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Get a head start in leveraging blockchains, Decentralized Finance, and Web3 to accelerate your business or career.

Dror Poleg


Dror Poleg

Founder & CEO, Hype-Free Crypto

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A 3-week course to separate the signal from the noise and evaluate if, how, and when crypto can benefit your industry and career.

Learn with participants and alumni from:

Learn with participants and alumni from:

See what people are saying

        Hype-Free Crypto is a must for all curious minds looking to get a broad overview of the wild world of crypto and all things Web3.... Dror provides masterful facilitation of complex topics.
Kathy Choi
Kathy Choi
Head of Partner Strategy & Ops, Snap
        Dror's essays on web3 have been among my favorites because of the nuance with which he approaches the space: optimistic about the potential and cognizant of the drawbacks.
Packy McCormick
Packy McCormick
Founder, Not Boring
        Dror led us to think about the big picture — the relationships among chains, wallets, DeFi, DAO, etc. — and encouraged healthy debate and different perspectives.
Cherry Huang
Cherry Huang
Corporate Venture Associate, Fidelity Investments
        “We are facing a paradigm shift. Hype-Free Crypto is a great way to dive into the key ideas, building blocks, and consumer behaviors that will shape the next decades.”
Tal Broda
Tal Broda
VP of Engineering, Paradigm
        My motives for taking a crypto course were to: Learn the foundations, engage in “balanced” discussion, and gain community. This course successfully achieved all three.
Kaitlyn Swanberg
Kaitlyn Swanberg
Director of Head Operations, Threshold 360
        Dror's inimitable style and knowledge, great guest lecturers, jumping between technical aspects & ethos/philosophy, and most importantly, brilliant participants from all over the world and a variety of fields... it was great to be part of Hype-Free Crypto
Nicholas Soo
Nicholas Soo
Regional Head of Payments, HSBC
        An excellent macro view of the whole web3 ecosystem. It helps you move from being overwhelmed to having a more organized view of the space. You also get plenty of resources, links to essential articles, projects, and videos. Finally, a great alumni network of like-minded people!
Antoine Yazbek
Antoine Yazbek
Venture Partner, VentureFriends
        This class offers a guided tour in new world. For people who come from different backgrounds, it is absolutely necessary.
Jan Zheng
Jan Zheng
Co-Founder, Phage Directory
        An interactive and supportive setting. This isn't only an in-depth education into Web3, it's also a network of the finest minds in finance, DAOs, technology.
Sandy Adamski
Sandy Adamski
Chief Sales Officer, SLÅ Sales
        "Such a good course, so many good readings, links, and things to make me think more. Very enjoyable."
Lodewijk Vriens
Lodewijk Vriens
Assistant Vice President, HKEX

In 3 weeks, you will...

Master the Jargon & Terminology

From DAOs and NFTs to Airdrops and AMMs — all the social and technical terms you need to know.

Experiment with Tools & Strategies

Wallets, exchanges, minting, staking — get hands-on experience with common apps and marketplaces.

Learn key Case Studies

The successful (and failed) applications of blockchains and tokens to a variety of industries and situations.

Apply your Knowledge in Practice

Analyze the viability of new ideas, identify new opportunities, and continue to grow your knowledge.

Grasp the Broader Implications

The promises and threats for society, the economy, and the environment — and the opportunity to do better.

Expand your Network

Join a learning community of hundreds of participants and alumni, and access ongoing events with industry experts.

Who is this course for


Crypto newbies looking to harness new tools & technologies


Crypto insiders looking to apply their skills to new opportunities


Anyone interested in the future of the web and digital assets

Meet your instructor

Dror Poleg
Dror Poleg

I help executives from companies such as Bank of America, UBS, and HSBC make sense of emerging technologies, consumer behaviors, and business models.

I spent two decades as a startup founder and private equity real estate executive, and now spend 100% of my time writing, teaching, and investing my own money.

My insights have been featured in publications such as The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Bloomberg, and NBC, and on blogs and podcasts from Tyler Cohen, Matt Levine, Scott Alexander, Anne Helen Petersen, and Scott Galloway.

I've been investing in and writing about crypto and related projects since 2016.

Join a vibrant community

Join a vibrant community
Active learning, not passive watching

This course focuses on live workshops and hands-on projects

Expand your network

Learn together and make new friends to accompany you on the journey ahead

Never stop learning

Access exclusive alumni events with guests speakers from leading companies and projects

Topics & Sessions


NFTs and the Ownership Economy

How can NFTs change the way we monetize content and creativity — and their broader consequences for the future of work?


Blockchains & Decentralized Finance

How does digital money work? How to buy, sell, create, and earn interest on digital assets — a hands-on guide to some of the most popular tools and strategies?


Smart Contracts, Protocols, and Web3

How can smart contracts enable new types of economic activity and products? How do crypto protocols enable a whole new vision for the future of the web?


Daos, Governance, & Tokenomics

How are "crowds with a bank account" changing business and politics? How can communities control shared digital assets? What key factors determine a token's value and utility?


Investing in Crypto

How are venture capital investors participating in this space? What are the key challenges in integrating crypto tokens and traditional investment products? How can you get exposure to various crypto protocols and ventures?


Separating the Signal and the Noise

How to determine whether a project is relevant and viable for your industry? How to decide whether crypto can help or harm your next project? How to keep learning and identify reliable information?


Bonus Sessions

Conversations with special guests — investors, entrepreneurs, and analysts

Times, Dates, and FAQs

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Who is this course for?
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