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Full Stack Marketing Bootcamp

5 Days


Cohort-based Course

From experimenting and channel building, to copywriting and branding, learn the skills that will help you get ahead in this 5 day bootcamp.

Hosted by

Zain Kahn

Executive. Investor. Growth Marketer.

Course overview

Master The Fundamentals of Growth Marketing and Accelerate Your Career

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This course is for you if...


You're a marketer in the first 5 years of your career and you want to accelerate your career by learning new skills.


You want access to frameworks, playbooks, and strategies that will help you acquire customers and grow revenue.


You're a student or non-marketer who wants to learn the skills required to pursue a new career in growth marketing.

Master The Skills And Frameworks That Will Accelerate Your Career

Learn The Fundamentals

From acquisition to retention, you'll learn all the key ingredients needed to create high performing marketing channels.

Master The Map

We'll go through all the major channels and tactics, so you understand the bigger picture and know where to focus your efforts.

Acquire Critical Skills

Learn how to take an idea from 0 to revenue: ideation, experimentation, measurement and scaling – we'll cover it all.

Upgrade Your Communication Skills

It's not just about hard skills. You'll also learn how to write persuasively, tell a compelling story, and communicate effectively with customers and colleagues.

Supercharge Your Career

Learn how to become a high performance marketer, and what differentiates the top 10% of growth marketers from the rest.

Get One On One Mentorship

At the end of the course, you'll get a dedicated 45 minute one on one coaching session with Zain to discuss your unique needs.

The Full Stack Marketing Framework

The Full Stack Marketing Framework

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Full Stack Marketing Bootcamp


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What Sets Full Stack Marketing Bootcamp Apart?

What Sets Full Stack Marketing Bootcamp Apart?

Top Tier Content

You get access to the exact frameworks, strategies, and playbooks that practitioners like Zain and others have used to build marketing channels that have generated millions of users and millions in revenue.

Results Over Theory

We're not here to talk abstract theory. Our goal is to arm you with practical knowledge and insights, which you can apply at your job to get measurable results.

Hands On Mentorship

With office hours and one one one mentorship sessions, you will get advice and insights that are tailored specifically to your needs.

Meet your instructor

Zain Kahn

Zain Kahn

Zain is a startup executive and advisor who has helped companies acquire over 8 million users and generate over $20million in revenue.

Zain has previously served as VP of Marketing at CareGuide, and built marketing channels in the SaaS, B2C, Marketplace and Fintech spaces. He currently advises startups that are backed by top tier VCs like Y Combinator and DCVC.

See what people are saying

        "Zain is one of the rare people who can succinctly distill his advice into actionable frameworks. He's been a sounding board for me in content creation and has helped me think outside my comfort zone."
Amanda Natividad

Amanda Natividad

VP Marekting, Sparktoro
        "If I was looking to learn growth marketing, Zain would be a no brainer. He has helped my portfolio companies accelerate their growth and marketing several times and crushed it for them each time."
Hassan Bhatti

Hassan Bhatti

Partner, The Community Fund
        "Zain understands what it means to be a modern day marketer; from his deep expertise in demand generation, growth hacking, marketplaces, network effects, and more."
Lynn Kozak

Lynn Kozak

Managing Partner, Retina
        "Zain is a high impact leader and an expert on growth and marketing. He has played a key role in helping us build multiple channels from the ground up."
Feras Jalbout

Feras Jalbout

CEO, Baraka (YC S'21)
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Full Stack Marketing Bootcamp


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Course Syllabus



• Positioning and personas

• Product and pricing

• Value proposition

• Tone and personality

Bonus: 30 day brand creation template


Customer Psychology

• Principles of persuasion

• Why People Buy

• Psychological Triggers

Bonus: How to craft an irresistible offer



• Types of story structures

• Elements that create a structure

• How to bring it all together to create a compelling story for your customers

Bonus: 12 story templates you can implement instantly


Growth Fundamentals

• Acquisition

• Engagement

• Monetization

• Retention



• Ideation and evaluation

• How to run experiments

• Measuring results

• Iterating on failure

• Scaling success

Bonus: Template for running and tracking experiments


Copywriting For Ads, Emails And Landing Pages

• The fundamentals of business writing

• How to improve your writing

• Copywriting frameworks

• How to write effective ads, emails, and landing pages

Bonus: Copywriting formulas you can use instantly

Bonus: List of resources to create ads, emails, and landing pages


Content and Organic Marketing

• Organic marketing fundamentals

• Organic vs paid marketing

• Key metrics

• SEO Fundamentals

• How to create high converting content


Paid Marketing

• Paid marketing fundamentals

• Key metrics

• Intro to Facebook and Instagram Ads

• Intro to Google Ads

• Intro to TikTok Ads


Career Strategy

• Career Fundamentals

• Which channels to pick

• Which skills to focus on

• How to create impact at work

• Future career paths

Bonus: 30-45 minute career strategy call with Zain


Bonus Module: How To Build An Online Following

• How pick a channel

• How to pick a topic

• How to write effectively

• Tactics and strategies to grow your following

Course schedule

5 days, 2-4 hours per day
  • Monday

    • Introduction

    • Branding

    • Customer psychology

    • Storytelling

  • Tuesday

    • Growth fundamentals

    • Experimentation

    • Key metrics

  • Wednesday

    • Copywriting

    • Ads, Emails, Landing Pages

    • Organic marketing fundamentals

    • Content

    • SEO

  • Thursday

    • Paid marketing fundamentals

    • Facebook and Instagram Ads

    • Google Ads

    • TikTok Ads

    • Key metrics

  • Friday

    • Career Strategy

    • How to build an online audience

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Get reimbursed by your employer

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Full Stack Marketing Bootcamp


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Full Stack Marketing Bootcamp


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