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Launch your global career in technology


2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Stop competing on hard skills. Hone your career narrative, focus on your unique strengths, and boost the odds of getting a tech job abroad

Hosted by

Evgeny Lazarenko

Lifelong expat, tech product lead. Worked with candidates from over 20 countries

Course overview

Start landing interviews with tech companies and startups around the world

🌏 Adapt your career story for international audiences

📍 Understand how international relocation works

🔎 Find companies that fit your values, goals, and salary range

🚀 Learn strategies and tactics to accelerate your search

🗣 Practice behavioral interviews to gain confidence

This course is for you if you are


A technology professional with 3+ years of experience who dreams of moving overseas within 6 to 12 months but doesn't know where to start


A product manger, engineer, designer, or marketer who submits tons of applications yet struggles to lock interviews with companies abroad


A tech job seeker who's ready to interview for bigger, better roles only available internationally

By the end of this course you will

Construct a search system that work for you

Cookie-cutter strategies are not enough.

You will create a job search system made of tactics and strategies that work best for you and feel natural.

Zero-in on your target tech ecosystem and company

In international search, focus is paramount.

By the end of the course you will create personalized job search criteria that account for your immigration goals, career aspirations, and even family situation — and find companies that are most likely to say YES.

Develop a career narrative makes you feel proud and gets hiring managers excited

Your professional story should make you feel good.

You will review the past 4 years of your experience and craft a career narrative that frames your unique achievements, skills, and values in ways that stand apart from other candidates — and help you beat the impostor syndrome.

Gain support group of likeminded people and make lasting connections

Moving abroad is a big life decision, and an arduous journey. You don't have to take it alone.

Group activities in this course will help you connect with fellow international tech professionals, find ways to support each other, and build lasting relationships.

BONUS: 1:1 coaching sessions included

Each student who completes the course will have access to a free 60 min 1:1 session with Evgeny to discuss their specific career challenges.

Meet your instructor

Evgeny Lazarenko

Evgeny Lazarenko

Lifelong expat, Product Management Lead, PhD

If you work in tech, moving abroad is not rocket science. I did that, and you can do that too.

In this course, I will teach you everything I learned in well over a decade. During that time I build a career that spans Asia Pacific and North America, switched jobs and professions, and coached peers who — just like you! — were looking to move to a better place.

I've sat at both sides of the table: as a candidate, and as an interviewer. As a member of technical hiring committee, I created an evaluation rubric and set up a product hiring process for a startup that was acquired by Intuit. I then evaluated countless of international candidates for product, engineering, and data analytics roles at both startups and public companies, such as Delivery Hero and Unity — all of which had employees from over 80 countries.

This course reflects how hiring mangers and interviewers think when speaking with international candidates: what they look for and what they are afraid of. It also builds on my experience teaching and coaching cross-cultural communication for product managers.

Together, you and I will build a search system that maximizes your chance of getting the international job offer you want.

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Launch your global career in technology

Pilot Cohort

$50 USD


Dec 6 - 13, 2022

Payment Deadline

Dec 5, 2022

Course syllabus


Module 1: Understand international relocation & set your goal

You will define an immigration objective, pick a target tech ecosystem, and create a pitch that explains why you want to move there. 

You will learn to think about each destination in terms of:

  • Talent demand and supply 
  • Immigration laws
  • Culture
  • Cost of living & tax
  • Salary ranges

Projects: 1 in-class + 2 home projects


Module 2: Understand yourself & write the draft of your story

You will learn to pitch yourself to international hiring managers and explain why their company must speak with you. You will:

  • Use affinity mapping to map the past 4 years of your work life
  • Find themes to help you speak about key wins and pivots 
  • Practice sharing those themes get feedback from the peers

Projects: 1 in-class + 3 home projects


Module 3: Build your search system

You will commit to a search process, identify key steps, and define pivot criteria to get unstuck if your search doesn’t yield enough interviews.

As a capstone project, you will find 5 high-potential roles that fit your search criteria and apply for them.

Course schedule

~6h / week (all sessions are recorded)
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays beginning December 6, 2022

    9:00am - 10:30am EST

    1.5h workshops will be held on

    • Tuesday, December 6
    • Thursday, December 8
    • Tuesday, December 13

    Each workshop will blend lecture content with group activities. You will learn frameworks, get access to templates, and review additional reading materials after each session.

  • Projects after each session

    ~1.5h per project

    After each session you will complete project assignments to prepare for the job search abroad.

  • Module 1 projects: mapping your search criteria

    Module 1 projects aim to introduce constraints and structure into your search. After this module you will:

    • Complete the Geography part of the international search plan
    • Send the Reflected Best Self Exercise requests to 3-5 colleagues and 3-5 friends
  • Module 2 projects: mapping your journey

    Projects in Module 2 will help you to understand your unique strengths and seed your career narrative. Here, you will:

    • Finalize the career affinity map
    • Review the Reflected Best Self responses and identify themes
    • Complete the Role section of the international search plan
  • Module 3: capstone project

    You will identify 5 suitable companies in the geography of your choice, then use your career narrative to craft a custom application for each, and submit the applications.

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions

    1h within 2 months after completion

    All students will be able to book to a free 1:1 session to discuss their specific career challenges and unlock ways to resolve them.

  • Self-paced content

    Each session will feature a curated collection of self-paced reading material from 3rd party sources.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Join an upcoming cohort

Launch your global career in technology

Pilot Cohort

$50 USD


Dec 6 - 13, 2022

Payment Deadline

Dec 5, 2022

$50 USD


2 Weeks