Analyzing Protests


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5 Days


Cohort-based Course

Five hours over one week: Understand how and why protests form Predict the next big protest Write about the impact of protests

Course overview

Don't let the next protest catch you off guard

I can guarantee that the week this course is occurring, there will be protests and political instability in several countries around the world. Some will have been planned weeks in advance while others will pop up with almost no notice. Some will cause mass property damage and policy changes while others will occur peacefully and be done by the following day.

There are many services that can alert you and your company to when a protest is planned in a certain city or country. But simply knowing that 1,000 people will be on the streets Tuesday doesn't tell you how they will impact your personnel, facilities and investments the day of the protests much less the political situation the rest of the week.

This course will give you tools to analyze the events as they are happening and deliver better products to your readers and clients. We'll go through the causes of protests, how to predict protests, how to find and assess information, how to best write about protests, and how to determine the impact on your client, customer, or reader.

This is a "sprint course" with about five hours of material and exercises over five days. It can't cover everything. But it will give you new tools and frameworks to understand and write about protests. It will include exercises that incorporate current information.

Who is this course for


Analysts who work within GSOCs or intelligence units for large corporations and regularly write about protests for their superiors.


Fund managers whose investments are exposed to political risk and civil unrest.


Students who are studying political science, history, or international relations and want practical skills they can take to the job market.

What you’ll get out of this course

Walk away with a new understanding of protests that you can apply to your day job

If your job has ever involved covering a protest, the information provided in this course will be immediately beneficial to you and those around you.

Written analysis you can use

You can use the writing exercises in this course to develop analysis about current issues in a way that can be delivered to your readers and clients.

A network of other analysts

This course will be a cohort of others who care about protests and political unrest. You'll have an opportunity to meet new people in your space who you can continue speaking and sharing information with beyond this course.

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Analyzing Protests


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Course syllabus



Understanding the cause and structure of protests.

Why do protests start? Why do they accelerate? Why do they end?

Why do your readers, clients and customers care about any specific protest?



How to find sources and monitor information from protests.

News monitoring and sharing exercise.



How to predict when protests and civil unrest may occur.

Understanding the variables that make the spread, success, or failure of protests more likely.



How to write about protests in a way that matters to your readers.

Writing exercise.



What are the medium and long term implications of protests?

What can you learn from your past analysis to improve your writing about protests in the future?

Course schedule

5-7 hours over the course of one week
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

    11AM EDT for one hour

    There will be a live 50 minute lecture with Q&A going over the material. Lessons will be recorded for those who can't make it live.

  • Tuesday, Thursday

    30 minutes at any point during the day

    Short pre-recorded videos plus some exercises writing about ongoing protests and predicting future protests.

  • Ongoing discussion online

    However much you want to participate

    There will be an ongoing discussion in an online community about protests going on around the world. We'll share news articles, analyze events as they occur, and discuss what may happen in the weeks ahead.

Meet your instructor

Boz (James Bosworth)

Boz (James Bosworth)

Founder of Hxagon; Author of the Latin America Risk Report

Boz has been researching and writing about Latin American politics, economics, and security for the past two decades. Six years ago he founded Hxagon, a firm that has conducted political risk analysis and bespoke research in over 35 countries around the world including 26 in the Western Hemisphere.

Reviews of other courses taught by Boz

        Boz was fantastic! Clearly knowledgeable and passionate about Latin America. Fantastic course. Great slides. Really excellent instruction.
Student from a course on modern Latin America

Student from a course on modern Latin America

        GREAT information on sanctions--exactly what I hoped for. How they are levied, how they work and don't, and recommendations for how it should be done.
Student from a course on global sanctions

Student from a course on global sanctions

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Analyzing Protests


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