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Cohort-based Course

The complexity of oppression, how we internalize it, and how we collectively find liberation

Hosted by

Nakia Winfield (she/her) and Devyn Harris (they/she)

Course overview

Butterfly Effects

An 8-week-long experiential journey to help you analyze power, connect to your body, anchor in your humanity, and find ways of authentically engaging in antiracist work that leave you exhilarated instead of exhausted.

Who is this course for


Is your anti-racism journey feeling stagnant?


Are you grappling with anxiety at just the thought of another conversation about racism?


Does judgment and perfectionism impede authentic connection in your activist community?

Topics covered

Noticing our Bodies

Slowing down, rediscovering our relationship with our physical selves, and intentionally tending to our bodies

Patterns of Power

Analyzing the patterns and complexity of power dynamics and how we internalize them

Building Frameworks

Unlearning our unconscious beliefs practices that uphold white supremacy and keep us from connection to the humanity in ourselves and in others

Moving Forward

Developing tools, and cultivating grace to move beyond our fears and into human connection, love and co-creation

Finding Footing

Bringing ourselves into balance, our practices into alignment and engaging in right relationship with the world around us

Creating Community

Having a sense of belonging, people to love us, anchor us, celebrate us, and call us in when we stray, are the biggest indicators of whether we will be able to continue to do the the hard work of making the world a better place

See what people are saying

        As a white woman who has done some of that work, I got to a place where I had more questions and wanted to talk to people but I heard often not to ask my Black friends or coworkers because it wasn't their job to teach me… it allows someone like me to grow and do better without using up space that is not mine to use."


        ...Nakia blends a strong systems and power analysis that helps participants gain clarity in discerning patterns of oppression so we can begin to unlearn and dismantle them internally and communally. She integrates this with ritual that helps folks slow down and connect to begin building the relationships that are core to sustaining this work."
Nicole Meitzen

Nicole Meitzen

Licenced Clinical Social Worker
        Devyn is a wise and tender facilitator who skillfully guides groups through processes of community creation. Her courageous style and expansive inquiry encourage deep dives, shepherding groups beyond their comfort zones with poise while honoring the group's safety and encouraging curiosity. I’ve only ever seen people moved by her midwifery.
Cathy-Mae Karelse, PhD

Cathy-Mae Karelse, PhD

Founder of Clear Mind International
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Meet your guides

Nakia Winfield (she/her)

Nakia Winfield (she/her)

Nakia has had the grace and honor to be a resource trainer with the People’s Institute for Survival and Beyond- best known for the Undoing Racism Training, & has done consulting work across the US- from the City of Austin's Equity Office, to non-profits, state mental health funders and beyond.

You will receive the benefits of Nakia's experience as a policy analyst, an HR professional, a social worker, a Liberating Structures practitioner, an organizer and a leadership coach.

Devyn Harris (they/she)

Devyn Harris (they/she)

As a love warrior, Devyn Harris is in this world to support healing through love. They are a queer mental health coach, massage therapist, facilitator, organizer/activist, artist, she believes compassion, grace, and connection are the keys to healing change both in our own bodies and in the world. She offers tools to realize our body's innate ability to heal trauma, connect with love and our ancestral wisdom, guiding folks to rise above reactions and stay centered through the complexities of life, bringing in compassion and forgiveness throughout the journey.

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Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Actively learning, not passively spectating

This course uses Liberating Structures- easy-to-learn microstructures that enhance relational coordination and trust. They quickly foster lively participation in groups of any size, making it possible to truly include everyone.

Learn with a cohort of peers

This work needs all of us. Collaborate with other people seeking to make a better world- learning from and with co-conspirators on your antiracist journey.

Create a community

This work is long term. We invite you to join a network of people with whom you can get and give advice, comfort, grace, and accountability as you continue on your path to being better humans.

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