ceiling and make impact.


        I am so grateful Abi's support in building my confidence and assertiveness. Thanks to her strategies, I am now able to speak up and make my voice heard in the workplace.


UX Research
        With Abi's calm and wise guidance, I was able to develop the confidence and skills I needed to break into my dream tech career. I highly recommend her for any woman looking to unleash her full potential.


Data Scientist
        Attending this mentoring session was an eye-opening experience. I gained a lot of insight into how I can develop my soft skills which have been invaluable in helping me navigate this very male-dominated environment and build strong allies for my business.


Co-Founder in Fintech Startup

Meet your Course Curator

Abi Shobowale

Abi Shobowale

Research Leader @ Meta, Mentor @ Google for Startups

Hi, my name is Abi.

I'm a former imposter-syndrome-people-pleasing-perfectionist on a mission to not only get more women into STEM careers but to help them stay the course, break into leadership roles and thrive.

After years of mentoring countless female founders and early-career women in tech and engineering I was shocked by the countless number of incredible, talented women who crossed my path with undeniable potential; yet who hold themselves back and remain undervalued and undiscovered due to impostor syndrome.

With a wealth of research and analytics experienced gained from over 18 years at some of the world's leading tech giants, coupled with an in-depth understanding of social sciences and humanities through my studies at London School of Economics, I set out to develop a research and evidence-backed approach that could effectively quash impostor syndrome while cultivating true confidence from within.

Through rigorous testing and experimentation on myself as well as those I mentored, I developed a revolutionary set of new tools that will flip your worldview upside down help you and build radical, lasting changes.

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STEMinine Evolutionaries - Mentorship Accelerator for Women in STEM

Course Curriculum


Reprogram and Reboot

Debug the Subconscious Programs That Shut Down Your Confidence

  • When X Does Not Equal Y: Debunking Female Inferiority with Logic
  • Goddesses & Gatherers: Why Woman Was the First Scientist
  • Man, Matrix & Machine: How Science Became Male
  • Hidden Figures: Women Who Rocked STEM Across the Ages
  • Eve Misunderstood: Knowledge is Power and the Future is Female


Engineer Your Success

Powerful Self-Diagnostic Discovery Tools to Help Chart and Build Your Unique Career Blueprint

  • Get clarity on your unique calling, innate gifts and talents
  • Disarm your inner critic, fears, stressors and saboteurs and create a new empowering narrative for yourself
  • Develop concrete career plans that overcome obstacles between your vision and reality


Solve the Power Equation

A Powerful Formula for Leading without 'Becoming a Man' or Following Men's Rules

  • Master Soft Power Dynamics. Influence hearts and minds
  • Activate your feminine leadership archetypes to build executive presence, subvert stereotypes and take risks
  • Unapologetically negotiate decisions about Money, Men and Motherhood from positions of wisdom and power


Becoming Evolutionary → Using our Nature to Nurture the Future

Nurture your Natural Talents, Feminine Energy and Superpowers to Drive Disruptive Innovation and Change

  • Tap into your creativity, intuition, resourcefulness, empathy and emotional intelligence to solve tough innovation problems
  • Bring your full authentic self to work and revolutionise the way STEM is done. 

Included in the Course

Included in the Course

Masterclasses and Live Workshops

Thought-provoking live masterclasses and hands-on mastermind workshops that arm you with new soft skills, savvy strategic thinking

Interactive and Individual Exercises

You’ll be interacting with other women through breakout rooms but also have creative or contemplative exercises to do on your own

Mentoring and Coaching Circles

Each student gets access to a 1:1 or group mentoring session to strategise for specific career challenges or opportunities

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STEMinine Evolutionaries - Mentorship Accelerator for Women in STEM