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Build a high-ticket VIP offer that sells

2 Days


Cohort-based Course

In just 2 hours, you'll go from saying 'a dayrate would never work for me' to confidently selling a VIP offer that fits your lifestyle.

Hosted by

Hannah Lipschutz

Email strategist & conversion copywriter working with 7-figure ecomm businesses

Course overview

You've heard about the VIP offer everywhere. It seems cool, but:

→the standard 'day' just doesn't work for your lifestyle

→the pressure of a 1-day turnaround is enough to give you a migraine

→you have no idea how to structure it so it's a win for both you and your client

Get the clarity and confidence you need to launch a no-brainer offer.

Copywriters, you CAN make this happen, especially if,


You've been watching everyone else launch a VIP offer, and would love to have one yourself. (But how do you start?)


You want to make more, working less.

(And you know you could if only you knew how.)


You want to mix up your project workload. (Endless 5-month projects are getting to you.)

Stop spending hours on back-and-forth edits for projects that never end. Instead, you'll

Create a VIP offer that works for YOU

Package your offer so that it's attractive to both you and your client

Learn how to position your offer based on your experience

Onboard clients for the VIP offer with a clear process

Set the right boundaries so that you and your client gain the most of the VIP offer

Work when you want — and on your terms

Course schedule

2-hour masterclass + 1-hour get-it-done
  • Monday, December 5, 2022

    1:30 PM - 3:30 PM EST

    1.5-hour masterclass + 1/2-hour Q and A. We'll cover everything you need to know about creating your own high-ticket VIP offer.

  • Tuesday, December 6, 2022

    1:30PM - 2:30PM EST

    Get-it-done session. Time to get practical. You'll spend that hour putting together your offer and I'll be on hand for any questions.

"It's my favorite way to work these days"

        Because of your advice I've gone from "I could never do a VIP day" to "VIP offers are my favorite ways to work these days". They are so perfect for so many things, especially for those projects that include lots of little things and "How in heaven's name do I price this"?
Eliana Cline

Eliana Cline

B2B Website Copywriter
        Hannah has helped me figure out the ins and outs of my VIP service... and now it's one of my favorite offers! Hannah has an excellent grasp of VIP offers—from start to finish. Like how much can be done, how to price it, and when it's worth it to offer. She breaks it down in a very non-intimidating way that makes you feel like "Okay, I can do this!"
Adina Kaplan

Adina Kaplan

B2C Conversion Copywriter & Brand Strategist
        I invited Hannah to give a masterclass for my DesignPro course. Her class was excellent and engaging. The content was stellar, and it was so clearly and systematically delivered. Best of all, my students learned a lot and they were able to apply it practically. Hannah is a true expert, if you have the chance to learn from her, go for it!
Malky Schlesinger

Malky Schlesinger

Founder @ DesignPro
        When I began rolling out my VIP offers, Hannah supported me enormously. She helped guide me through the process and tweak it to best fit me. I love VIP days and haven't looked back!
Naomie Rubner

Naomie Rubner

Brand Strategist & Copywriter naomierubner.com
        I listened to your podcast episode and I want to say thanks! You were really clear and gave me a lot to think about. I love how you explained exactly what you do with the VIP offer, and you made it sound so simple.
Chavi Klein

Chavi Klein

Unboring Copywriter
        Hannah's presentation was super informative, chock full of value, and crystal clear. She covered a complex topic, yet I was left with not a single question. Hannah has intimate knowledge of everything copy & business, making it well worth your while to listen in.
Rochel Feldman

Rochel Feldman

Limelight Copy

Wait, who are you?

Hannah Lipschutz

Hannah Lipschutz

Hey 👋

I'm Hannah. After working as an email strategist and copywriter, I noticed something. All the big names in the industry had a VIP offer.

Why? Because VIP offer = more income in less time.

Naturally, I also wanted to create one, but I was stumped. The traditional dayrate model simply didn't work for me.

I couldn't handle the pressure of having to put 8 focused hours into one day PLUS I didn't even have the available hours for it in my daily schedule.

So I forgot about it and continued working with projects and edits that took forever.

Until I realized something.

What if I switched out the dayrate for a VIP offer AKA an offer according to MY terms?

Who said it has to be 1 day? It could be 2, it could be 3, it could be a week. And guess what? It could be a month too.

I started offering this service to clients and the demand was astonishing. Not only for people who wanted their work done quickly but for a host of other reasons too.

After coaching other copywriters and helping them create a VIP offer that works for THEM, I felt that more people needed to know how to put this together.

So now I want to share what I know with you.

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Build a high-ticket VIP offer that sells

Block out 2-3 hours and walk away with a custom plan for a high-ticket VIP offer ready to sell. Here's what we'll cover:


Stop calling it a dayrate. Start calling it a VIP offer.

We're going to peel back everything you thought you knew on how a dayrates 'should' work. I'll show you how a VIP offer isn't what everyone else is offering, it's about how to make it work for you. You'll learn the different offer types and what works best for different clients and projects.


How to actually put this thing together

We'll cover how to structure your VIP offer so you fit in strategy + writing. You'll get step-by-step instructions for an easy onboarding and offboarding experience that sets clear expectations and boundaries. We'll map out every part of the process, so you know what to do at every stage of the way.


Get your marketing roadmap. How do you sell a VIP offer so it's attractive to both you and your client?

Having a VIP offer is not enough. You also need to know how to position it, how to sell it, and WHO to sell it to. Spoiler alert: VIP clients are not just those who want fast turnaround times


Design your own VIP offer

Let's turn theory into practical. We'll work together to create a custom VIP offer and package that fits your lifestyle.

Got questions? I've got answers!

What happens if I can’t make it to the live session?
I can't be creative on-demand. Can I still create such an offer?
What if I'm a beginner?
I'm a slow worker. Can I still create a VIP offer?
I already offer a dayrate. Will this help me?
Is this only for copywriters?
Will this teach me how to turn my business model into offering only VIP offers?
Can you give this class to my private mastermind?
I've got more questions!
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Build a high-ticket VIP offer that sells