Influencer Marketing School

The Influencer marketing system that generates predictable revenue (not just brand awareness!)

Learn the truth behind successful influencer marketing by the people who are doing it, day in and day out.

Scott FlearLouise ThompsonAlex Taylor
with Scott Flear, Louise Thompson, and Alex Taylor
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Create a predictable revenue generating system, built by relationships

Put your small budget to work in the right places

You're not alone, we wasted years and large budget on marketing strategies that simply... don't work. If you're looking for a lead generation strategy for your business that can continue to grow over the course of time, Influencer Marketing is for you.

Reduce stress and increase ROI

Businesses are constantly trying to reduce the amount we spend to acquire new customers. If you're looking for a more cost efficient method to getting in front of your perfect audience & leverage their loyal raving fan base Influencer marketing is for you.

Build & scale your brand with predictable results

Brands need authority to be heard today.  Associating yourself with influencers can dramatically improve your brand perceptionthat doesn’t just increase your revenue but opens more doors for you too. 

What you'll find inside the Influencer Marketing School

The Influencer Deal-Making System

Get one line wrong and you can screw up the deal.

The Perfect Influencer Funnel (PIF) Framework

£4 a lead or £0.50 a lead, which would you prefer?

Master Facebook & Instagram Ads to generate predictable revenue

One off posts (post and pray) or a 24/7 machine always working to grow your business?
You’ll learn the exact advertising system we’ve replicated across countless industries to generate revenue for your business (on a small budget)

The Boomerang 

Retargeting effectively can double your profits in days. Our plug-and-play email and facebook & instagram ad templates will deliver results for you immediately. 

Our Unique email marketing system that will skyrocket your revenue and build a unique r’ship between you and your customer

When it comes to marketing, email is king. Learn how to harness the true power of email marketing while not selling to your audience at all (we’ll show you exactly how). 

Hear what others have said about our beta test lessons

All of the insider information, I loved that it isn’t just theory and you have real life examples of what to do, not to do and how things went in certain situations.  Makes it much more interesting and understandable!

This was amazing. It gave a good insight into what the course would be about - the 'real world' background you had with screenshots and stats to back up made it feel very genuine and trustworthy in terms of someone investing in the course.

It actually exceeded my expectations.  There was more knowledge & more interactions than I had imagined. Definitely showers specific and unique insight and value not able to be found in books/online.

Meet your instructors

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Scott Flear

I’m the founder of Rugby Warfare and co-founder of Two successful brands that use the same marketing system to grow (the one you’ll learn in this course). 

I’ve been building brands for 12 years and I’ve been lucky enough to work with influencers in sports, TV, fashion and best-selling authors. 

I’ve had enough of seeing small brands get burned by fake and poor influencers and brands following advice from case studies showing how Facebook and Apple grew their companies which have no relevance to you.

I’m here to pull back the curtain and show you how to leverage Influencer Marketing correctly, as 68% of brands worry about fraudulent influencers (and it’s a very real problem)

However, when used correctly this system can deliver you predictable & reliable growth which will open up the gate of growth for your business.

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Louise Thompson

I’m an influencer and multiple business owner in fitness, fashion and content. I starred in Made in Chelsea and since leaving the show a few years ago I’ve focused on building my brands. 

I have a wealth of knowledge and experience in this domain. I know what content works, the best campaigns and how to engage an influencers audience. 

In this course I’ll be co-hosting a few Q&As with you all about influencer marketing, agent deals, how to approach an influencer and what you should pay. 

Scott is my business partner who’s the brains behind the operations. Combining Scott’s skills and my experience, insight and influencer has been a killer combo which we have replicated many times. 

If you’ve had enough of searching for the right system to grow your business, look no further. After this 5 week course you’ll have everything you need to grow your business. Save your mental energy from searching into doing.

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Alex Taylor

Meet Alex, The Founder of - The industry-leading Funnels & Paid Advertising Agency that has generated thousands of leads & millions of dollars in revenue for businesses Just Like Yours.

Alex has helped some of the top names in the online space, such as Clickfunnels, SecretLab, Julius Dein,, Anthony Lolli and many others, to create an ethical, predictable and reliable lead generation strategy for their business which doesn’t just scream…


What you’re going to learn throughout this 5 week module is the result of 5 years of experience, living and breathing the online marketing world.

The strategies, the psychology, how to create the ‘buyers mindset’… these are just some of the many principals I’m going to be teaching you inside this course but I must warn you... once you understand these principles, there’s no going back - you’ll start to notice marketing pop up EVERYWHERE in everyday life (You’ll become too smart for your own good)

I’m going to teach you HOW & WHY we make people buy, so you can start leveraging smart marketing to your advantage to captivate your audience and create a marketing system that will work for you on auto-pilot.

Look forward to seeing you inside.

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Will this work if I have a small business with a small budget?

Yes! The system you learn from this course works very effectively without influencers. You'll be able to generate a consistent source of leads for cheap. If you do have the budget in the future to use an influencer then they will turbocharge the system.

I've never done influencer marketing before, how do we find influencers that are the right fit?

You'll learn how to do proper research into influencers and how to sign deals with them and/or their agents. I will be bringing in agency owners who have worked with the best influencers in the UK and US to reveal all for you. You'll know exactly how much they cost, what a contract looks like, how it's paid and how to find influencers in week 1.

I haven't got a business yet, is this for me?

Unless you're looking to launch soon using this system then unfortunately not. To make the most out of this course you need to have your own business set up already with a website fully functional. Without these you'll fall behind too fast and won't be able to take advantage of the peer learning and projects

Wait, is this LIVE?...

Yes it is! We've seen over the past 5 years that the completion rate of courses have decreased year on year, with our 5 week Interactive course, we're near guaranteeing you to complete this course with a high success rate.

Do you have a payment plan?

Currently we do not, although, this is something we're looking into in the near future.

When can I get started?

We start May 31st to 25 students only. This means we can give you the time and attention you need to create this system for your business. By the end of week 5 you'll actually have the system working for your business.

Do you offer any refunds?

Due to this course being an interactive, step-by-step experience, we will not be offering refunds once you sign up to this course. We are there to guide you for 5 weeks. It will be tough but you'll be glad you stuck it out once the 5 weeks is over.