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Email Marketing for Coursebuilders - Creators - Consultants and Coaches


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4 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Get persuasive email templates, powerful idea prompts and the support & feedback you need to engage, nurture and win clients with email

Hosted by

Ian Brodie

Best-selling author of Email Persuasion.

Course overview

Write Engaging Emails That Make More Clients Buy. Fast. Fuss-Free.

Go from Novice to Persuasive Email Powerhouse in just 30 days.

Get great ideas at will and write engagingly persuasive emails that build credibility and trust and get clients ready to buy.

All based on proven templates, idea prompts and simple steps that make writing easy.

This course is for you if...


You're a coursebuilder, creator, consultant or coach who loves working with clients - but hates all the hustle and hassle needed to get them


You know email marketing is the most effective strategy for nurturing relationships and winning clients - but it's just not working for you


You're sick and tired of staring at a blank screen waiting for inspiration and wasting time writing boring emails that don't get results

On This Course You'll...

Build Your Client Buying Roadmap

Most people know that email is the best online approach for nurturing relationships and getting sales - but they don't know how to make it a reality.

In this session, you'll learn exactly what it takes to get your clients ready to buy and how to build that into your emails

Generate Brilliant Email Ideas - At Will

A huge barrier for many people is coming up with ideas for emails that will be valuable, entertaining and move clients closer to buying.

In this workshop you'll learn how to tap into the 3 best sources of email ideas so you have an endless supply of valuable email content.

Write Engaging and Persuasive Emails - Fast

Your emails need to be interesting and valuable so readers stay engaged as your relationship builds. And they need to be persuasive so they take action and buy.

In this session, you'll learn proven templates and structures that make persuasive email writing quick and easy.

Craft "Must Read" Subject Lines

If no one opens your emails it doesn't matter how persuasive they are, they won't work.

In this special workshop you'll learn the Must Read Subject Line Formula and get "fill in the blanks" templates and examples you can use to get high open rates - every time.

Build the Simple Daily Habits That Will Make Email Writing Quick and Easy

It's one thing to go on a course, learn some new tricks and get a temporary improvement. But for real results, you need to implement consistently.

That's why we have a dedicated session on the simple habits you can adopt to make persuasive emailing a natural and easy process.

Get Personal Feedback on YOUR Emails

This isn't just a course full of lectures and theory. It's practical and action-focused.

Using the techniques and templates you'll write your own emails and get pinpoint feedback to help you improve from Ian and the other course members. - helping you rapidly learn and improve.


(21 ratings)

Here's what course attendees say about their experience...

        The course gave me so much more than how to write an email it's given me confidence, a new perspective, energy, and a true understanding of what email marketing is. I wish I'd taken this course years ago. If you are in business and writing your own emails this course is the best thing you can do.
Amanda Brown

Amanda Brown

Coach, author, and founder of The Upgrade Club
        Before joining my emailing was sporadic at best. I felt like I had nothing to say that anyone would find interesting and faced the classic small business person's dilemma - time. Now with the tips, tricks and formulas provided I can produce an email in about 20 minutes and I'm receiving 'fan emails' back and the click-through rate has bumped up too
Paul Copcutt

Paul Copcutt

Personal Brand Strategist, Coach, Speaker. PC Unlimited
        This course is one of the best I have ever taken on any subject, and there have been many! It is chock full of helpful techniques, including the whys and well as the hows. I particularly liked the templates and frameworks Ian provided as they gave me the confidence to change my usual style for the better.
Kate Baker

Kate Baker

Managing Director, virtualgo2 ltd
        If you want to learn how to overcome blocks to writing emails that are real and honest and not sleazy and sales-y, Ian's program is right on target. You DO have to commit time and effort, but if you can do that, you'll get a ton out of this and it'll be well worth the investment.
Dr. Dina Wyshogrod

Dr. Dina Wyshogrod

Clinical psychologist and Founder/Director of MBSR-ISRAEL
        The course has given me a far clearer outline as to what, when and how I am planning, creating and sending the emails - so it is far less time-consuming and flows simply and easily from the pen! (Or keyboard ;-)) Definitely recommend this course, it removes the headache and I am already seeing the results!
Anna Letitia Cook

Anna Letitia Cook

Beyond the Bottomline
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Email Marketing for Coursebuilders - Creators - Consultants and Coaches

Meet your instructor

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie

Ian Brodie is the author of the #1 best selling and highest rated book on email marketing: Email Persuasion.

Get Response called him "One of the best email marketers in the world" and more importantly, he's helped thousands of coursebuilders, creators, consultants and coaches to build authority, engage their audience and generate more sales with Email Marketing.

Outside of work he's married to the wonderful Kathy and they have two great kids: Chris and Robs.

And a cat. Mustn't forget the cat.

His passions outside of work are magic (he used to be quite good but is waaay out of practice) and growing chillies.

He also suffers from being a Newcastle United supporter. Please, no gloating :)

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Email Marketing for Coursebuilders - Creators - Consultants and Coaches

Course syllabus


"Pre-Season Training"

Before the first workshop you'll get off to a flying start by:

  • Building deep insight into your own ideal clients - so you're clear what it will take to get them ready to buy
  • Identifying your own personal sources of great ideas for email topics and stories - so you can start creating engaging emails from day 1


The Infinite Idea Generator

One of the biggest frustrations with email marketing is the "staring at a blank piece of paper not knowing what to write about" issue. In this module you'll learn:

  • Which topics your ideal clients will want to hear about
  • How to generate great emai ldeas
  • The "story prompts" that will enable you to create entertaining and engaging emails "on tap"


Writing Engaging and Valuable Emails

In this session you'll "get your hands dirty" by:

  • Learning templates, structures and styles of email that are interesting and persuasive
  • Deciding on which templates to focus on and tailoring them - so you can quickly "fill in the blanks" to create persuasive emails that work for your business


Crafting "Must Read" Subject Lines

In this session you'll learn how to write email subject lines your readers are almost compelled to open by:

  • Learning the 4 key elements that make a subject line "must read"
  • Using "curiosity hooks" to spice up your subject lines to ensure high open rates


Feedback + Q&A Session

In this session we'll consolidate the learning we've done so far by reviewing some of your emails to get direct feedback - plus answering any questions you have on the course so far or email marketing in general.


Persuasive Writing

In this module you'll learn how to write individual emails that harness classic and modern persuasion techniques to get your clients ready to buy.


Advanced Techniques

In this session you'll learn:

  • How to build sequences of emails that get your subscribers ready to buy
  • How to format your emails for readability, perception and deliverability
  • Templates for calls to action to achieve your goals without coming across as pushy


Implementation Workshop

  • The focus of the implementation workshop is to give you all the tools and processes you'll need to make regular email writing a habit.

Course schedule

4-5 hours per week
  • Pre-work and Homework

    Your pre-workshop exercises and training to prepare for each workshop will be available on Thursday ready for the Monday Workshop the next week.

  • Monday & Wednesday Workshops

    4-5.30pm UK/11am-12.30pm US Eastern

    Each workshop will be highly interactive. We'll recap the homework lessons then take action on what you've learned so you get to practice your new skills and get feedback.

  • Sharing and Feedback in the Community


    You'll share your ideas and emails with Ian and your fellow course members for feedback and discussion - and have a bit of fun too!

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Email Marketing for Coursebuilders - Creators - Consultants and Coaches

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects - so you'll be actually writing persuasive emails you can use in your business, not just learning about them.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning with a cohort of like-minded peers who'll support you, give you feedback and celebrate your success.

Get feedback to speed up your learning

You're get direct feedback on your ideas and email from Ian and the other course members - meaning you'll learn faster and get results faster.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Email Marketing for Coursebuilders - Creators - Consultants and Coaches