Your Codified Management Playbook

Lead with intention and anticipate the play to call before the situation demands it.

Dave Kline (Alum @ Bridgewater, NYU Stern, Moody's, PwC)
Dave Kline (Alum @ Bridgewater, NYU Stern, Moody's, PwC)
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Develop the CODE of your management system: coach, operate, delegate, & engage.

Leave with a decision making system tailored to your individual management style.

Who is this course for


Newly promoted first-time managers

Skip unnecessary mistakes that plague inexperienced managers. Systems are your cheat code.


Managers with 1-5 years of experience

Reset and give yourself space to clear out the management equivalent of 'tech debt'.


Experienced managers leading new teams

Maximize this new opportunity to hone your approach. Jumpstart your first 90 days.

Overcome The Most Common Management Challenges

Drowning in a sea of unrelated tasks?

You'll develop a top-down approach to setting team goals, proven practices to delegate efficiently and a simple system to monitor progress.

Feel like you're alone on an island?

You'll overcome imposter syndrome and refine your management approach to attract a mutually supportive community of management peers.

Frustrated your team can't prevent problems?

You'll develop a simple system to collect, prioritize and anticipate your team's issues before they become fire drills.

Still hunting alignment w/ your boss?

Managing up requires strategy and finesse. Flip that dynamic on its head by learning the do's and don'ts for managing your manager.

Wishing for solutions instead of issues?

You'll practice a step-by-step approach to understand and diagnose any issue. And teach your team to do the same.

Exhausted giving feedback that doesn't produce change?

You'll leave with detailed feedback for 2-3 of your direct reports and a plan to assess progress in their development.

Course syllabus


How A Manager Creates Value

We start with a foundation of what makes managers unique: mindsets to master, abilities to develop, skills to hone.


Feedback That Fuels Development

As a manager, you're a coach, a mentor, a leader, and a friend. Use effective feedback to unlock your team's potential.


Convert Goals to Expectations

The foundation of your management system. We cascade down from goals to work activities so you can oversee your team well.


Delegate & Operate

Confidently empower & enable your team to achieve more without succumbing to the micromanagement trap.


Recruit High Performance Teams

We examine optimal role designs for different functions and tactics required to attract and retain the best talent.


Your Competitive Advantage: Brand, Community & Soft Skills

The best managers are limited edition, they are 1 of 1. You are too. We'll define & enhance your individual management brand.

Meet Your Instructor

Dave Kline
Dave Kline
-> By the numbers

2: Decades leading high impact teams in consulting, financial services & asset management.


14: Cohorts of early career leaders that I’ve taught at multiple companies.


37: Number of direct reports I inherited in my 20’s after a global restructuring.


100: Managers that I’ve recruited, on-boarded & mentored at Bridgewater Associates.


250: Group diagnostic sessions I facilitated to solve complex problems & train the teams while doing it.


1,000: Performance evaluations delivered with grace and respect for stars and terminations alike.


385,000,000: My team's top revenue year at Moody's.

See what people are saying

        Joining the MGMT Accelerator allowed me to jump-start my new management role. This course not only gave me the tools and processes to successfully lead my team but a network of others who had experienced or were experiencing similar challenges. This community is priceless. I’m excited to leverage my learning to lift members of my team up.
Dan Goldblatt
Dan Goldblatt
Tech Lead - UiPath
        Dave has a unique ability to break down complex concepts into simple, practical takeaways. I've seen him effectively develop generations of new managers using this accessible, fundamental approach through our years of working together. His codified playbook is a powerful one for growing the next generation of management talent.
Diana Zhang
Diana Zhang
CEO and Co-Founder - NeighborShare
        As a newer manager, I derived a ton of value from Dave's course. It provided a broad look at the most important managerial topics: managing a diverse team, prioritizing, and delivering tasks in a meaningful and productive way. I felt like I walked away from every meeting with something tactical to try with my team.
Alexandra Beckemeyer
Alexandra Beckemeyer
Manager of Customer Success - LiveControl
        Dave has a deep passion and unique ability to help people realize their full potential - from first time managers to seasoned executives. His flexible coaching combined with common-sense management systems is a powerful combination. Having experienced its effectiveness first-hand, I’m excited to see him offer this at greater scale.
Ben Plummer
Ben Plummer
VP of Product - Elemental Cognition

You're in excellent company w/ MGMT Accelerator alums

You're in excellent company w/ MGMT Accelerator alums

Learning is better with friends

Learning is better with friends
Active, not passive

This course focuses on live workshops, AMAs with industry leaders who have been in your shoes and hands-on projects so you leave with new friends and a working system.

Your community in lockstep

You'll be part of a highly curated set of peers who'll support your journey and act as a sounding board well after class ends.

Management methods when you need them

Can't make a class? They're all recorded and available. Need help cracking a problem? Hop into our exclusive discord channels and get help from me and the broader community.

Get reimbursed by your employer

Get reimbursed by your employer
Your employer may have funds to cover this course

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