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Cohort-based Course

Twitter Growth, Guaranteed. We help CEOs, Creators, Founders and Entrepreneurs build and monetize 100,000+ high-value audiences.

Course overview

Build an Engaged Twitter Audience in 28 Days

Audience = Money and Message

The bigger your audience, the more opportunities and reach you'll have.

In the Twitter Growth Community, you'll build a profile that's a magnet for growth, write viral content and turn Twitter into a consistent revenue stream in a few minutes per day.

Join the cohort if:


You like the idea of building a Massive Audience of loyal high-value followers who hang onto your every word.


You want to use Twitter to Build Brand Awareness, increase sales, and take social media by storm.


You want to Stop Wasting Your Time figuring Twitter out on your own.

What you’ll get out of this course

Build Your Unlimited Content Engine

We dive deep into building a writing system that will keep you creative, inspired and writing content that builds a fiercely loyal audience. By the end of the cohort, you will be more motivated than ever to write. And, you're going to write better than you ever have before.

Expand Your Audience (Rapidly)

You'll use your new writing system to publish authoritative tweets and threads that go viral and explode your audience rapidly and consistently. There's an art and science behind writing tweets and threads that go viral. We'll teach you both.

The Secret Behind Forming Relationships

Twitter is a Social Media App, after all. We'll show you proven copy-and-paste methods to connect with highly-successful influencers and founders on Twitter to build powerful networks. A good network will 10x your audience and your life.

Real-Time Feedback

Our live sessions are discussions, not boring lectures. You'll get live, real-time feedback on your profile, your tweets and all course material. Ask questions and get instant answers during our Q&A sessions without having to wait.

Access to Our Growth Community ($249 value)

All students get free access to our Twitter growth community of founders, CEOs and social influencers to continue learning in a supportive online community while continuing to interact with each of us.

A 10x recovery of the cost of the cohort

With the skills you'll learn, we're confident you'll earn 10x the cost of the cohort within a year. Your creativity, inspiration and content-quality will skyrocket. The friends you add to your network inside and outside the cohort will keep you driven, motivated and performing.

Fun and Games

Each session we'll give you assignments to complete and here's where the fun begins. Complete your assignments to be eligible for prizes valued at $3,000.

Weekly Office Hours

One or more of the instructors will be available during office hours every week to personally jump on a Zoom call to help in any way that you need.

Let them tell you

        Clint, Kurtis, and Steve were fantastic. They brought nothing but their "A" game and did not hold back. I was blown away with the content and the value. They also assembled an amazing cohort of creators. The networking alone was more than worth the price of the course.  
Eric Freeze

Eric Freeze

Cohort 1, grew 696%!
        This cohort was a true game-changer for me! Their expert guidance and support helped me significantly increase my Twitter following and engagement. The top-notch community, was always available to help, answer questions, and provide professional guidance.
Samantha Postman

Samantha Postman

Cohort 1, +2,235 followers!
        I grew my follower count 40% in 30 days. Not only did I experience tremendous growth, but also had more engagement with my audience.  I highly recommend taking this course and just do exactly what they say for killer results!
Alan Corey

Alan Corey

Cohort 1, +4,831 followers!
        This was AMAZING! Steve, Kurtis & Clint flow effortlessly together and I personally loved their respective insights and perspectives. Each class was packed with so much value, The community culture that they have established is supportive and so inspirational. I am truly honored to be in this community!
Graciela Moore

Graciela Moore

Cohort 1, 3,489 followers
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Twitter Growth Community


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Meet your instructors

Steve Adcock

Steve Adcock

Branding Expert

I built a 257,000+ following in less than two years by using branding and content strategies that work.

I have helped hundreds of Twitter profiles build authoritative brands that are trusted and credible, leading to 100x more sales and huge success on Twitter and other social platforms.

Growth on any social media platform is easy once you understand how it works. I'm here to show you exactly how.

Connect with Steve: @SteveOnSpeed

Clint Murphy

Clint Murphy

Content Wizard

Clint began taking Twitter seriously in August 2021 as a means to promote his Podcast.

He soon fell in love with Twitter, writing, and content creation in general and pursued it like he does everything - with intensity.

Since then, he's added 320,000+ followers, with over 270,000 of them coming since 2022.

Over that time, he's spent thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours studying how to write content that will help you grow exponentially and he's ready to share it.

Connect with Clint: @IAmClintMurphy

Kurtis Hanni

Kurtis Hanni

Systems Guru

2 years ago, I hated social media. But a podcast doesn't promote itself, so I rejoined social media to promote it.

In moving from consumer to creator, I became obsessed with the process of building a brand, creating systems and growing a business.

In less than a year, I built a 175,000+ following and started a Fractional CFO Consulting firm with leads exclusively from my Twitter audience.

My goal is to help others do the same.

Connect with Kurtis: @KurtisHanni

Course syllabus


Your Brand

We'll teach you to create a profile that converts visitors into followers and then help you do it.

We'll teach you to use your banner as a business card and your bio as an elevator pitch.



You'll learn how to write Tweets that will:

  • Demonstrate your authority
  • Engage your audience
  • Share your story

You'll also learn how to use these three methods to create a money making machine.


Unlimited Content Engine

The Content Engine techniques you'll learn will focus on the macro and the micro.

You'll Zoom Out and create a Content Flywheel that will allow you to create content and monetize it.

You'll also learn to Zoom In to identify your content niche(s), find questions your audience wants answered and how to viralize it.



Threads are how you'll grow on Twitter.

We'll teach you to write threads that:

  • Grab your audience
  • Show your value
  • Go viral

You won't have to choose between Value and Virality - You'll get both.



Twitter is a Social Media App, let's not forget that.

When it comes to your content, there are three things that matter:

1 - What you say

2 - How you say it

3 - How you share it

We'll teach you how to build a world class network that will allow your content to reach a wider audience and help you grow personally and professionally.


Own Your Real Estate

Twitter is the best Social Media App, bar none, but

You do not own Twitter - Elon does.

We will teach you how to take your content off Twitter and own it:

  • Repurpose content
  • Launch a podcast
  • Build a newsletter
  • Build an email list

These are the tools that will take you from a renter to an owner.


Tools of the Trade

Creating on Twitter can be time-consuming and frustrating.

But the right tools can simplify and speed up your creation process.

We'll show you the best tools and how to utilize them for maximum impact.


Bring it Together

We will help you bring it all together.

You'll have live classrooms with Steve, Clint and Kurtis.

You'll receive handouts, pre-recorded videos, templates and tools.

Each week, we'll have an opportunity for you to do assignments and win prizes valued between $150 and $450 with a total prize pool valued at $1,500+

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    6:00pm - 8:00pm PST

    For four weeks, on Tuesday and Thursday nights, you will have live classroom time for 90 minutes + 30 minute Q&A.

  • June 6th to June 29th

    We will start the first Tuesday in June and end on June 29th.

    In addition to weekly live classrooms, we will also have an ongoing online community.

  • Weekly Projects

    2 hours per week

    In between sessions, we'll give you assignments to level up.

    Assignments will also give you the opportunity to win prizes each session.

  • Bonus Saturday Sessions

    7am PST each Saturday

    Join us for bonus sessions on Saturday led by expert instructors to learn valuable skills like:

    • crafting your offer
    • selling high-ticket offers
    • write unlimited content with AI

What people are saying

        Clint and Kurtis have been so instrumental in my growth. They were able to turn scrambled ideas into clear concise thoughts I was able to turn into engaging tweets. So thankful to have crossed paths and I didn't waste a second absorbing their knowledge.
Chad | Money Matters

Chad | Money Matters

        I've grown my twitter from 10k to 70k in about 3 months. I could not have done it without Clint, Steve and Kurtis.
Andrew Lokenauth

Andrew Lokenauth

        Kurtis & Steve were an absolute dream to work with in the early days of growing my account. Within 2 weeks of working with them I grew my account from 400 followers to over 25,000.
Anthony Disney

Anthony Disney

        Great cohort! Kurtis, Clint and Steve shared extremely valuable information and attracted a community far better than I have seen so far. I have no doubt that their methods and tips will get you results.
Joey de Wit

Joey de Wit

Cohort 1, grew 32.12%!
        That is one of the best cohorts I've been into. Kurtis, Chris and Steve made huge effort to make this the best investment possible. Amazing content, amazing people and super motivated and supportive community, amazing teachers with a ton of cumulative experience. Do not think twice - it is a must-buy course, with every cent spent and a ROI of 500%
Serge Kuznetsov

Serge Kuznetsov

Cohort 1, +1612 followers!
        The best course and networking group that I've been a part of. Twitter Growth Community is a true community of great people.
Ty | Other Kinds of Money

Ty | Other Kinds of Money

Cohort 1, grew 54.80%!
        These guys aren't telling you everything. They say they'll 'help' you get qualified followers but they also helped me: - find a supportive community - The reason I have clarity on the platform - simplified Twitter growth levers without feeling grimey and its ALL their fault. They genuinely want to see you succeed and overdelivered everyday. Thanks!
Nichole Morris

Nichole Morris

Cohort 1, grew 569%!
        This cohort was so fun and educational at the same time! Met so many great people and connected with them! I would highly recommend this for anyone looking to start growing on twitter This cohort is literally a shortcut for you if you want results.
Kunal Shah

Kunal Shah

Cohort 1, +638 followers!
        This community is the bomb! Clint, Kurtis, and Steve are all fantastic and so generous with their time, support, and most of all, their enthusiasm for helping you grow. Highly recommend this course, this community, and Clint + Kurtis + Steve!
Yong-Soo Chung

Yong-Soo Chung

Cohort 1, +3054 followers!
        This course exceeds the value for the price. I saved myself at least a year or more of time learning all the ins and outs from the Twitter Mavens.
KP Powers, PhD

KP Powers, PhD

Cohort 1, grew 103%!
        This course was a phenomenal learning experience! From learning from Kurtis, Clint, and Steve, to the support of everyone who participated in this community. This is, without a doubt, a great investment of time and money.
Matt Viera

Matt Viera

Cohort 1, grew 91.59%!
        This course was one of the best courses ever. I love how we could break out into groups and talk about our struggles and progress. I felt connected to the leaders of the group as well. It's by far one of the best courses out.
Ahmad Austin

Ahmad Austin

Cohort 1, grew 139%!

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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