AgeTech AI Product Management Masterclass

10 Days


Cohort-based Course

Learn actionable frameworks to build better products and age-friendly user experiences for older adult consumers

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Course overview

Building better age-friendly products

Course Format (2-week cohort. Four 1-hour live classes, guided hands-on activities and group Q&A's) Seats are limited.


In a world where the fastest growing demographic is responsible for more than 50% of all consumer spending, will control an estimated $30 trillion dollars in consumer spending power by 2030, and includes the massive boomer (age 60-78) generation already reshaping healthcare, retirement, money management, travel, leisure and sport - how will you build better products, design new user experiences, gain use case stakeholder buy-in, and in reality, impact your own future self?

The AgeTech AI Product Masterclass is a crash course with the goal to educate PM's, designers and business leaders on who the older adult consumer is and how to create better next-gen products, reimagine user experience and meet the needs of this powerful consumer segment. There's big business hiding in plain site.

Course Content:

The customer, the market, the opportunity:

- What the heck is 'AgeTech'?

- The longevity business opportunity

- Gain an understanding of the 60-plus demographic = context matters

- Intro to age-friendly AI product development lifecycle

- The future is goal-based and personalized

Business Alignment

- How to align product, design and business goals to land a top use case

- Metrics and KPI's that matter

- Navigating trade-offs

- and your voice of the customer

- Day one growth strategies


- Present day product development

- Common ideation pitfalls

- Addressing age bias as a first step

- Human - GenAI - LLM Ideation

Concept, Design and User Experience

- Specific problems for specific people

- Automating context and hyper-personalization

- 'Stage-of-Life' persona framework

- Iterating designs based on automated personas

- 'Personalization' CX framework

- Evaluate & iterate user interaction modalities

- Interaction barriers that exclude

- Humans in the loop & prompt crafting

Conversational AI

- Streamlining AI experiences with use cases, dialogues, training and test data

- Conversational AI & older adults

- Customer experience (CX) non-negotiables

- AI-enabling what?

- Reimagining search, discovery, purchase, onboarding

Bonus Material:

- Video recording of all live sessions available via Maven platform

- Course completion certificate

Who is this course for


Product managers looking to deepen skills, build something new, or iterate products purchased or used by older adult customers


Aspiring and seasoned designers who want to understand the older adult customer and learn skills to create excellent user experiences


AgeTech founders and startups. All product leaders recognizing older adults are a sizable buyer of most product categories.

What you’ll get out of this course

An understanding of the diverse older adult consumer

Foundational customer knowledge gleaned from research (census data, behaviorists, gerontologists, investment trends, age-related organizations, and more).

Age-inclusive frameworks for product fit and user experience design

Clarify customer personas and automate personalization

How to land a top use case that gets stakeholder buy-in

Specific actions needed to solve specific problems for specific people, and align with business goals!

When conversational AI makes sense

Conversational products need to make reaching a goal easier, faster and with less cognitive load. Gain foundational knowledge of conversation design and what to pay attention to when building conversational experiences for older adults

Incorporating AI into product roadmaps for age-friendly user experience

Do's and don'ts in streamlining AI experiences to reimagine user experience

Course syllabus

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    Meet your instructor

    Heidi Culbertson

    Heidi Culbertson

    Founder, AgeTech Entrepreneur, Conversational AI Leader, ex-Amazon

    Heidi Culbertson is an innovation expert with decades of experience pioneering new tech capabilities in startups and Fortune 10 comapnies. Heidi is a former Amazon Alexa PM, a sought-after keynote speaker and startup advisor, and was the founder of the award-winning AgeTech startup, Marvee, a conversational AI platform launched in 2015 and responsible for dozens of conversational experiences specifically designed for older adults.

    Honors and awards have included: Alexa Champion status, Top Leaders of Conversational AI, Voice AI Industry VIP, and Top 17 honors in Product & Voice Design. Heidi has also competed in multiple startup pitch competitions and been the keynote speaker at technology, aging, healthcare and startup events.

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    AgeTech AI Product Management Masterclass


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    Course schedule

    2-3 hrs per week
    • Wednesdays & Fridays (2 week cohort)

      60-minute live sessions with a mix of brief lectures, activities, and Q&A.

      I provide lesson handouts with key info, resources, and 6-month access to our live session recordings.

      No projects, just great content and opportunities to practice and apply

    • April 10 - (Session 1) Welcome & intro to AgeTech

      12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

    • April 12 - (Session 2) Landing a top use case

      12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

    • April 17 - (Session 3) Concept, design & product fit

      12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

    • April 19 - (Session 4) Incorporating AI

      12:00pm - 1:00pm EST

    • Video Recordings will be available

      All live online sessions will be video recorded and made available to watch/rewatch at your own pace via the Maven Student Portal.

      Thus, if you cannot attend the full time or need to drop off at any point, you can catch up and watch the video recording.

    • Refund Policy

      No refunds after the Maven Student Portal opens on April 8th, 2024 at 9am EST

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