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Climate and Footprint know-how for busy professionals

5 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Get your head around global climate issues and learn 3 strategies that help you prevent and prepare for climate change.

Hosted by

Renée LaPlante

Founder of Decarbonista • Ex-Google Leader • WWF Footprint Coach

Course overview

Your time and energy are limited. Spend it on the actions that matter.

Addressing climate change doesn't have to feel hard or confusing. It can be joyful, fulfilling and productive with the right facts, perspective and focus. In this course, you'll be trained on essential knowledge, tools and a mindset to channel your effort into impactful action.

You will:

• Estimate your footprint and learn how to reduce it,

• Find your sweet spot for change without compromising your needs,

• Craft a step to start reducing emissions right away,

• Set a vision of the future you want,

• Discover what motivates and sidetracks you,

• Navigate greenwashing like a pro,

• Learn how to find best-in-class solutions for food, transport, consumption and home,

• Move from being overwhelmed and confused by climate news to feeling empowered,

• BONUS! See how to apply what you learn to support work and/or social peers.

Live for 5 consecutive Wednesdays:

May 17, 24, 31

June 7, 14

Join this course if you


Are a busy professional who wants to quickly get up to speed on climate change and understand the issues


Lack the time to read all the news, research and climate solutions and like frameworks to guide you through the noise


Feel uneasy with compromising certain life aspects but wish to "do the right thing" about the climate


Live in a developed economy and have a carbon footprint above 7 tonnes.

What you’ll get out of this course

Get briefed on what's driving our climate emergency, key terms and treaties, and understand how carbon emissions fit in

Calculate your personal carbon footprint and learn how to use it as a learning and action tool

Discover three straightforward strategies that work to address climate change

Learn and practice our bespoke 7-steps framework to maintain clarity and focus through the climate noise

What people are saying

        I usually get confronted with so much negativity, so I really appreciated the positive emotions. This is the way I want to go forward; this motivates me.


Financial Services employee
        I felt empowered, I felt good about myself, I’m making progress.


UX Designer and Mother
        My perspective has changed completely. I now realize “Footprint” and “Busy Life” go together.


Marketing Agency Owner
        To me it's the education that we really need. To know what is big or small and what to discuss and what has impact. This is so important, thank you for doing this.


Investment Professional

Meet your instructor

Renée LaPlante

Renée LaPlante

Founder of Decarbonista • Ex-Google Leader • WWF Footprint Coach

25 years of professional experience in Consulting, Communications, Coaching, Change Management and Carbon Footprints

  • Culture Innovation and People Performance Consultant
  • Carbon Footprint Coach 
  • Founder of the Decarbonista social impact project
  • WWF CO2 Footprint workshop facilitator
  • Board President of the Swiss NPO GreenUp, with the motto “less is more”
  • Advisor to Ailuna, an engagement App and platform for sustainability
  • A mom, wife, business owner and busy professional

Renée is a Culture Innovation and People Performance Consultant who harnesses her extensive experience in people management, strategic communications, advising and change management – including a decade at Google – to improve the trajectory of climate change, biodiversity protection and enhance human integrity. 

Renée is also a self-proclaimed “Carbon Footprint Coach” who has personally mentored hundreds of people to transform their lives from a source of greenhouse gas emissions to discover intentional low-footprint living, and establish new consumption patterns and regenerative practices. Her methodology is incorporated into the Swiss World Wildlife Fund's CO2 footprint reduction workshop, which she facilitates for International Corporations.

Renée can be found online and on stages presenting, educating and leading discussions about the opportunity and impact of personal footprint reduction at sustainability forums, leadership conferences and corporate training and events.

About Decarbonista

The Decarbonista Project has inspired thousands of people to discover their most joyful, lowest-emissions life, engaging with our climate emergency in an approachable and positive way. We develop and lead education and mentoring programs designed to enable individuals, families, teams and companies to overcome personal and systemic barriers for measurable, balanced, and urgent climate action.

Currently, we are scaling our footprint reduction research and know-how into a book that uses a holistic method to evolve mindsets, lifestyles and decision-making for a low-CO2 and regenerative future.

In this course, you will get a preview version of our book content!

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Climate and Footprint know-how for busy professionals

Course syllabus



Meet our climate reality. Get to know the facts, figures, targets and terminology you need to be up to speed.



Calculate your footprint and get oriented with how you fit into the climate conundrum. Try a few exercises to understand scale, support your wellbeing and find the personal connection to



Draft your future vision, try on a climate friendly lifestyle and expand your know-how with a few strategies to slow climate change.



Get to know our 7-steps framework that has worked for hundreds to move from fear and worry to action and impact.



Prepare your trusty roadmap to follow, stay focused and feel at ease knowing you're transforming along with the climate.

Course schedule

3 hours per week
  • Starts May 17, 2023

  • Live for five consecutive Wednesdays

    1-hour each session

    May 17, 24, 31

    June 7, and 14

  • Each Wednesday at 12:00 or 17:00 CEST

    Pick the time slot that works best for you and join a live, weekly cohort discussion.

  • Plus a weekly assignment

    about 2 hours per week

    Weekly, self-paced, independent learning and tasks are expected be completed prior to attending the live cohort sessions.

Enjoy learning with cohorts

Enjoy learning with cohorts

Flexible but structured learning

This course combines curated self-paced independent learning, hands-on practice, and live group sessions

Interactive peer exchange

You’ll be interacting weekly with Renée and other participants through Q&As, breakout rooms and group discussions

Grow alongside others

Connect with like-minded people who want to be held accountable, evolve and shape their positive future

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Climate and Footprint know-how for busy professionals