How to ask for a raise and be sure you'll get it


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5 Days


Cohort-based Course

Pitch your value so clearly that decision makers can't say anything but "Yes!" Perfect for evaluations and "off season" raise requests

Hosted by

Dave Wolovsky

Pay Raise Coach | MS in Neuroscience | Average Client Raises +19.75k

Course overview

Get praised, paid, and promoted.

With this simple communication framework, you'll have your managers recognizing you as a star employee they'll want to reward and keep. Break into higher leadership roles twice as fast.

Gain the confidence you need for both performance evaluations and off-season raise asks.

This course is perfect for...


Passed-Over Pros

You do high quality work that somehow isn't leading to higher pay or timely advancement.


Introverts and Empaths

You want to be more bold and assertive without stepping on anyone's toes or creating conflict.


NOT for anyone who:

Has checked out or "quietly quit" and is happy to coast. No judgment at all, but this method requires hunger.

You'll walk away with...

The definitive script for your confident ask

Using field-tested templates, you'll discover the perfect words for a flawless pay raise conversation.

A formula for demonstrating your genius

You'll master how to grab people's attention and get them to see every piece of work you do as extremely high value. Confidence comes from seeing folks' eyes light up about your work.

A simple strategy for getting rid of impostor syndrome

Impostor syndrome is the fear of being "unmasked." You'll learn how to go from mask to armor.

The playbook for becoming a trusted advisor

Get your supervisor to see you as the #1 person to turn to for advice. This enables you to get paid more than the "market value" of your title.


(5 ratings)

People are talking about it!

        I had thought I was maxed out in terms of compensation, but working with Dave showed me that I could get paid more, while creating even better relationships with my managers. In my first negotiation with Dave on my side, I got 3.5x the initial raise offer, plus a day off every week. This stuff really works!
Dalmo M.

Dalmo M.

Senior Epic Consultant
        I've struggled with perfectionism, 'impostor syndrome', procrastination/shame cycles my whole professional life. Now I have such ease in my work."
Ashlee Y.

Ashlee Y.

Epic Analyst
        Working with Dave was life changing for me. The skills I learned from him around negotiation and communication have been extremely valuable and have translated into many other areas of life. Highly recommended!
Aaron D.

Aaron D.

        Dave helped me finally get the raise I deserved at my job. If you put what he says into practice it will pay off. Highly recommend.
Anjali P.

Anjali P.

Senior Manager, Creative Direction

Meet your instructor

Dave Wolovsky

Dave Wolovsky

Pay Raise Coach, Neuroscience Based

When smart, hardworking professionals are doing excellent work but not advancing properly, they come see me.

With the science of influence and negotiation, I help them get higher salaries with raises, promotions, and new jobs.

My clients have gotten pay raises up to 35k and higher salaries of 45k at new jobs (not counting other things like equity, time off, benefits, etc.).

I do what I do because I'm a shy nerd. I've always wanted to be bold, but I can't stand stepping on anyone's toes.

So I've spent a decade analyzing the art of influence and negotiation. Two of those years went toward earning an MS in Neuroscience and Education, and another one got me a Certificate in Positive Psychology.

I'm on a mission to help others who want to be bold without conflict. Join me when you're ready.

Course schedule

3.5 - 6 hrs over 1 week
  • 2 Core Workshops

    3.5 hrs total

    Tues, 11/15 @ 10am - 11:30am EST

    Sat, 11/19 @ 10am - 12pm EST

  • 3 Optional Sessions

    2.5 hrs total

    Q&A and additional workshopping time.

    Tues, 11/15 @ 11:30am - 12pm EST

    Weds, 11/16 @ 6pm - 7pm EST

    Thurs, 11/17 @ 6pm - 7pm EST

  • Pre-Work

    2 hours total

    Additional resources and projects to master the content through multiple sensory channels.

Course syllabus


Nail The Big Convo

Hit all the points needed to nail your pay raise conversation. Neutralize any objections to your request before the meeting even starts.


Turn Heads With Your Work

Learn a 3-step formula for presenting and explaining your work that makes people think you're a genius. Your ideas will get more buy-in, and your work will impress decision makers.


Create A Network Of Allies

Position yourself as a leader without exerting any "authority." Build a supportive community around you, one relationship at a time.


Become A Trusted Advisor To The People In Charge

Become the go-to person when new opportunities and new budgets open up. This is how you set yourself up for a promotion and a raise without having to ask.

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How to ask for a raise and be sure you'll get it

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Learning is better with live cohorts

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How to ask for a raise and be sure you'll get it