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Course Creation Accelerator

6 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Create and sell your premium online course with the 1:1 support of a 10-year course producer on your team.

Hosted by

Gwen Aussem

Co-creator of 80+ courses with authors, tech companies, in-demand experts.

Course overview

Create *the* course that becomes the cornerstone of your business revenue.

In the 6-week accelerator you'll learn the step-by-step process to create your premium flagship course AND receive the 1:1 feedback, accountability and implementation support from Gwen to launch with confidence.

You'll go through the accelerator with a small group of talented experts, for additional accountability, learning and support.

Who is this course for


The In-Demand Professional

You've great at what you do. You've wanted to create a course for years, but it's been on the backburner.


The Popular Creator

You're an influencer who currently relies on sponsorship as income. Time to own your ability to generate income


The Trusted Company

You're an agency or small team eager to scale your education with a paid course or free academy.

The outcomes you can expect:

Save money and time.

Instead of hiring an agency or a full-time course producer, work with me for a 6-week sprint to create and sell your signature course.

Your course curriculum and content is done!

Decisions and design for the curriculum, course format, worksheets, community, assignments have been created. Using Gwen's tested templates and teachings will help you accelerate the process.

Your course is available for purchase.

Course enrollment is open and you're making sales (easily paying off the investment in this course).

You can officially start teaching when it's right for you, but you can start accepting sales now.

You're selling a course you're excited to market (with a plan).

On average you'll have a 2% enrollment rate with your audience. Based on your launch goals, you'll design and execute a promotion plan that helps you achieve your goal.

Student testimonials and rave reviews.

An essential course is the transformational work that will change the course of a students' life. The testimonials and rave reviews are a natural bi-product.

Scalable, repeatable business revenue!

The Essential Course is intended to become the cornerstone of your business revenue. Launch, learn and continue to improve and scale your your education business.

What past course creation clients are saying

        "Gwen was absolutely essential to our success. If you want to build not just a course, but a great course, she should be your very first call. I won't produce a new course without her." 
Sarah Stockdale

Sarah Stockdale

CEO & Creator of Growclass
        "I am convinced that the Universe sent Gwen to me. I was getting really frustrated because I was seeing this gap in the market for effective legal help, but I didn’t know how to start. So I kept putting my program on the backburner...and then I met Gwen. Thank God." 
Andrea Henry

Andrea Henry

Lawyer and Creator of The Secure Startup
        I would 100% recommend working with Gwen as you create and launch your course! You are direct and are so committed to our success! You also have more experience than most people out on the market and that speaks volumes!
Komal Minhas

Komal Minhas

Creator of The Next Right Step Course + Oprah’s #SuperSoul100
        "Gwen is a joy to work with, and a rare gem in this industry. Not only is she an outstanding course producer, she operates at the highest level of integrity and I can guarantee you will not find someone better to work with to turn your expertise into a thriving course."
Natalie MacNeil

Natalie MacNeil

Emmy Award Winning Media Entrepreneur, Creator of The Media Method

Past course creation employers and collaborators:

Past course creation employers and collaborators:

Meet your instructor

Gwen Aussem

Gwen Aussem

Creator of Essential Course Accelerator

Hi, I'm Gwen Aussem (formerly Gwen Elliot) and I’m excited to work with you! In the last 10+ years, I’ve co-created courses with publishing houses, billion-dollar tech companies, influential public figures and hidden-gem experts with millions of dollars generated and over a million students enrolled worldwide.

Course syllabus


Prepare to Succeed (Now -> Course Start, March 20th, 2023)

  • Book initial 1:1 call with Gwen. We'll work together to create your course offer and outline, and make the essential decisions to succeed in the program.
  • Start prepping calendar and time to devote majority of work focus to your course in March
  • Get started now! All templates to begin course creation are available.


Week 1: Pre-Sales & Positioning (March 20th)

You'll decide on your pricing, how to position your course to be an easy-buy for students and open pre-enrollment for your course.


Week 2: Product Part I: Course Curriculum (March 27th)

You'll learn how to create your course curriculum (including activities, hands on learning exercises, learning objectives).


Week 3: Product Part II: Content Creation (April 3rd)

You'll focus on creating the supplementary content (worksheets, live trainings) to support learning objectives.


Week 4: Production - Video, Audio, Live Teaching, Text (April 10th)

You'll learn how to produce your course to the level you desire. You have complete access to Gwen's contacts for intros to studios, agencies and individuals to help produce your content.


Week 5: People & Promotion (April 17th)

You'll discover how to become a magnet for your ideal students and create a promotion plan to reach your initial course sales goal.


Week 6: Post-Course Launch (April 24th)

What's next? Develop a plan to keep your energy, creativity and sales momentum going after launching your course.

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • 1:1 Work Session with Gwen Before Program Officially Begins

    You'll receive a Calendly Link to Book

    We'll book our kickstart call before the program officially begins to make the key decisions to succeed in the course (launch date, type of course, course curriculum overview, ideal students, support you need to launch).

  • Mondays: Micro-training and Weekly Focus


    Receive and review recorded micro training and checklist, assignment and suggested milestones for the week. Weekly check-in via email with Gwen. 

  • Tuesday: Course and Content Creation

    Suggested: 9am -12pm

    Focus on creating the week’s suggested content (i.e. curriculum, worksheet downloads, script, trailer video). You choose your time slot based on your availability.

  • Wednesday: Live Q&A Group Call 


    Attend Live Q&A Group Call with Gwen (12-1:30pm EST). If you have team members they are welcome to attend.

  • Thursday: Content Review Day

    9am - 5pm

    Course curriculum and content review day. Submit any content you’d like Gwen to review. This can include everything from sales pages to worksheets, course curriculum to video content.

  • Friday: Implementation and Email AMA with Gwen

    9am - 5pm

    After receiving review feedback from Gwen, make the edits and implement the feedback that resonates. This is also the perfect day to email Gwen with any questions to help you make progress.

This is not your average course about how to make a course!

This is not your average course about how to make a course!


Gwen is your course coach and implementation support for the duration of the course. No question will go unanswered during the course.

Outcome-focused projects and milestones

Your goal is to create a course that becomes the cornerstone of your business income. All activities and exercises in the course are focused on achieving this outcome.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who are dedicated to creating and launching their essential course alongside you.

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