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2 Days


Cohort-based Course

The 2-Day Team Intensive to Improve Communication, Better Engage Your Team & Save 10+ Hours Per Week.

Course overview

Join us for a Two-Day Intensive With Your Team

Shift out of the day-to-day grind into a strategic leader in 2 days.

Learn how to trust your team, delegate more, and manage to results—so you focus less on operations and more on growth.

Bring up to three additional (3) team members with you for a single price! Working live with your team is the fastest way to clarify expectations and empower your team members to perform (plus, they have a seat at the table to contribute strategically).

We do this together, with your team, live in session. You’ll join other Founders, CEOs, and Emerging Leaders, side-by-side with their teams, to collectively get out of the weeds and lead the team to results.

Who is this course for


B2B SaaS Founders

Build the accountability structures you need to effectively run your operation.


New Managers & Team Leads

Shift from high-performing individual contributor to delegating and trusting your team.


Client Services Teams

Standardize your delivery process and hand-offs with your team.

Grow Your Confidence Leading and Scaling Your Team

Fighting fires and wearing too many hats?

You'll prioritize and focus your time toward high-leverage, growth activities—and delegate the "day-to-day" to your team.

Struggle to scale results to your team?

You'll clarify expectations and outcomes for critical work processes—so your organization delivers consistent results. Every time. It's no longer "quicker if I do it myself."

Working too many hours?

You'll synchronize your work schedule with your team to maximize energy and focus—gaining you time back to use however you wish.

Wondering how to retain your best talent?

You'll give autonomy and direction to your best performers—so you can step back and work on higher level priorities.

Longing for structure and process, but it isn't your strength?

You'll create your own "operating playbook" to communicate goals and priorities—so they act on your behalf.

Course syllabus

5 live sessions • 8 modules • 35 lessons • 13 projects
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  • Week 1

    Nov 16—Nov 17


    • Course Recordings

      View weekly session recordings here.

    • Day 1 // Leading At Scale

      The Responsibilities Alignment Conversation

      A common challenge in entrepreneurial organizations is losing clarity around "who does what." The responsibilities inventory and Infinite Responsibility conversation will allow you to capture all of the work that exists across a team—and specifically clarify who is responsible for it.

      The Infinite Delegation Conversation

      We all have responsibilities on our plate that can be delegated to someone else. We sometimes make excuses: a lack of trust, a lack of skill, or "they just aren't ready yet." When will they be ready? The Infinite Delegation Framework is a tool to organize and breakdown responsibilities to tactical steps and to design the support systems necessary to help your direct report be successful in their new responsibility—with the safety of an accountability system.

    • Day 2 // Leading At Scale

      The Time Alignment Conversation

      "Live your life by design, not by default." What does this mean? The Time Alignment Framework embraces our humanism (not superhumanism) as a founder and leader by designing your work around your energy levels and creating an operational cadence with your team. The net impact is to help you think more strategically about allocating your time—instead of constantly reacting to the ever-present demands of the business.

      The Infinite Coaching Conversation

      Life is easier when our teams bring us solutions—not problems. But with any newly delegated responsibility, there is a learning curve. Our teams need a forum with us to answer questions and solve problems together. The Infinite Coaching Framework helps our direct reports frame up problems and solutions related to their responsibilities—simultaneously getting work done while developing new skills in problem solving.

  • Post-Course


    • Graduation // Leading At Scale

      The intention of our final meeting is to measure success across all of the modules and celebrate our success as a group. You'll receive a report card indicating your measurable progress throughout the course and have an opportunity to share open feedback on the course structure and reflect on your biggest takeaways.

  • Bonus


    • BONUS: Creating Psychological Safety

      Learn how to create a container of psychological safety and why it's so essential for your team.

    • BONUS: The Goal Alignment Conversation

      Setting and achieving goals is a way we can intentionally grow our company and keep our teams in alignment. We'll explore several goal setting methodologies, the consequences of goal setting, how to design goals, how to get buy-in from your team, and troubleshoot implementation. You’ll leave with a playbook to implement a popular goal-setting framework, called OKRs, that scales across your entire company.

    • BONUS: The Infinite Guidebook

      Setting clear expectations upfront helps leaders navigate and communicate change. The Infinite Guidebook is a document that communicates your leadership style and preferences to others. Think of it as a "user manual" to you. What can your team expect from you?

      Complete the Infinite Guidebook section in your personal Course Guidebook.

    • BONUS: Private 1:1 Coaching Call


(20 ratings)

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Leading At Scale


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Meet your instructor

Chase Damiano

Chase Damiano

Founder + Coach @ Human At Scale

I believe true leadership is a mix of a laser-focus on a mission greater than yourself, a commitment to continuous learning, and a genuine care for your people.

Having built entrepreneurial teams of all sizes—as a start-up consultant with Accenture, a COO of a National Coffee Brand, Commonwealth Joe, and as the founder of Human At Scale—has helped me see what works and what doesn't.

This course is designed to help you shift from individual contributor to leader—by streamlining the "day-to-day" and "management" pieces to free up your time to lead.

Why me? I’ve coached 100s of Founders, CEOs, and Emerging Leaders, responsible for 1,000s of employees, and a collective $100M+ annual revenue—leading them to higher valuations, more revenue, autonomous teams, and more time to live life.

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Leading At Scale


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FREE essential extras to save you time!
  • Bonus #1

    Enroll up to 3 team members

    Bring up to three (3) team members with you for one price. You'll get real work done, collaborating with your team, creating more buy-in and alignment.

  • Bonus #2

    "How to" Videos

    Get your team to "run with it" by sharing our library of recorded videos to teach others in your company to implement our frameworks. Everyone has clarity without you spending extra time explaining.

  • Videos include...

    • The Ideal Workday Planner: How To Reallocate Time Intentionally
    • Essential Team Meetings: Designing Your Team Meeting System
    • The Goal Design Template: How To Clarify and Communicate Goals
    • The Responsibility Design Template: How To Align on Role Expectations
  • Bonus #3

    30-minute Private Coaching Call

    Get custom support unique to your team with a bonus 30-minute coaching call with me. Let's talk about implementation, troubleshooting, or a unique circumstance in your company.

  • Bonus #4

    Two (2) Group Coaching Calls

    Get support driving implementation with group coaching calls, exclusively for Founders, CEOs, and Team Leaders enrolled in this intensive. Share your wins, create accountability, and resolve the roadblocks.

  • Bonus #5

    Swipe Templates

    Get access to our library of templates and workshops to further empower your team to deliver results.

  • Templates include...

    • The Infinite Guidebook: The Manager User Manual For How We Work
    • The Conscious Conversation Framework: The Facilitation Agenda for Team Decision-Making
    • Scripts for setting expectations, communicating goals, running effective 1-1s, "clearing the air" with team members, and more.

See what people are saying

        Chase is a rockstar and if you're even thinking about needing a course like this - run... do not walk to the start of the program. You won't regret it! 
Alexa K.

Alexa K.

CEO @ Clowder
        We now have a shared language around delegation and time. We're spending a lot less time spinning our wheels, and we're just executing on our plans.
Sarah F.

Sarah F.

Founder/CEO @ Wellfound Foods
        It's about being able categorize what's important and what's not. [This course] increased focus on my leadership goals: revenue growth, service delivery, and team culture.
Josh S.

Josh S.

CEO @ Pubvendo
        This taught a system of delegation that relies on outcomes. Every person on our team can see the end result, and that has expanded our ability to not be involved with every decision and task.
Marcy E.

Marcy E.

Co-Founder/COO @ ThinkNimble
        I have so much more confidence in what we are doing. Had I not gone through this work, I wouldn’t have taken the risk of adding additional members to my team.
Stefanie R.

Stefanie R.

CEO & Founder @ acknowledge.
        We empowered our mid-level managers to lead and mentor our junior staff. It's absolutely helped to improve the bottom line.
Ramsey B.

Ramsey B.

COO & Partner @ Quadrant Advisory
        This course will change the way you think! Chase has a way of teasing things out that will absolutely rework the lens through which you see your business.
Josh S.

Josh S.

CTO @ Phin Security
        A different approach to leadership training, less corporate more human connected. I come out of the class with a very effective toolkit to lead my team and already real impactful changes in the way I approach decision making, delegation and connect with my team members.
Stephan R.

Stephan R.

Director, Lifecycle Operations @ Remote.com
        Leading At Scale is not your typical corporate training. After I enrolled our leadership team in the course, there's been a noticeable increase in their confidence. They feel more empowered to delegate. It was a positive experience across the board that I would do all over again!
Mio L.

Mio L.

President & COO @ Savor Brands
        The best thing about the course was the ability to talk through work problems I have been struggling with. I was able to elicit feedback and solutions while having a space to brainstorm solutions of my own. I now have more clarity on my role, what it means to succeed, and how to succeed."


Software Developer @ Phin Security
        I feel empowered to take ownership of my new leadership position. There is so much power in psychological safety in the workplace. I resonate with providing a safe place at work for people to show up as themselves.
Ashton S.

Ashton S.

Product Manager @ ThinkNimble
        This was huge for me. The confidence of the whole team to take on a direct report has gone up. Now, when we get new people, we know what to do.
Brooke M.

Brooke M.

Operations Manager @ Quadrant Advisory
        This is a super interactive course, really love the articles and tools provided to develop as leader. It's well structured and solutions are provided for specific case scenarios. Even my direct reports will share positive feedback about the exercises /homework.
Stephanie G.

Stephanie G.

General Manager @ Savor Brands
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The Exceptional Accountability Framework

Are you a founder, manager, or team leader struggling with the concept of accountability within your organization?

If so, you're not alone. Accountability is often cited as one of the most pressing issues faced by leaders in both established companies and rapidly growing organizations. The ability to effectively delegate, measure progress, coach your team, and iterate predicts whether you become the bottleneck in your organizations.

Use this framework to unlock greater team performance and better business outcomes.

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Learning is better with friends

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These are live workshops to get real work done with your team. It’s the perfect intersection of practical exercises and shared learning.

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You'll get access to our library of pre-recorded videos, book excerpts, and articles on effective leadership. Can't find what you're looking for? Just ask. We got you.

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Learn alongside of other Founders, CEOs, Business Owners, and Emerging Leaders at similar sizes and stages as your company.

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