Rediscover Magic and Awe -- Level 1


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8 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Begin to break free from survival mentality, tap into intuitive wisdom deep within you, and live and work more aligned with your heart

Course overview

What if you could...

...step out of survival/grind mentality and into a life full of alignment, ease, and flow?

...make big, important decisions with confidence and ease?

...clear the airwaves in your mind by differentiating your intuitive voice from your head voice? new opportunities, creativity, and paths forward where previously you only saw dead ends?


Imagine trying to go through your busy day using an old Macintosh II computer from 1987. Crazy, right? What if I told you you're designed to go through life as if you're using a 2023 MacBook Pro?

Your inner knowing is millions to billions of times more powerful than your logical brain, which means solely relying on your logical mind to improve your life may be what's blocking you.

This course helps you amplify your life force and and begin to master your inner knowing in practical and easy-to-integrate ways, empowering you to harness incredible potentials to get out of survival mode and into creating the life of your dreams.


This course integrates neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics with ancient wisdom and indigenous mind-body tools from cultures that understood how to reliably tap into our inner knowing.

The information and practices in this course have been fused together in an innovative way thanks to David's unique background as a former User Experience tech leader, a nature-based executive coach, and his years of training in ancient indigenous healing practices.


1) Learn the 6 critical parts of your intuitive capabilities and how to dial them up for maximum impact in practical and reliable ways

2) Learn powerful mind-body techniques and practices, some of which are thousands of years old, to accelerate breakthrough and long-term integration

3) Discover super powers hidden within you to better navigate our increasingly complex, volatile, and uncertain world

4) Better navigate the reconditioning process required to successfully release old habits that no longer serve you while more fully embracing new, aligning ways of being

5) Increase creativity, innovation, and productivity in ways that will blow your (logical) mind

Early Bird Price: $500 (register by September 17th - use code EBMA150)

Who this course is for


You're considering a major life transition and are tired of mentally spinning your wheels trying to find the "right" answer


You're tired of all the stress, anxiety, and dis-ease you feel in our increasingly complex, volatile, and uncertain world


You've got BIG questions about life and feel there's much more to your own life, but you're not sure how to align that with "real" life


You're open to and intrigued by ancient wisdom but hesitate to explore because you aren't interested in new age fluff or quackery


You'd love to go from incremental increases in creativity, innovation, & inspiration to make quantum leaps a normal part of your day

What you’ll get out of this course

Acquire a Map for Massive Breakthrough

Discover our Ayni framework based on wisdom over 5000 years old, fused with the latest science, which helps accelerate breakthrough and makes it easier to bridge where you are now with where your inner truth is guiding you.

Become the “You” Who Has Always Felt Just Beyond Your Reach

Learn powerful techniques and practices that turbocharge neuroplasticity and the process of releasing old thoughts, feelings, and habits, all of which have kept you disconnected from your inner truth.

Master the Art of Being at the Right Place at the Right Time

Discover how to influence your physical body, mental/emotional body, and life force to alter the electromagnetic signal you broadcast out into the world. Increase your inner tracking skills and sensitivity to tune into "wisdom" available to your 5 senses and beyond.

Make Big Decisions With Greater Ease and Confidence

Sharpen your mind-body sensitivity to more clearly differentiate your inner knowing from your conditioned head voice. Learn the 4 ways humans are designed to make bigger decisions using our Inner Authority and which way aligns with your physical, mental, and life force make-up.

Gain Powerful Mind-Body Practices - Backed by Science & Ancient Wisdom

Benefit from powerful tools and practices, including our Awareness Renewal Technique, to shift out of activated states and survival mentality into elevated states of imagination and intuition, equipping you to make quantum leaps a normal part of your day-to-day.

Shift from Battling Life to Co-Creating with Life

Learn how your neurobiology and neurochemistry has evolved to help you shift out of constantly grinding through your day. Become empowered to co-create your life in greater alignment, ease, and flow.

Set Yourself Up For Success

Experience in each session powerful teachings, ancient/mythic storytelling, experiential practices, and group breakouts, as well as bi-weekly office hours for personalized feedback. Gain access to elders in my Ayni Support Circle who offer mentorship, support, and connection.

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"I am so grateful for this course. All I can say is take it, don't question it, and then what you actually get out of the course will amaze you." -Channing Porter

What people are saying

        Truly impactful. While it might seem a bit mystical, it's rooted in crucial aspects of human life, such as brain evolution, empathy, & intuition. Give yourself permission to break free from the usual patterns and pursuit of resilience and survival. Open yourself up to the opportunity to uncover the inner powers that have always existed within you.
Felix Schmid

Felix Schmid

Founder, Evrlearn
        Working with David changed my life. I was able to connect with my inner authority and build a relationship with myself that I didn’t know I needed. His approach is a refreshing departure from our world of “life hacks." I've built an intuitive muscle that guides me and now find it much easier to find a state of flow.
Michael Dehmlow

Michael Dehmlow

Former CTO/COO, Pax8
        Once again, my life is changed forever because of David. This is the second course I took with him and I can't believe how much different of a version of myself I am from who I was when I started. He provides a great mix of teaching, interaction, practical implementation, and pure magic. If you ever get the chance to take a class with him, do it!
Kara Dennison

Kara Dennison

CEO, Optimized Career Solutions
        Working with David was an incredible experience. It totally surpassed any expectations I had. Each session was remarkably well structured and brought different knowledge and practices, and is packed with intriguing insights. Working with David opened a new door for me and has given me access to new sources of answers I did not even know existed.
Razvan Reff

Razvan Reff

Founder & Managing Director, White Box Technologies
        I had been job searching for 6 months, doing all the "right things." Through the lessons, practices, & wisdom in this course, I shifted big limiting beliefs holding me back, listened to my intuition, took aligned action, and actually landed a job by the end of the course. I learned I can create quantum leaps in my life and do it with flow and ease.
Channing Porter

Channing Porter

Sales Lead, BFC
        This course has distinctly changed how I view myself and the world around me. I am more aware of my ability to craft the life I want, and I’m experiencing more awe and wonder. David does an incredible job of guiding his students through conversation and various practices! 
Annie Elfelt

Annie Elfelt

Email Copywriter
        This course is packed with valuable information, as well as practical tools and exercises you can apply in your everyday life. It teaches you ways to connect more fully with yourself, enhance your intuition and act from a more aligned place to co-create the life you want. 
Corina Potarniche

Corina Potarniche

Founder, One Systemic Coaching
        David’s approach is groundbreaking. His deep empathy and analytical style allow him to understand others’ struggles and tap into universal truths and patterns that are challenging to notice because they contradict so much of what we’re taught in today’s culture. Integrating what I learned has made a tremendous difference in every area of life.
Cindy Teruya

Cindy Teruya

Senior Content Project Lead - Google
        I am much faster at being able to create that heart-mind coherence without all of the static and energy it would take to do it before. I used to have to do a 20-minute meditation and it was this big overhaul to get myself there. With the practices you've given me, in under 5-minutes I can do it.
Jack Dennison

Jack Dennison

Mindset Coach, Optimized Career Solutions

Meet your instructor

David Lederman

David Lederman

Life Force Instigator | Inspirational Speaker and Author | Intuitive Leadership Executive Coach

David specializes in helping people reconnect to the magic and awe in them and all around them to transform their lives in practical and powerful ways.

He works with visionary, unconventional, and innovative professionals from around the world, ranging from executives at huge tech firms all the way down to early-stage start-ups.

His unique approach blends neurobiology, epigenetics, and quantum physics with ancient wisdom and indigenous mind-body connection practices.

From the time he was a child, he knew there was much more to life than what we see around us. But he grew up in a family and culture that conditioned most of that out of him.

In the midst of a long career as a tech leader (in User Experience), following major family trauma, burnout, and mental health issues that nearly cost him his marriage, career, and health, he found himself on a 7-year journey, interviewing people from all walks of life about the user experience of life.

His research led him to explore different bodies of wisdom and other cultures, older cultures, that approached work, family, personal development, and even work-life balance very differently from the modern world.

David became trained and certified in nature-based coaching and indigenous healing practices, with particular influences by the Q'ero Shamans of Peru.

Unlike most approaches on developing intuitive abilities that rely primarily on meditation and intuition alone, David fosters powerful, practical, and highly transformative ways of accessing the deep wisdom within you that caters to people with highly active minds and stressful, uncooperative work-life situations.

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Rediscover Magic and Awe -- Level 1


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Course syllabus


WELCOME, Intro's, and Why We Haven't Been Able to Consistently and Reliably Access our Inner Knowing

We'll explore the 4 key oversights in why our efforts to think positively, be mindful, and meditate still leave us inconsistently able to access our inner knowing. Discover the neurobiological evidence for utilizing our inner knowing. And dive into the powerful Ayni framework that gives you a map throughout the course and beyond.


INTENTION: Where everything starts

Intention is NOT a mental goal or aspiration. It's the story you (often unconsciously) electromagnetically embody with your mind, heart, and spirit. Discover your Core Life Intention, which holds the key to escaping survival mentality. Develop 3 new life-enriching intentions that fully utilize your capabilities as a co-creative force.


INTERCONNECTION: Tap into the wisdom, guidance, and reassurance available in the unified field that connects us all

The world is much more than we sense. Rediscover how to deeply experience the 3 levels of interconnection: heart-mind, cross-generational, and the natural world. Learn techniques to see how the world is always mirroring back guidance. Identify your "medicine" - the unique, innate, and most powerful way you can engage the interconnected world.


INSPIRATION: Dial up your life force

You showed up with a powerful life force that offers unlimited levels of inspiration for you to leverage. Learn our M.A.G.I.C framework for accessing inspiration on-demand. Develop a personalized strategy for integrating inspiration into your busy days. And experience a powerful somatic practice to ignite the rest of your intuitive guidance system.


IMAGINATION: Empower new possibilities, new stories, and new adventures

Your imagination exists to empower the quantum leaps and magic your inner knowing knows you're ready to bring into the world. Discover an ancient mind-body practice that turbocharges neuroplasticity and expands how you can use your visual cortex. Learn the 4 levels of perception and how to more easily go beyond the literal mind to see.


INTUITION: Get to know your inner jaguar

More inspired, full of imagination, you are better able to tune into your intuition - momentary knowing arising without explanation. Learn our enhanced sensory practice to sharpen your intuitive sensitivity. Discover how to "track" with all 5 of your senses dialed up fully. And learn to differentiate your intuitive voice from your head voice.


INNER AUTHORITY: Make bigger decisions with confidence and ease

Learn the 4 ways humans are physically designed to confirm if our intuitive hits are right for us at any time. Discover which way aligns with your unique design. Identify your core fears that get in the way of trusting and experimenting with your inner authority. Experience a powerful indigenous practice to move beyond that fear.


RECONDITIONING & SELF-REGULATION: Staying aligned in an unaligned world

To maintain long-term success, you also have to shed old ways. Learn how to overcome neural habituation, neurochemical conditioning, and subconscious habits. Discover our Awareness Renewal Technique to shift out of survival mentality into elevated states of mind & body. Develop a personalized plan for fostering a supportive home & work environment.

Course schedule

2 hours per week over 8 weeks
  • Live session: Every Tuesday (8 sessions total)

    12-2pm ET | 9-11am PT | 7-9pm EEST***

    • October 3
    • October 10
    • October 17
    • October 24
    • October 31***
    • November 7
    • November 14
    • November 21

    **NOTE: Europe and the U.S. switch clocks at different times during the course, which means the October 31st session will be an hour earlier for only those outside of the U.S.

  • Virtual Q&A / Office Hours (optional)

    12-1pm ET | 9-10am PT | 7-8pm EEST

    • Thursday, October 19
    • Thursday, November 9
    • Tuesday, November 28

    NOTE: these are optional sessions where you can ask questions, share successes and challenges, connect more with other participants, and get clarity on applying the practices and learnings.

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An intimate cohort equivalent to an executive coach and a life-transforming mastermind group at a fraction of the cost.

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Rediscover Magic and Awe -- Level 1


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