Data Mastery for Product Managers


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3 Weeks

Cohort-based Course

Make better decisions and build more impactful products by mastering your data. Learn data model, experiment, ML fundamental in 3 weeks 馃敟

Course overview

You've been focusing on the wrong data skills.

When people talk about "learning data", they usually mean "learning to analyze the data you already have". But what if you don't even have the necessary data to begin with, because you didn't make the right decisions as you were building your products?

In my experience building products over a decade, I've made and dealt with mistakes around data that hinder product development. Yes, it happens even at Meta 馃槺

In this 3-week course, we will go back to the fundamentals, tear down the jargon, and deeply understand the data structure behind your products. You'll learn to ask the right questions and put the right constraints to ensure your product is set up for success.

Each week, you will have:

- 90 mins of live session dedicated to hands-on exercises and deep dives to put the concept into practice. This is at 5pm GMT/12pm EST/9am PST.

- NEW: 45 mins of recorded content you can review in your own time before the live session.

- NEW: 2 x 45 mins of optional Q&A and project guidance at Australia/Asia/West Coast-friendly timezones.

- Hands-on projects and assignments to deepen your understanding.

- Individual feedback on your projects and assignments from me.

Who this course is for


Product managers, designers, UX-ers looking to deepen their product craft and make better decisions by utilizing data


Non-technical founders looking to ensure their product's data structure is optimized for future innovation


Business leaders looking to interact more effectively with the product and tech teams

What you鈥檒l learn in this course

Understand your product's data model

Interact with the engineers more effectively and ensure your product's success by understanding the data model behind your product.

Ensure robust success measurement

Define the right success metrics for your product, monitor impact to business outcomes, and design a robust experiment.

Identify opportunities for machine learning & automation

Scale and future-proof your product by utilizing data. Identify the right opportunities to ensure that you start gathering the right data ASAP.

Course syllabus

7 live sessions 鈥 3 modules 鈥 20 lessons 鈥 3 projects
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    (47 ratings)

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    Free resource

    Module 1 Preview: Data Model Fundamentals

    Curious to learn more? Here's a quick preview of the first module: data model fundamentals.

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    Meet your instructor

    Debbie Widjaja

    Debbie Widjaja

    A seasoned product leader with over 12 years of experience in the tech world, I thrive on solving complex problems:

    I crystalize my product thinking on Medium (130k+ readers) and offer 1:1 coaching and mentorship whenever I have some free time.

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    Data Mastery for Product Managers


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    Level up your impact by mastering data

    Level up your impact by mastering data

    Speak confidently about technical concepts

    Stop zoning out when your data scientists are talking about machine learning, or when your engineers are talking about data models.

    Carve out your unique value in the product team

    Understand the sharp insights and POV you can bring as a non-technical person to the team.

    Make better product decisions

    Connect the dots between product vision and implementations through the language of data, metrics, and measurements.

    Course schedule

    3-4 hours per week
    • Live sessions: Every Wednesday for 3 weeks

      5-7pm GMT/12-2pm EST/9-11am PST

      We'll waste no time and get straight to the core: Applying the frameworks you've learned through the recorded videos and focusing on hands-on exercises and practices.

      The sessions will be recorded if you can't make it, and I also host office hours / project walk-through and Q&A

    • NEW: Recorded videos (watch before live sessions)

      卤45mins in your own time

      Youll learn the fundamental concepts and frameworks through these videos. Make sure you watch them before the live sessions so we can get going!

    • Projects and case studies

      卤1 hour in your own time

      This is completely optional, but I strongly encourage it if you want to take your learning to the next level. Apply what you've learned to your own product or company.

    • Personalized project feedback


      I know peer-to-peer feedback can be unreliable. That's why I always spend a good amount of time reviewing your projects and assignments and giving individual feedback.

    • NEW: (Optional) Project walk-through and Q&A

      2 x 45 mins - come and ask questions

      Some of my students are based in Australia and Asia, some other students have obligations which means they have to miss the live sessions. I added two more optional sessions @45 mins each week:

      • 8am GMT / 4pm Singapore time / 6pm Sydney time
      • 8pm GMT / 4pm EST / 1pm PST

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    Data Mastery for Product Managers


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