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Transform the Daily Grind

2 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Create space, time, ease, and inspiration in your day without neglecting other parts of your life

Hosted by

David Lederman

Founder Integrative Resilience Institute | Expert on Burnout, Work-Life, & Flow

Course overview

Imagine your day without fighting against yourself, the clock, or all the chaos

You're smart, you're hard-working, so why are you still grinding through your day?

In any moment you either step in a way that is degenerative or regenerative. The problem is we’ve been taught to identify and evaluate our steps with a limited lens. I compare it to defining the world through just the lens of classical physics versus also including the paradoxical laws of quantum physics. That disconnect results in feeling ongoing internal dis-ease, anxiety, and fear, and constantly feeling like you have to squeeze or overlook one part of life to help another.

This course does 3 things:

1) Helps you see just how subtle and taxing your limited lens is (that keeps you stuck in the grind) and how to release that conditioning

2) Introduces you to the 4 levels of life involved in maximizing regenerative work (life force, physical, mental/emotional, quantum)

3) Helps you master a shortcut to jumpstart the process of working regeneratively: understanding, tuning into, and orienting your daily steps toward greater expansion

Expansion, really?

Expansion is the consistent thread experienced when aligning any and all of the 4 levels of life. Expansion is what we experience with everything from greater love and security to feeling un-rushed, in awe, and at ease with the pressure and fear inside us. It's the ultimate North Star.

The challenge is that expansion is much more than feeling good or more of something. And the way we experience expansion involves tuning into the mind, body, and world around you in a way that often conflicts with the ways we've been taught to define and measure progress. This is why the daily grind persists.

This course is not going to ask you to dig deep or get more done quickly!

If all it took was getting more done quickly, or more free time, or even just digging deep and telling ourselves our taxing work situation is simply pure joy, we'd all be grind-free by now. There's more to the story. And it can seem counterintuitive until you realize the grind likely has always been there. In fact, even when you're on vacation, you're probably still grinding, albeit internally, with thoughts and worries about what's happening at work or the subtle or not-so-subtle sense of dis-ease you feel with pressure to make the most of your free time.

This course is for you if...


You’re a senior leader or entrepreneur age 35 to 55 who always has to be available or always has too much to get done


You’re sick of the grind affecting your sleep, health, relationships, and even what you think about when not working


You feel frustrated or confused because despite being smart, accomplished, and willing to do whatever it takes, the grind persists


You’ve tried all sorts of approaches that only moved the needle in the short-term and you're ready for sustainable change.

What you’ll get out of this course

Clarity and Greater Control

Learn why the grind persists regardless of life circumstances and why the toxicity is not necessary

Engage Expansion and Inner Flow On-demand

Learn my M.A.G.I.C framework for engaging expansion and inner flow on-demand

Go Beyond Just Reducing Stress and Overwhelm

Learn powerful practices such as the Activation Renewal Technique and Progressive Tension Release that transform toxic situations into a source of renewal and inspiration

Mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Somatic, and Other Powerful Tools

Gain effective tools to identify and re-engineer limiting beliefs and unconscious conditionings that keep you stuck in taxing work-life dynamics

Develop a Core Stability Practice

Develop a personal core stability practice for navigating stress, chaos, and uncertainty with consistency and ease

28-Day Post-Course Integration Challenge

Maintain inspiration, momentum, and success with 28 daily prompts that help you build deeper relationship to what you learn in this course so it becomes an integrated part of your new work day.

Why This Course May Be For You

Meet David and learn why this powerful course may be right for you

What people are saying

        After years of focusing on being hyper-productive, trying to balance being a parent, husband and exec I was burned out. By shining a light on some of my core assumptions, I learned how much of my work day & success centered around grinding to avoid certain fears. The tools/practices David uses are refreshing, highly effective, and life changing.
Michael Dehmlow

Michael Dehmlow

Former CTO/COO, Pax8
        It's helped me progress in a healthy way through some of the hardest and most painful experiences I’ve ever had, including deep loss and grief and very challenging and disorienting change. Our sessions have had a truly lasting effect on my well-being, and I feel empowered and in tune with my body and emotions in an authentic and meaningful way.
Cindy Teruya

Cindy Teruya

Senior Content Project Lead - Google
        I absolutely LOVED learning about my life force drivers with David. I was surprised at how much it helped me cultivate new awareness of tendencies I have that are impeding my ability to fully thrive in my life and the world. It is the gift that keeps on giving and I have so much to be proud of as well as so much I can do to further enrich my life.
Matthew Lederman

Matthew Lederman

Chief Medical Officer - WeHeal
        David has had a large effect on the way I approach my career and life. He has shown me that making micro adjustments can have a big impact on my approach to daily routines, having difficult conversations, managing multiple team members in different geographical locations and even personal relationships.
Matt Robison

Matt Robison

Director of Engineering, HiringThing

Meet your instructor

David Lederman

David Lederman

Co-Founder, Integrative Resilience Institute

David is a coach, mentor, speaker and author revolutionizing the way we work.

He spent nearly 20-years working as a leader in tech, particularly focused on user experience. However, after surviving burnout that nearly cost him his family, career, and health, David became passionate about transforming the user experience of work and the daily grind. 

After spending the last 7-years and thousands of hours researching the daily grind, high-performance, and well-being, David co-founded the Integrative Resilience Institute, and made it his life's mission to help individuals and teams transform how they think about, engage, and experience work.

David works with leaders from billion dollar tech firms all the way down to early-stage start-ups, from around the world, across a variety of highly demanding industries.

David's clients go from frustration, overwhelm, and burnout to inspiration. They achieve regenerative high-performance; and reliably tap into intuitive leadership so that work becomes a life-enhancing force.

David’s approach blends neurobiology, cognitive behavioral coaching, positive psychology, mindfulness, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, energetics, and nature-based coaching.

His new book “The 4 Life Paradoxes Standing Between You and Trusting Life” will be out in 2023.

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Transform the Daily Grind

Course Syllabus


Regain Control

We’ll start by getting clear on the full extent and impact of grinding in your life. Learn why grinding is about alignment and not outputs or outcomes. Discover a powerful mind-body practice that taps into your inner wisdom to define your optimal state and a personalized new map you can use during the course to begin untangling from the grind.


Let Go of Burdening Beliefs and Toxic Conditioning

We'll identify your toxic conditionings, limiting beliefs, and Core Conditioned Mindset that keep you stuck in grind mode. You'll learn a powerful technique that integrates the body and NLP to release your most burdensome limiting belief. We'll then re-engineer a recent work challenge to see how effective you can be without the grind.


Develop a Daily Core Stability Practice

We'll learn about several critical topics and tools that help you go through your day with ongoing inspiration and renewal. This includes how to cross the Rapid Transformation Threshold, the power of sequencing your day, utilizing active recovery over passive, and my M.A.G.I.C framework for engaging expansion and inner flow on-demand.


Stay Out of the Grind

We’ll explore the 4 levels of life involved in maximizing regenerative work long-term: life force, physical, mental/emotional, & quantum. We'll also look at discerning key thresholds such as: urgency versus eagerness, straining versus flowing, attachment versus discipline, and being powerful versus forceful.

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An intimate cohort equivalent to an executive coach and a life-transforming mastermind group at a fraction of the cost.

Course Schedule

6 hours over 4 sessions
  • 8pm GMT

    Live sessions on:

    • March 21, 8pm-9:30pm GMT (4pm-5:30pm ET)
    • March 23, 8pm-9:30pm GMT (4pm-5:30pm ET)
    • March 28, 8pm-9:30pm GMT (3pm-4:30pm ET)
    • March 30, 8pm-9:30pm GMT (3pm-4:30pm ET)

    Time change in USA in week 2 due to daylight savings; async access to community/materials throughout course & after

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow alongside you

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Transform the Daily Grind