Fund Your Climate Tech Startup

In 2 weeks, I'll teach you my 5-step capital raising process and help you avoid costly startup mistakes (I've been there!). 🌎 💰

Dr. Chris Wedding —  Former PE investor | Duke professor | 3x founder | Climate CEO Coach | Environmentalist


Dr. Chris Wedding — Former PE investor | Duke professor | 3x founder | Climate CEO Coach | Environmentalist

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Over $100 billion has been invested in climate tech startups since 2020.

14% of all venture capital dollars are flowing to climate tech companies.

What's your piece of that?

After this course, you’ll be able to…

🤔 Get smarter on climate tech trends so you can tap into the right opportunities.

Did you know that 2021 saw $40 billion invested in 600+ companies across 1,400 climate-curious investors?

If your blinders are on, you'll miss the climate megatrends, wasting time and money.

Learn which sectors are most crowded, and which big problems still need solutions.

📝 Craft your 1-page business plan that investors actually want to read.

The days of a 40-page business plan are dead.

The world is changing quickly. So is your team. And so are you.

It's time to rethink old assumptions.

Create a process for gathering the wisdom of your team, without just settling for group think.

💎 Stand out from the crowd so that you get investors' attention.

40+ climate tech companies have become unicorns, raising $45+ billion.

But thousands of impact entrepreneurs want to tackle climate change.

Don't just be another green lemming.

Build your moat of competitive advantage. Define your most likely exit strategy.

💪 Avoid common startup mistakes to save yourself 2-3 years of wasted time.

45% of businesses fail in the first five years.

But you don't need to step in the same dung patties as everyone else.

Conduct a pre-mortem analysis.

Define ways to mitigate key risks — before they happen.

💸 Create a smarter plan to raise capital with my 5-step method.

99% of investors are likely to say no.

Yet many people think that finding growth capital is easy and only done every 18 months.

Not true.

It is an evergreen process with proven rules for greater success.

🎯 Optimize your go-to-market strategy so that new customers attract new investors.

Over 90% of new businesses pivot from their original plans.

If you think you have it perfect, then you may never get it right.

Even the best startups need to pivot — new customers, channels, key partners.

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With this course, you'll get...


  • 500+ climate investor list (with emails)
  • 5-step process for raising capital
  • 2 frameworks to refine your business niche
  • 9-step method for your 1-page business plan
  • 4 tools for assessing your competitive edge
  • 10 top startup mistakes to avoid

See what people are saying

        Project finance and development capital are critical to the growth of our solar business. Chris’s guidance has been super helpful for us raising millions of dollars from the right kinds of investors at great company valuations.
Blake Sturcke
Blake Sturcke
President, Encore Renewable Energy
        I’m an expert in cleantech and blockchain technology, but not in financing our venture’s growth. Chris has improved our capital raising strategy, understanding of investor terms, and confidence along the way.
Prageet Nibber
Prageet Nibber
CEO, Rewatt Power
        Starting and growing a climate tech company is a roller coaster. Chris is able to cut through the noise, provide actionable advice, and do it with authentic care about my journey (while having fun along the way). I highly recommend Chris.
Brent Beerley
Brent Beerley
CEO, Community Energy
        Chris has been an ideal mentor for me, helping me identify blindspots and providing the kind of practical counsel that you can only get from someone who really knows the climate and impact sectors.
April Mendez
April Mendez
CEO, Greenprint Partners
        Chris has an incredible breadth of insights for entrepreneurs since he actively works with so many as a mentor. He also has a broad and deep grasp of decarbonization technologies and business models. I am deeply grateful to get to work with him.
Scott Frazier
Scott Frazier
CEO, Carbon America
        I've learned so much from Chris about climate tech startups and investors. His caring mentorship and helpful feedback were instrumental in guiding my journey through climate change solutions. And his podcast is awesome!
Elena Cavallero
Elena Cavallero
Investment Analyst, The Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment
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Leapfrog common mistakes and partner with the right investors to avoid $100,000 in opportunity costs.

You can't afford that risk.

And the planet can't either.

Who's this course for?



Pre-seed. Seed. Series A. CEO. COO. CFO. Business development. Strategy leader.


Future entrepreneurs

Freedom seekers. World changers. Climate experts who want “MBA skills.”


Career Switchers

Got experience in other sectors but want to help climate tech startups find the right capital? Join us!

Who's this course NOT for?


Mr. Quick Money

"I'm into climate tech just for the profits. The mission stuff is for tree huggers."


Mrs. Know It All

"I'm a savvy business pro, so I really have nothing new to learn."


Mr. What's In It For Me

"I'm too busy to give feedback to my fellow entrepreneurs. I'm #1."

Meet your instructor

Dr. Chris Wedding —  Former PE investor | Duke professor | 3x founder | Climate CEO Coach | Environmentalist
Dr. Chris Wedding — Former PE investor | Duke professor | 3x founder | Climate CEO Coach | Environmentalist
Founder, Entrepreneurs for Impact

I’m on a mission to tackle climate change through investment, startups, and education.


To get there, we need more shots on goal:

More solutions. More companies. More investments.


That’s where you come in.


I want to help you fund your current (or future!) climate tech startup.


Why me?


I have made too many mistakes in this sector to keep them all to myself.


This experience comes from $1B+ of investment experience as a former environmental PE investor and impact investment banker, 3x founder, climate CEO coach and mastermind leader, and professor with 60,000 students taught at Duke University, UNC-Chapel Hill, and Coursera.


Want to learn more?


Climate CEO Mastermind peer groups that I lead – Current members manage $5+ billion in market value:


My newsletter – A weekly 3-minute summary of climate tech, startups, better habits, and deep work:


My podcast – Interviews with climate investors and CEOs where we cover business insights, life lessons, and personal growth:


So, who's going to solve climate change by funding the growth of new businesses?



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After this course, you'll have...


  • More confidence in your 2-year funding plan
  • Smarter playbook for raising capital
  • 25 potential investors to target
  • 5-point failure prevention plan
  • Improved 1-page business plan
  • Weekly climate trends curation system
  • Network of peers to support

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Course Structure

  • Only 2 weeks
    • Live class sessions — 11:00-12:30 ET on June 1, 3, 7, 9, and 14
    • (Optional) live Q&A sessions — 12:00-1:00 ET on June 2, 10, and 15
    • If you have to miss one, no problem — they'll be recorded
  • Content
    • Action-oriented projects
    • Lessons, tools, and war stories
    • Peer-to-peer feedback
    • In-class review of students' work
  • ⏰ Seats are limited ⏰
    • Capped at 25
    • First come, first serve.

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Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active, not passive

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Learn with a cohort of peers

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Learn with a cohort of peers

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