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Storytelling with Data - Strategic Communication in Business

3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Learn to visualize & strategically communicate insights to key stakeholders and drive organizational decisions.

Hosted by

Salma Sultana

17+ years experience in Business Analysis & Strategic Communications for C-Suite

Course overview

Transform your data into impactful stories that resonates with your audience

In this course you will learn how to highlight trends, explain occurrences, make complex data more understandable, and learn about the importance of presenting with clarity, rather than complexity. Gain insights into how best to design graphs and construct compelling, logically sound, data-driven presentations for varied audiences.

The course encourages you to communicate compellingly, helping you promote understanding and inspiring change.

Who is this course for


For any professional who wants to develop their strategic data communication and presentation skills & build credibility among executives


Anyone looking to create impact and influence data-driven decision making for an audience who values insightful information.


For executives and managers who want to know what good visualization and storytelling is like but who are not mainly responsible or tasked

What you’ll get out of this course

You'll learn the skills that make up the entire art of speaking the language of data

You'll have a better understanding of how to communicate with data through effective visualization and storytelling, drive action with data-driven decisions, and most importantly create stunning communications that will leave a lasting impression on the audience.

Communicate complex information with simplicity

You will be able to communicate complicated information with simplicity so that your audience can engage with your content, understand the "why", make critical decisions quicker and more confidently.

Understand problematic visualizations and how to avoid misrepresenting data

You will get a deeper understanding of when to use specific illustrations and graph and become aware of all the good and bad practices in data storytelling.

Anticipate and manage audience's questions

You'll be able to anticipate questions from varied audiences and

enhance decision-making by using appropriate cues and indicators for specific audiences.

Meet your instructor

Salma Sultana

Salma Sultana

Data Storytelling, Data Visualization & Presentation expert

Salma is a highly successful data-driven, detail-oriented analyst & business strategist with over 17 years of experience in the field of data. During her career, she has worked alongside C-Suite executives, change & transformation teams, project managers and consultants from McKinsey to drive major strategic decisions for the organization.

The biggest highlights of her career include overseeing planning and analysis of 2 major acquisitions and a 3-way merger, and participation in several digitization projects yielding over $5M in annual savings.

An extrovert by nature, Salma is very passionate about teaching as well. During her career she trained multiple interns, conducted internal workshops on topics related to communicating with data, and advanced Excel. She now conducts (remote) personalized and cohort training sessions to spread knowledge and bridge the gap between communication, data and design.

When asked what's unique about this course, this is what she had to say:

"In my course, I teach you how to visualize, communicate impactful data stories and build credibility in the corporate space, how to be known among business stakeholders, managements, executives, and earn a seat at the big discussion table"

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Storytelling with Data - Strategic Communication in Business

Course syllabus


Learning Session 1

•Understanding the Basics of Storytelling and Selecting the Right Data for Business Needs

•Principles of Strategic Decision-Making and Visualization, Importance of KPIs and Metrics to Drive Storytelling Effectiveness.

•What Makes a Good Data visualization?

•Frameworks to Structure Your Presentations: (ABT framework, Minto Pyramid Principle)


Learning Session 2

•14 Most Commonly Used Charts in Data Visualization

•Questions to Ask When Deciding Which Type of Chart to Use

•Design Best Practices for Each Type of Chart


Learning Session 3

•Misleading Data Visualization with Examples

•How to Avoid Misleading Visuals

•The Impact Of Bad Data Visualizations


Learning Session 4

•Sketching the Data Story

•How to Take Data Storytelling in Your Presentation to The Next Level

•4 Essential Elements of Data Storytelling

•The Principles of Design and Their Importance


Learning Session 5

•How to Persuade Your Audience With Data Storytelling

•Business Communication Words and Phrases. What to Use and What to Avoid


Optional Sessions

Refer to course schedule below to get more details on the Optional Sessions

Course schedule

4-6 hours per week
  • Learning Sessions : Fridays &Tuesdays

    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

    Live interactive sessions on Zoom where you will learn alongside your peers.

  • Optional Session: Wednesdays - Discussion and Feedback

    10:00 AM - 11:00 AM EDT

    Optional interactive session where you can ask your doubts, share your feedback, discuss projects with your peers.

  • Optional Session: 27 April, 2023 - Q&A with Guest Speaker

    12:00 PM - 1:00 PM EDT

    Spend an hour with a guest speaker who will answer your questions and share tips & tricks on how to become better at presenting insights.

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Storytelling with Data - Strategic Communication in Business