A Christian Approach to Generative AI


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Cohort-based Course

This foundational workshop is designed for people who would like to explore AI from a Christian perspective.

Course overview

AI is here and how can you use it to cultivate hope in your life and our world?

Are you intrigued by the possibilities of Generative Artificial Intelligence but confused about how to get started with this quickly evolving and pervasive technology? Are you concerned about its possible downsides and would like to grow in how your faith can inform this emerging technology? Do you want to start using AI facilitated by a thought leader in Faith and Work with others to hear how they intend to use AI in their lives? If so, this course is tailored just for you!

There are a quickly growing number of courses on AI, yet this hands-on workshop will uniquely bridge theology into practice as we consider how this technology can be cultivated to bring hopeful creativity and productivity into our world.

Who is this course for


Hopeful Learners - Anyone who is curious about AI but finds it confusing or overwhelming. The course makes this complex topic accessible.


Imaginative Christians. The course will explore how a Christian imagination can affect how to use this powerful technology.


Church Leaders - Ministry and lay leaders would benefit from developing a thoughtful Christian framework around emerging technology.

What you’ll get out of this course

A Distinctive Faith-Centered Approach

Gain a biblical framework for thinking about AI technology. The course will provide theological grounding through exploring themes like the cultural mandate, living in the 'already but not yet,' and future hope.

Hope-Oriented Foundations

While not being naive about AI's possible negative uses and ramifications, we will approach AI from the hope that it can be a tool for good and positive impact.

 Applied Knowledge

Become functionally literate in AI by setting up accounts with leading AI services like ChatGPT and Dall-E. The course will walk through the basics of getting started with these tools. You'll leave this workshop using your new-found knowledge right away!

Imagining Future Possibilities

Explore how AI can lead you to imagine future possibilities for the work that you do. Develop an ethical imagination for how to direct AI towards serving the common good and reflecting God's glory. The course will facilitate critical reflection on AI's risks and benefits.

Course syllabus

1 live session
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    Dec 4

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      Dec Workshop

      Mon, Dec 4, 4:00 PM - 6:30 PM UTC


(4 ratings)

What students are saying

Meet your instructor

Rev. Dr. David Kim

Rev. Dr. David Kim

David Kim is the CEO and co-founder of Goldenwood, a non-profit that aims to cultivate a new vision for work. Over the past three decades, David has advised hundreds of leaders and teams in the private, public, and nonprofit sectors, working with organizations like LinkedIn to the Vatican.

With more than 15 years of experience integrating faith and work, David has held prominent roles such as Executive Director of the Center for Faith & Work, Director of the Gotham Fellowship, and editor of the NIV Faith and Work Bible. Through these positions, he has addressed major institutions and churches worldwide to help leaders see how their faith transforms their approach to work.

David brings this extensive background in faith-based vision to stewarding AI's possibilities through a hope-filled, humanizing approach. He has run conferences on faith and technology, written on a Christian perspective of AI technology, and serves on the advisory board of AI & Faith. By drawing on his expertise cultivated across diverse domains, David aims to cultivate a hopeful approach to generative AI that elevates human dignity and imagination.

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A Christian Approach to Generative AI


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Course Offering

2.5 hours
  • Live Zoom sessions

    11am - 1:30pm EST

    This foundational workshop will be offered a few times each year.

    There will be about one hour of preparation in addition to the 2.5-hour workshop.

  • Nov 1, 2023

    11:00-1:30 EST

    This is our first offering in Q4.

  • Dec 1, 2023

    11:00-1:30 EST

    This is our second offering in Q4.

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A Christian Approach to Generative AI


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