AI Supported Workshop Design for Facilitators

8 Days


Cohort-based Course

Get the tools, prompts and practice you need to design workshops with AI & create learning experiences that your audience will love.

Course overview

How to use AI to design research-backed highly interactive workshops

Most people think creating a workshop is extremely labor intensive, but actually technology and AI provide an abundance of support for the instructional design process.

Stop laboring for weeks over your deck and notes, and start leveraging artificial intelligence to accelerate how you draft and finalize your learning programs and experiences.

The best way to show up fully present as a facilitator (and make your content stick) is to leverage more tools (especially tech) so that you can spend less time on creating your content and more time and attention engaging with your learners.

This course is for you if


You are a workshop facilitator who wants to have their workshop assets created in hours instead of weeks


You are Learning & Development leader who struggles to manage their regular workload while also being tasked to design a new training or pro


Are a professional coach who wants to learn a framework to translate your 1:1 programs into group learning experiences

Key Outcomes

Critique and formulate strategies to use AI ethically

ensuring respect for creative license in instructional design as you navigate the intersection of technology and human creativity and scholarship.

Create an enhanced workshop outline on a topic of your choice

Apply the techniques and best practices of ChatGPT. Coaches will transition 1:1 coaching frameworks to meet group facilitation formats.

Use AI supported research to enhance your content with present day research and findings

Analyze a variety of sources using Perplexity AI and select relevant references to integrate into a workshop ensuring you uphold credibility and relevance to meet your audience needs.

Evaluate the differences between AI-assisted and traditional deck designs

and construct a presentation using AI tools like Decktopus or Wonderslide ensuring visual engagement with beautiful design aesthetic. You will seamlessly translate a bulleted list of ideas into workshops without design hiccups or hours spent in Powerpoint.

Synthesize the elements of a workshop, including timings, slide numbers, and engagement exercises

to formulate a comprehensive 'Run of Show' document using ChatGPT. Ensure clarity in pacing, participant engagement and variety of engagement strategies so you can deliver high quality, interactive workshops every time.

Present a finalized workshop design and receive expert feedback from peers

incorporating all the techniques learned during the course, and critique fellow participants' designs using constructive feedback to enhance your craft while building a supportive network of learning and development professionals.

Course syllabus

2 live sessions • 8 modules • 29 lessons • 10 projects
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    What people are saying

            I can’t find the words to express how much I learned this past weekend.
    Kerry Ann Elliott

    Kerry Ann Elliott

    Values Alignment Coach
            I am just so grateful that you opened this opportunity to me and I just had honestly the most incredible day with you. Yeah, you’re magical, you and your team, absolutely magical so just thank you so much.
    Akua Nyame-Mensah

    Akua Nyame-Mensah

    Leadership and Culture Advisor
            This is a supportive and intensive workshop for people who facilitate via Zoom can find this beneficial to hone their practice in leveraging tools like AI, apps, somatics, and community knowledge.
    Lyncy Yang

    Lyncy Yang

    Certified Life Coach
            This experience was fulfilling if you are looking to learn or expand your skills as a facilitator. If you are a BIPOC woman looking for like-minded business women to learn from and with, this is a great and safe place for you.
    Sharon Drapeau

    Sharon Drapeau

    Coach, Writer, Virtual Assistant

    Meet your instructor

    Marie Deveaux

    Marie Deveaux

    Founder of High Tides L&D | Inclusive Leadership Coach | Instructional Designer

    Marie Deveaux is the founder of High Tides Consulting, a boutique L&D firm that helps leaders create more inclusive work culture.

    Through her bespoke training and coaching programs, she has helped over 21,000 leaders from 141 countries to tackle effective communication, and inclusive leadership, and implement cultural change management programs.

    Marie has spent the last 20 years in Learning and Development and instructional design and built the L&D department at Success Academy Charter Schools prior to starting her firm. Currently she manages a team of 12 facilitators and mentors many others in the practice of effective facilitation, coaching, and conversation skills.

    She created AI Supported Workshop Design for Facilitators to help coaches and learning professionals learn how to better leverage technology in the design and prep of their learning content so they can spend less time on content and more time with people.

    Connect with her or follow along on LinkedIn

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    AI Supported Workshop Design for Facilitators


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    • November 1, 2023

      1 -2:30pm ET

      Introduction to AI-assisted Workshop Design

    • November 7, 2023

      1-2:30pm ET

      Design Skillshare and Peer Review

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    Learning is better with cohorts

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    AI Supported Workshop Design for Facilitators


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