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Create surveys that get huge participation, delight your audience, and yield pinpoint accurate results to make the best decisions every time

Course overview

The average consumer gets 65 surveys per week and ignores 62 of them. Yours too?

Yes, you need feedback from your students, customers, attendees, members, employees and your followers. But so does everyone else on planet Earth - we are bombarded with requests for our feedback and no one will spend time filling out YOUR survey unless you prove the huge WIIFM.

So how do we get OUR survey heard above the din? How do we get our people to repeatedly take time to provide deep meaningful honest insights that will improve our courses, programs, products & services?

The answers are already known. Decades of psychological research and 96,000,000 data points gathered from 550 organizations have yielded The 9 Principles of Feedback that determine survey response rate, the accuracy of survey results and whether people will enthusiastically fill out your surveys every time you ask.

Who is this course for


You want to KEEP your Customers, Clients, Patients & Members FOREVER - with x-ray vision surveys of what products & services they want next


You want to DELIGHT your Students, Trainees, Attendees & Participants - using surveys to create a remarkable learning experience


You want to create a GRAVITATIONAL PULL on your Email list, Prospects & Social Media fans - who repeatedly answer every question you ask


You want HONEST responses from your Employees, Patients, & Alumni to make meaningful changes that will keep them happy

What you’ll get from this course

Review & Analysis of YOUR important survey by the author of THE SURVEY PLAYBOOK (this outcome alone is worth more than the course price!)

Dr. Champagne has reviewed 9,000+ surveys for 550 organizations. He will do a line-by-line analysis of your survey, evaluation or assessment, explaining all modifications needed to guarantee high response rate and accurate results that will guide you to the right decisions.

Learn to ask the RIGHT questions in the RIGHT way at the RIGHT time

There are RULES and psychometrics that must be followed for a survey to "work". We don't have a year to learn them all, so I'll share the shortcuts that will guarantee you ask the BEST questions that your people will WANT to answer, giving you the key insights you need.

The 5 Practices to make your learning events remarkable

1. Timing & Frequency

2. Closing-the-Loop

3. Non-financial Incentives

4. Single Purpose

5. Survey Conversations

Apply these practices to surveys you deliver before-during & after your webinars, courses, training, conferences and meetings to create a WOW experience for all.

What about AI and ChatGPT in surveys?

Yes, of course! We'll share the latest news and predictions of the changes that artificial intelligence will soon bring to surveys, assessments, polls, and evaluation. (spoiler: I believe it is going to be really bad in the short term but wonderful in the long term, you'll see!)

Resources, Resources, Resources

I will gift you my most popular products, including: (1) The Survey Playbook - the world's #1 survey guide; and (2) the newly updated 9 Principles of Feedback infographic

Connect with like-minded survey professionals

Before the course begins, I'll ask everyone what survey problems and issues they need solved AND what survey tips and ideas they've discovered through experience. In this way, everyone will get the answers they need AND connect with other survey experts in the room.

These questions will be answered in our Sessions


Survey Content

  • How to ask the RIGHT questions in the right WAY?
  • What are the BEST questions?
  • Are there alternatives to the 0-10 scale?
  • How to make my surveys more fun and engaging? (and shorter!)


Survey Timing

  • How to make pre-training surveys more powerful?
  • How to deliver timely questions that help us improve more quickly?
  • How to get results sooner so we can make ongoing improvements?


Increasing Participation / Response Rate

  • How to get people's attention so they take time to fill in a survey?
  • How to get enough responses so results are representative?
  • Are we only hearing from those who are really happy or really upset? What about the majority in the middle?


Robust/Deep Insights

  • How to get people to fill in the comment section?
  • How to get more useful and relevant comments?
  • How to create at-a-glance results that can be shared with stakeholders?


Survey Platforms

  • Which Survey tools and platforms are the best - SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, Google Forms, Typeform?
  • How to effectively use the survey tools built into my platform (MS Teams, Canva, Zoom)



  • How to get my organization to recognize the importance of creating better surveys?
  • How to use ChatGPT to make better surveys?

  • How to get more people to show up to our webinars using surveys? And stay engaged? 


(6 ratings)

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Meet your instructor

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

For 30 years, Matthew Champagne has been a researcher, instructor, scientist, evaluator & serial entrepreneur. His training is based on more than 9,000 surveys, evaluations and assessments he has critiqued and developed for 550 organizations. Dr. Champagne was named “Technology Visionary” by SURVEY Magazine for his pioneering work merging psychology and technology to create never-before-seen customer feedback solutions. When not teaching, “Doc” is usually cruising with his family or playing keyboard in his rock band.

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Survey Conversations - Create surveys your people WANT to answer


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Survey Conversations generated huge ROI for these companies

Survey Conversations generated huge ROI for these companies

Some of my 550 clients who applied what you are about to learn from this course:

Albany International

Becker Professional Review

DeVry University


U.S. Department of Education

International Business Innovation Assoc.

Detroit Medical Center

Online Learning Consortium

Pace University

U.S. Army National Guard


Society for Information Management


Child Welfare League of America

Electric Power Research Institute

Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Georgia Tech

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Survey Conversations - Create surveys your people WANT to answer


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