Go-to-Market with Confidence

5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Build a defensible go-to-market strategy that drives meaningful pipeline and revenue for your SaaS.

Course overview

Go-to-Market with Confidence

Gain leadership buy-in and buyer trust with a GTM strategy designed to increase sales velocity, win rate and team confidence.

In 30-days, you'll craft a go-to-market strategy your ICP will fall in love with.

Ideal for revenue professionals in the following job functions:

- Marketing Managers

- Product Marketing

- Senior AEs / Sales Managers

- Marketing CMOs, VPs and Directors

- Sales CROs, VPs and Directors

Enrollment grants access to the 30-Day GTM Challenge; a fun competition where you'll earn rewards by reaching success milestones throughout the course 🎁

This course is for you if...


You're a marketing or sales leader tasked with (co)-owning GTM strategy at your company.


Prioritising, sequencing and allocating funds for revenue programs is a hassle in your company.


You want to generate more pipeline and revenue every time your prospects interact with your brand.

Master key fundamentals to drive GTM strategy with purpose

Calculate market size and TAM with precision

Learn how to calculate the size of your market and total addressable market with pin-point accuracy.

Achieve true marketing, sales and leadership alignment

Build a shared target account list for all revenue teams to work from.

Craft messages which resonate with your ICP

Discover the value props that move the needle for your business and discard the rest.

Increase win rate across all competitive deals

Leverage key differentiators to deposition competitors and shift market narratives in your favour.

Revamp your pricing & packaging strategy

Run sophisticated market surveys to inform current and future pricing.

Create, capture and convert demand with purpose

Learn how to identify, prioritise and sequence GTM programs designed to drive qualified pipeline and revenue.

What people say about David...

        DJ is one of the most dynamic, accomplished, strategic marketers I have ever had the chance to work with. He built and led multiple teams that were high-performing and cohesive groups, critical to our business success, and he did so with an amazing lead-by-example mentality.
Kevan Lee

Kevan Lee

VP, Marketing
        I had the pleasure of working together with David for a few months and in that time I was blown away by his expertise and knowledge in all things GTM. He proposed a number of strategies and tactics that produced amazing results and greatly improved everything from SERP, conversion rate, and sales. Cannot possibly recommend anyone more!
Jonathan Chan

Jonathan Chan

Marketing Strategist and Consultant

Meet your mentor

David Oragui

David Oragui

Founder & CEO at Grow Hack Scale

I help go-to-market leaders and revenue professionals solve unique growth challenges.

Having led content, growth and product marketing at some of the world's fastest growing SaaS companies — I've seen firsthand how sales, marketing and leadership misalignment around GTM strategy stifles business growth, costing millions and drives employee turnover.

This course is designed to help busy revenue professionals bridge that gap as they create a GTM strategy their entire company can get behind.


David Oragui is the founder and CEO of Grow Hack Scale — The GTM Design Company, with a mission to educate, inspire and empower the next generation of go-to-market professionals.

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Go-to-Market with Confidence


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Course syllabus


Calculate your market size & TAM

You will learn how to calculate your total addressable market and identify the size of your market.

Free Bonuses:

  • Master GTM Strategy Builder
  • TAM Calculator


Building a shared target account list

You will build an enriched target account list for all your GTM teams to engage and convert.

Free Bonus:

  • Target Account List Template formatted and importable into SFDC, HubSpot etc


Craft messages which resonate with your ICP

You will craft 5-7 core messages and get feedback in real-time from your audience.

Free Bonus:

  • Messaging Resonance Framework


Deposition your competitors

You will build on your product's competitive positioning with differentiators your sales team can use in any scenario.

Free Bonus:

  • Competitive Intelligence Flashcards


Identify your ideal pricing & packaging

You will run several pricing surveys and make 3 recommendations to your leadership team.

Free Bonus:

  • Van Westendorp Pricing Analysis


Solidify your growth motion and levers

You will choose the best growth motion and levers to pull for the short & medium term.

Free Bonus:

  • Growth Motion & Lever Matrix


Activate your ICP & GTM Sequencing

You will build a definitive list of go-to-market activities you'll prioritise, according to your current goals and objectives.

Free Bonuses:

  • ICP Activation Quiz
  • RICE/ICE Prioritisation Matrix
  • Ultimate List of GTM Activities Cheatsheet


Build your Growth Model

You will build a growth model and financial forecast based on your activities, goals and objectives

Free Bonus:

  • Growth Model & GTM Forecast Builder


Presentation Day! 🎉

You will present your GTM strategy plan to your cohort, or in private with your instructor and receive detailed feedback

Course schedule

2-4 hours per week
  • Course Introduction

    September 1st 2023 — 3:00pm - 4:00pm BST

    Introduction to Go-to-Market with Confidence and The 30-Day GTM Challenge. Meet and greet your instructor and the peers you'll be working with over the next 30 days.

  • Guided, self-paced projects

    1-2 hours per week

    Build your GTM strategy with short, digestible lessons you can consume on demand. Implement the learnings on real-life projects you're already tasked with in your current role.

  • Weekly Live Q&As (Optional)

    1 hour per week

    Join our weekly, live Q&A sessions to get answers to your burning questions on GTM strategy, sales and marketing execution, budget planning, hiring, PLG and anything inbetween.

  • 1:1s with David

    30 minutes per week

    Book time with me to walk-through your strategy and challenges in private, get personalised advice on your terms.

Earn rewards as you progress through the Go-to-Market with Confidence program

Earn rewards as you progress through the Go-to-Market with Confidence program

30-Day GTM Challenge

Earn exciting rewards when you complete key milestones

Access Premium Software

Get access to the necessary tools and software for building a compelling GTM strategy.

Private Growth Club Community

Get 1 month unlimited access to Growth Club — our community for GTM experts to learn and grow in their careers

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Go-to-Market with Confidence


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