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Cohort-based Course

Use the step-by-step approach I developed at Netflix to craft a product vision, align around strategy, and hold product teams accountable.

Course overview

Become a "go-to" product leader as you learn to define a product strategy.

A well-defined product strategy accelerates your career. It improves your odds of success. It inspires teams. In this highly interactive, case-based workshop, you'll work with peers to define a complete product strategy using tools you can apply to your own product.

This workshop is for product leaders with at least four years of experience.


You're a consumer or enterprise product leader.


You're in a product management, engineering, design, or data role.


You're a founder in a startup or Head of Product at any stage of a company.

Apply proven tools, models, and frameworks to define a product strategy in a step-by-step way.


You'll define what your product or service is, the benefit you'll deliver to customers, along with the "personality" of your product.


You'll articulate the brand promise and "something bigger" your product aspires to deliver in the long term.

Product Vision

The GLE model (Get big, Lead, Expand) helps you to outline a series of steps for how your product will "dent the universe" in the long term.


You'll learn to outline product strategies using the DHM model to "Delight customers in Hard-to-copy, Margin-enhancing ways" to deliver both customer and shareholder value.


You'll prioritize three factors-- Growth, Engagement, and Monetization -- to build alignment across all functions within your company.


You'll align Strategies, Metrics, and Tactics. You'll identify proxy metrics for each of your product strategies and then assign tactics to each strategy.

Rolling 4-quarter Roadmap

You'll build a roadmap, demonstrating how your product strategies will come to life, over time.

Quarterly Product Strategy Meeting

We'll simulate a modern-day Quarterly Product Strategy Meeting, demonstrating how Netflix defines and debates product strategy on an ongoing basis.

Gib has hosted 40 product strategy workshops in the last two years. His average NPS is 73 (70 = world-class). Here's what folks say:

        The audience at the Habit Summit LOVED Gib! He was not only knowledgeable and well-prepared, but he was also engaging and funny. Gib is simply fantastic, and I highly recommend working with him if you have the chance.”
Nir Eyal

Nir Eyal

Author of "Hooked," speaker and consultant.
        Gib’s strategy session was the best-attended, highest-rated, and most referenced event in our 2-day Product Management Conference. Our team of 300+ Product Managers felt the material was both tangible and highly relevant. They especially appreciated Gib's candid, engaging style.
John Shapiro

John Shapiro

Head of Product & Design, Wayfair
        Gib's "Foundrs" product strategy workshop for top founders from London/Silicon Valley was a huge success, with fantastic feedback on how the workshop built alignment around positioning, branding, strategy, and metrics. Plus a big shout-out for Gib's engaging style & ability to bring ideas to life using Netflix cases."
Phoebe Gormley

Phoebe Gormley

Events Manager at Foundrs
        Gibson taught a 1-hour version of this course as part of my own PM course, and people couldn't stop raving about it. I highly recommend Gib's workshop."
Lenny Rachitsky

Lenny Rachitsky

Writer, Investor, Advisor;
        I have been in enterprise software my entire career. Gib's proven approach to product strategy has helped my teams accelerate progress both within the company and with key customers. I highly recommend Gib's product strategy workshops."
John Dawes

John Dawes

Product Lead, Square
        I highly recommend Gib’s product strategy training. He has run workshops at Coursera multiple times - each highly engaging for our teams. He is structured in his thinking helps teams get focused on what matters most."
John Ciancutti

John Ciancutti

Chief Product Officer, Coursera
        Gib’s product leadership workshops are outstanding for both new and seasoned product leaders. With topics from personalization to balancing innovation and optimization, Gib has facilitated and elevated meaningful cross-functional conversations at Rent the Runway. Learning from Gib’s experience always leaves our team inspired."
Brooke Brown

Brooke Brown

SVP Product / Subscription, Rent the Runway
        Gib’s workshops always deliver. He presents real-world case studies in an engaging and insightful way. One hour with Gib is worth a lifetime of experience."
Tom Willerer

Tom Willerer

Chief Product Officer, Opendoor

Your instructors

Gibson Biddle (Instructor)

Gibson Biddle (Instructor)

Former VP/CPO at both Netflix & Chegg

Starting in 2005, Gib was the VP of Product at Netflix. In 2010 he joined Chegg, the textbook rental and homework company that went public in 2014. Over the last five years, Gib has been an interim CPO to NerdWallet, Life360, and Metromile, helping all three to go public. He was also a guest lecturer at Stanford and INSEAD.

Gib's favorite activity is teaching outside the classroom. Over the last two years, he hosted 40 virtual product strategy workshops, using a unique set of tools to create highly engaging experiences that inspire learning and keep product leaders at the edge of their seats.

Gib's "How to Define Your Product Strategy" and "Branding for Builders" series on Medium have more than 30,000 claps, and his free "Ask Gib" product newsletter has 25,000 subscribers.

Gib splits time between San Francisco and Bend, Oregon.

Eric Bin (Course Manager)

Eric Bin (Course Manager)

Former Product Management Leader at Procurify, Clio, & Article.

Complementing Gib's experience in consumer tech, Eric brings 20 years of experience across B2B SaaS, e-commerce & marketplaces as he implemented and scaled product teams at Amazon, Clio, Article & Procurify.

Eric lives in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Jackie Bavaro (Coach)

Jackie Bavaro (Coach)

Former Head of Product Management at Asana

Jackie Bavaro has over 15 years of product management experience, most recently as Head of PM at Asana. During her tenure, she grew the PM team to over twenty people, helped Asana go from 0 to more than $100 million in annual recurring revenue, and launched Asana's associate product manager program. She has worked as a PM for Google and Microsoft and in a diverse set of PM roles—consumer, B2B, platform, mobile, and growth. She has been a manager and manager of managers. She has also written two books: Cracking the PM Interview and Cracking the PM Career.

Heather Samarin (Coach)

Heather Samarin (Coach)

Co-founder Product Rebels; former CPO AristaMD

Heather has more than 20 years of experience as a product leader, business executive, angel investor, and serial entrepreneur focusing on health tech, fintech, and SaaS-based offerings. Today, as the co-founder of Product Rebels, Heather and her ten-person team coach executive-level product leaders on leadership, product strategy, and management. Previously, Heather was the CPO of AristaMD, an e-Consult platform that connects primary care physicians with expert specialists. She’s also the co-author of Groundwork: Get better at making better products.

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Product Strategy Workshop


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Course syllabus


Kick-off (optional, but strongly encouraged)

You'll meet your instructor, Gibson Biddle, and Eric Bin, your course manager, as well as peers participating in the workshop.


Intro to strategy; Positioning & Brand models

We'll introduce the importance of product strategy to communicate an inspired vision of the future. Then you'll define your product from a customer's point of view, through positioning and branding.



We'll introduce the importance of "delighting customers in hard-to-copy, margin-enhancing ways" as a means to build long-term, competitive advantage. You'll define product strategies for a product using this model. You'll also prioritize "Growth, Engagement, and Monetization" to align all functions and define your high-level engagement metric.


SMT & Rolling 4-Quarter Roadmap

You'll outline 4-5 product strategies for your team's product, assign a metric to each strategy, then assign tactics to each strategy. You'll outline how your strategies will evolve over time, using a rolling four-quarter roadmap.


Finale: Strategy presentation; Simulated Netflix Quarterly Product Strategy meeting.

Your team will present its product strategy to a paired team, answer questions and give feedback. We'll spend the last hour demonstrating how the product strategy frameworks can be used for swimlanes, pods, or squads within a product organization, then simulate a modern-day Netflix Quarterly Product Strategy meeting.


Optional Office hour/Q&A session

The day after the final meeting, everyone is invited to spend an extra hour together. We'll share more perspectives on product strategy, how to inspire change in your company or product organization, and answer lots of questions.

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Pre-reading

    About two hours

    "Branding for Builders," by Gibson Biddle (on helps product leaders to position and brand their product.

    "How to Define Your Product Strategy," a Medium series by Gibson Biddle, outlines the step-by-step approach Gib uses.

  • Kickoff: Monday (December 5)

    9:00am - 10:00am PT

    Meet your instructors and peers.

  • Tuesday & Thursday (December 6 & 8)

    9-00am - 11:00am PT

    Tuesday: Intro to Strategy; Positioning & Branding

    Thursday: DHM & GEM

    (See syllabus above for more detailed notes.)

  • Tuesday & Thursday (December 13 & 15)

    9:00 - 11:00 am PT

    Tuesday: SMT & Roadmaps

    Thursday: Presentation to a paired team; Simulated modern-day Netflix Quarterly Product Strategy Meeting.

  • Optional Office Hour/QA: Friday (December 16)

    9:00am - 10:00 am PT

    Q & A, course feedback, then Gib shares how he would define product strategy for Spotify/Airbnb/Shopify/Stripe.

  • Project

    One additional hour each week

    You'll work in 2-4 person teams to define a product strategy. If you join with a colleague, you'll focus on your own product. If you're "solo," you'll be assigned 2-3 teammates to define the product strategy for the product of your choice: Spotify, Airbnb, Shopify, or Stripe.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active, hands-on learning

We'll use Google Slides + Slido polling + Chat + lots of "What would you do?" cases to keep everyone actively learning.


We'll alternate between a large Zoom room and breakout rooms. During breakout sessions, you'll collaborate with your peers to build a product strategy.

Present your work to a paired team

On the final day, you'll practice product leadership as you present your product strategy to a paired team and receive feedback for improvement.

Simulate a modern-day Netflix Quarterly Product Strategy Meeting

As a finale, we'll demonstrate how to bring product strategy "front and center" within your organization through a simulated meeting where we'll discuss three, modern-day "What should Netflix do?" cases.

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Product Strategy Workshop


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