Securing AI powered transformation - managing risk & supercharging productivity


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Generative AI is eating the world. You need to master it while protecting your data, defending against attacks, and staying compliant.

Course overview

After this course you will

Be equipped to enable your organization to embrace the power of generative AI while managing risks along the way. Whether you're dealing with privacy issues, improper data use, or teams building their own generative AI capabilities, we're going to cover how to integrate generative AI into your risk management, governance, and threat models.

Who is this course for


CISOs and GRC teams looking to empower and enable their organizations to innovate safely and securely.


Software development teams exploring ways to build and integrate AI-powered tools and bring their organizations into the future.


Professional services & consulting teams who are looking to advise their clients on the risks and opportunities of generative AI.

What you’ll get out of this course

Enumerate and assess the risks and opportunities

Describe the benefits and risks of generative AI in a way that is unique to your organization's industry, goals, and people. Build on this risk assessment to enable your organization.

Understand regulatory implications

Understand the regulatory and compliance implications of generative AI and how to incorporate it into third-party risk management programs.

Develop an actionable data governance plan

Incorporate generative AI into your organization's policy and governance structure.

Proactively communicate and engage

Communicate effectively with executives, auditors, regulators, and other stakeholders about your threat model, risks, policies, and more.

What people are saying

        Great insights and concrete advice for not only securing AI deployments but also balancing potential risks against the rewards of enhanced productivity and business value. The small group and interactive nature of the class means that everyone can contribute and learn from each other on a practical level. Highly recommended.
Mark Gill

Mark Gill

Information Security Manager, Toyota Finance Australia
        As a security practitioner grappling with the security challenges presented by widespread use of AI systems, I really needed this course. I had high hopes, and Walter and Rob delivered. Seamlessly moving from threat modeling to executive communication strategies, they are full-stack security experts. Don’t wait; sign up now.
Paola Garcia Cardenas

Paola Garcia Cardenas

 Platform Cybersecurity Engineer, Bixal
        Artificial Intelligence (AI) is already radically changing how organizations operate. The blazing pace of AI tool adoption, however, has the potential to put data confidentiality, integrity, and availability at risk. This course from industry leaders Robert Wood and Walter Haydock is essential to preemptively tackle these challenges.
Ross Haleliuk

Ross Haleliuk

Head of Product Management @ LimaCharlie, cybersecurity investor, and author of Venture in Security
        This course from security leaders Robert Wood and Walter Haydock is timely and desperately needed to help the cybersecurity industry stay ahead of this disruption brought about by generative AI and fulfill its long-desired goal of being a secure business enabler and collaborative partner.
Chris Hughes

Chris Hughes

CISO and Co-Founder @ Aquia, author of Software Transparency: Supply Chain Security in an Era of a Software-Driven Society
        From the day that I met him years ago, I could tell that Walter was a thoughtful cybersecurity practitioner. Since then, he has become an impressive thought leader on cybersecurity for AI. His course is bound to be valuable for anybody looking to deploy AI tools securely and effectively.
Rob Black, CISSP

Rob Black, CISSP

Founder and CEO @ Fractional CISO
        With the explosion of AI tool capability and usage, a hard look at the security, regulatory compliance, and privacy implications is desperately needed. Walter Haydock and Rob Wood are clear thought leaders in the space and this is a must-attend series for CISOs and GRC teams looking to build out their AI governance programs.
Allison Averill

Allison Averill

Vice President, Security and Infrastructure, Unusual Ventures

Course syllabus


Balancing risk and reward when using AI tools

  • Data protection and privacy risks associated with AI
  • Case studies of data leakage via AI tools
  • Implications for compliance frameworks (NIST cybersecurity, privacy, and AI risk management frameworks, ISO 27001, GDPR, etc.)


Establishing Data Governance to Protect and Enable Generative AI

  • Develop and implement an organizational policy
  • Map compliance framework controls
  • Integrate third-party risk management


Protecting AI Data Flows

  • Learn best practices when it comes to data classification
  • Understand how your threat model changes with AI.
  • Explore how to apply technical controls to manage risk.
  • Explore methods for training employees

Meet your instructor

Walter Haydock

Walter Haydock

CEO, StackAware

Walter Haydock is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of StackAware, which helps organizations manage cybersecurity, compliance, and privacy risks while harnessing AI for business growth.

He was previously a Director of Product Management at Privacera - a data governance startup backed by Accel and Insight Partners - as well as PTC - where he secured the company’s industrial IoT product lines.

Before entering the private sector, he served as a professional staff member for the Homeland Security Committee of the U.S. House of Representatives, as an analyst at the National Counterterrorism Center, and as a reconnaissance and intelligence officer in the Marine Corps.

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Securing AI powered transformation - managing risk & supercharging productivity


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Course schedule

7.5 hours
  • Full day workshop

    10:00am - 5:30pm ET

    10:00am-12pm Session 1

    12-1pm: Lunch

    1-3pm: Session 2

    3-3:15pm: Break

    3:15-5:15pm: Session 3

    5:15-5:30: Graduation

  • Final project

    By end of 2023

    Create a real risk management deliverable, like a:

    • Policy
    • Threat model
    • SOP revision

    Get 60 minutes of instructor review/consulting.

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Securing AI powered transformation - managing risk & supercharging productivity


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