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The Cyber Security Career Boost Program

31 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

A 6-month interactive program to learn fundamental security technologies and boost your career prospects.

Course overview

Course Description

Join me as I take you to step by step through the process of becoming a Splunk expert. We will go from the basics of what is a SIEM platform to what exactly is Splunk? If you want to gain cyber and business knowledge beyond just being an analyst or engineer welcome to ECA.

Who is this course for


Cyber and IT professionals who want to learn and understand how to use Splunk and SIEM technologies in a realistic and applicable way.


Beginners to experienced professionals who want a step-by-step detailed program that will take them from A-Z as it pertains to fundamentals


Professionals who want to be challenged with real industry lab work, assignments, and capstone presentations taught by Cyber practitioners.

What you’ll get out of this Program

Learn the Fundamentals

You will actively practice the fundamental concepts of SIEM technologies such as logging monitoring, alerting, and detection so wherever you get hired or work at you won't get pigeonholed into technology stack.

Practical Security Analyst Experience

You will practice the ins and out of how to use Splunk from an analyst perspective, such as building reports, creating beautiful and detailed visualizations for dashboards, and creating complex SPL queries.

Building your own Lab Environment

You'll learn how to install and configure a Splunk instance on an AWS Linux server, so you can run and manage your very own lab environment. We'll demonstrate best practices in diagramming out the fundamental concepts of Splunk Architecture.

Real World Cyber Security Experience

Will have the ability to present work on and present real-world capstone projects in front of Cyber Security hiring managers during the program. Along with networking, and collaborating with other hungry and driven SIEM professionals.

Level Up Your Candidacy: Resume & LinkedIn Review

Get your resume and LinkedIn pages reviewed by our career partner TechTual. TechTual is a minority-owned firm specializing in tailoring resumes for cybersecurity professionals. All ECA students get 30 percent off of their services.

Hear what past students have to say

        The two-month time span was perfect to have classes with Kenneth work with classmates to learn the SIEM and SOAR materials together. ECA was a rewarding, great investment as I transition from IT to cybersecurity.
Courtney Wright

Courtney Wright

Service Desk Technician, Apex Systems
        I struggled with a general lack of Splunk knowledge.... Kenneth provided prep materials, and course syllabus, and was accessible to answer any questions. Now, I have a newfound enthusiasm and curiosity in using Splunk and am excited about new opportunities that opened up for me after completing this course.
Hugh Shepherd Jr.

Hugh Shepherd Jr.

Security Risk, and Vulnerability Consultant
        This Ellington Cyber Academy class was truly amazing, to say the least. If you're interested in being a SOC Analyst or a SIEM Engineer, I definitely recommend taking this course. Thanks for the class, Kenneth!
Bryan Budgett

Bryan Budgett

Cyber Security Engineer, VMware, ECA Graduate
        I've learned so much about Splunk and SIEM with ECA while loving every single step of the way. A huge thank you to Kenneth for being the first person in cybersecurity to recognize me and encourage me to never stop learning/chasing my goals.
Hazel Miranda

Hazel Miranda

QA Test Engineer, Samsung, ECA Graduate

Meet your instructors

Kenneth Ellington

Kenneth Ellington

Founder of the Ellington Cyber Academy

Kenneth Ellington is a rising cybersecurity professional who is dedicated to nurturing new cybersecurity talent. A Florida native now based in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas, he’s leveraged his unyielding drive to go from working at the deli counter to landing a Big 4 Senior Cybersecurity Consulting role - all within 3 fast-paced years. His current specialties are in SIEM, SOAR, and endpoint security.

In his trainings, Kenneth brings that same energy and passion to students as they learn about security solutions and address real-world scenarios. He also teaches Cyber Infrastructure part-time at the University of Houston, volunteers for non-profit Blacks in Cyber Security (BIC), and trains in boxing and kickboxing in his free time.

Courtney Wright

Courtney Wright

Associate Instructor

Courtney Wright works in Cybersecurity as a SOC Analyst and is an ECA graduate with two key goals: build a career in cybersecurity engineering and motivate/support others in career pivots towards technology.

Her journey learning SIEM/SOAR began earlier in 2022 with Blacks in Cybersecurity, and continues as she is constantly building her expertise with security technologies. Courtney is a Maryland native. She is also a member of Blacks in Cybersecurity (BIC) and Women in CyberSecurity (WiCys). When she is not working or attending school she loves to exercise, garden, and practice martial arts.

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The Cyber Security Career Boost Program


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Brand Partnerships

Brand Partnerships

Course syllabus



Before we dive into all the cool cyber, SIEM, and tech topics, we'll go over program expectations and an introduction to the instructors. At the end of this first module, you'll have a little more background as to who we are and be fully prepared for the next two months.


SIEM Fundamental's

We'll dive into and analyze fundamental SIEM topics, such as "what exactly is a SIEM platform?" We'll discuss the basics of monitoring, detection, and logging in a business environment. You'll have your first assignments and quizzes during this second module.



Splunk Basics

We'll cover the common question, "what exactly is Splunk?" In the third module, we'll go over the basics of using Splunk and how to explain fundamental concepts to a non-technical audience, such as upper management or other business teams.


Core Architecture

We'll review the three core components of Splunk: Search Head, Indexer, and Forwarder. In the fourth module, we'll go over how the different parts work together to transmit your data from an end-user device to your Splunk environment. You'll learn how to break down these concepts by diagramming ou the flow in interactive exercises.


Downloading and Installing Splunk Enterprise

At this point, you know what Splunk looks like at a conceptual level... but how do we actually build out an environment? In module 5, you will deploy Splunk enterprise on an AWS Linux instance. 99% of corporations run their production Splunk servers on Linux, and this course will prepare you to use Splunk in real-world organizations.

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What ECA Students Say:

What ECA Students Say:

Course schedule

5-7 hrs/week (all sessions are recorded)
  • Wednesdays

    6:30pm - 9:00pm CST

    The class will be every Wednesday night unless specified otherwise from 6:30 pm-9:00 pm.

  • Self-paced lessons

    1 hour per week

    You will also get short videos and separate articles to read during the time periods that you are not in class. The videos are to guide you throughout the week and any extra questions that you have can be asked during the virtual class sessions.

  • Weekly projects

    2 hours per week

    You will have quizzes and assignments due throughout the week, some will be hands-on in the lab environment and some will be articles. This will allow you to have the ability to talk to C-Level personnel and actually do the Cyber Security work.

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

Every virtual class is designed to build off of each other and give you the knowledge to succeed. Classes are designed to be extremely interactive and collaborative. So there will be time throughout to discuss topics from the articles that are given.

Interactive and project-based

The Capstone projects are projects that I helped create with the help of hiring managers at Fortune 500 companies so the skills you learn here are applicable to what you will be doing once you get hired in your Cyber role.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded SIEM and cyber professionals who want to learn and grow alongside you.

Can't make the cohort? Try ECA's self-paced alternative on Teachable.

Can't make the cohort? Try ECA's self-paced alternative on Teachable.

Set your own pace

Learn whenever works best for you - nights, weekends, or all at once

Master the basics, step-by-step

Start from the beginning and build your knowledge with each module

Access helpful resources 24/7

Immerse yourself in course material with quizzes, links, and assignments

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The Cyber Security Career Boost Program


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