BEYOND INFLUENCE to INCOME - 'New' Cialdini findings that make people say YES

13 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Be a Brand-of-One: Learn to apply what Robert Cialdini never shared in his landmark book INFLUENCE. Become a "Detective of Influence"

Course overview

Apply the 7 Levers of Influence to consistently persuade others to say YES

** This is the ONLY official online Cialdini certification program **

Discover what you've been missing:

1. Learn the never-before-published Influence Lever that will generate instant YES from your audience.

2. Join us for 6 LIVE sessions with the Godfather of Influence himself, Dr. CIaldini, who will personally update you on the latest findings to maximize your influence (all sessions recorded for your library).

3. Recognize and act on the moments of power - when others are MOST receptive to your message.

4. Learn the proven Activators and Amplifiers for each Principle (how to turn them on and dial them up for maximum impact).

5. Take the Influence Self-Assessment to discover which Principles are your strengths and which to use in each situation to get a YES.

5. You learn by DOING: Practice and solve your personal influence challenges with Dr. Champagne & Mitch Axelrod in our weekly Dojo sessions.

6. Become a Brand-of-One: There's no advantage in having "read the book" (EVERYONE has read his books!). But you'll learn all that Dr. Cialdini has taught his private clients.

7. Three (3) hours of semi-private group coaching with your expert guides.

8. All the Resources you need: 50+ instructional videos, downloadable slides, audio-on-the-go, influence diagrams and more.

Who this course and certification is for


Coaches, Managers, Business Consultants, Financial Experts.

Successfully persuade others. Boost your authority with Cialdini certification.


Communications, Marketing, Sales, HR Experts.

Close far more deals.

Realize higher conversions. Become a more successful professional.


C-level decision-makers. Negotiation experts.

Become a better leader. Persuade others far more successfully.

Influence is not the destination. It's the *transportation* to the Outcomes you want

Super-boost your Authority with the title of Ethical Influence Practitioner

This certificate, signed by Dr. CIaldini, is the only industry-recognized accreditation. And can only be earned through this program.

Learn the most desired and powerful skill in business

Persuasion is not only a top-5 in-demand power skill in today's workplace, but learning the inner secrets of persuasion gives you an insurmountable advantage.

Solve all your personal persuasion challenges

We will work on your own case 1-on-1 until you get more YES from your prospects, customers, and others you need to persuade.

Learn to use the RIGHT influence lever at exactly the RIGHT moment

Becoming a "Detective of Influence" will ensure you effortlessly and consistently get better results from your sales and marketing efforts.

Course syllabus



PERSUASION is one of the top 5 in-demand power skills in today’s professional workplace. You’ll gain critical insights into the science of persuasion, laying a solid foundation for everything you’ll learn in this program.


ETHICAL Persuasion

You'll be most successful when you apply the Principles of Persuasion in a scientific and ethical way.


(*NEW*) Contrast

NEVER before explained - not even in the INFLUENCE book: you’ll learn of the power of contrast and the best ways to use it as an amplifier for each of the other principles. Consider this a gift to you as a future member of the elite of influence!


RELATIONSHIPS: Reciprocity, Liking & Unity

Reciprocity - We say YES to people we owe: master the activators and amplifiers that engage and boost the Principles of Persuasion.

Liking - We say YES to people we like: use this powerful principle in novel ways.

Unity - We say YES to people who are one of us: NOT found in INFLUENCE, the newest and most powerful principle


UNCERTAINTY: Social Proof & Authority

Social Proof - we say YES if similar others do too: Digitial Marketers call this their best tool. You’ll learn to leverage its force both online and offline.

Authority - we say YES if trustworthy experts recommend it: WARNING, the most mis-used principle. But you'll learn how to correctly, efficiently and ethically apply authority.


MOTIVATION: Consistency & Scarcity

Consistency - we say YES to requests that are consistent with what we've said or done: Learn how to smoothly incorporate into your everyday persuasive appeals.

Scarcity - we say YES to limited opportunities: it's the Fear of Missing Out. You'll see how a $3.95 product can sell for $250 with scarcity.

Legendary business leaders and professionals agree: Mitch & Matt will get you the results you need for your business

        The techniques, methods and processes of my good friend Mitch Axelrod are responsible for boosting more people into the ranks of the top 10% than almost any other trainer alive.
Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy

Legendary Speaker, Author & Coach
        Mitch conducted 3 of the highest rated conference calls we've ever sponsored. His seminars are the most illuminating and expansive days you will ever spend. If you want to be a sales Green Beret, call Mitch.
Jay Abraham

Jay Abraham

The greatest marketing expert alive today (Success Magazine) / Top-5 Executive Coach in the U.S. (Forbes)
        When I saw the incredible engagement of the audience at Dr. Champagne's live event, I implemented his system at our event. It amazes me the quality of relationship we were able to achieve with our audience.
Dr. Jennifer Brenton

Dr. Jennifer Brenton

Physician, Entrepreneur, Mother
        Mitch is a star in the speaking industry and one of America’s best kept secrets. He makes a great difference in the lives of all those he touches.
Juanell Teague

Juanell Teague

Known worldwide as "the business coach to the speaking industry"

Meet your instructor

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

Matthew Champagne, Ph.D.

For 30 years, Dr. Matt Champagne has been a researcher, instructor, scientist, author & serial entrepreneur. He has taught the Principles of Persuasion in universities, corporate training rooms and online.

Dr. Champagne was named “Technology Visionary” by SURVEY Magazine for his pioneering work merging psychology and technology to create never-before-seen customer feedback solutions.

When not teaching, “Doc” is usually cruising with his family or playing keyboard in his rock band.

Mitch Axelrod

Mitch Axelrod

The New Games of Business, Selling & Service

* #1 Best Selling Author

* Harvard Faculty

* IP, Licensing Specialist

* Trained 1 Million Professionals

* $3 Billion Revenue Created

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BEYOND INFLUENCE to INCOME - 'New' Cialdini findings that make people say YES


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Trusted by leading enterprises worldwide

Trusted by leading enterprises worldwide

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BEYOND INFLUENCE to INCOME - 'New' Cialdini findings that make people say YES


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