Becoming an Emerging VC Fund Manager

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Have you launched your own VC fund? Do you aspire to become an emerging manager? Learn how to set up and optimise your fund to standout!

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Course overview

Starting a fund can be overwhelming, but it doesn't have to be...

I'm going to show you how to build a venture fund the right way.

We will focus on the building blocks of a strong and attractive fund proposition, the dos and don'ts, fundraising strategies and the most effective ways to communicate with LP prospects and raise your fund.

This is a live, interactive, cohort-based course. Each cohort has limited capacity and is open to applicants globally.

Who is this course for


You're an existing emerging manager looking to optimise and enhance your fund offering.


You're a seasoned investor looking to spin-out and start your own fund, but you no longer have the comfort of a big brand behind you.


You aspire to start your own fund, are proactive and want to get ahead of the curve to understand all aspects of what this journey entails.

What you’ll get out of this course

Explore best practices when setting up and designing your fund

Acquire the skills and knowledge to successfully set up your venture fund. This includes the full suite of tools and considerations necessary to operate and deliver your key message accordingly.

Understand the mind of an LP investor on the other side of the table

Get direct insight into what a fund investor looks for, together with the tips and tricks that will best prepare you to attract investment into your fund.

Learn how to construct a compelling fundraising narrative

Setting up your fund is one thing, but communicating your fund opportunity is key to turning this concept into a reality. Here, we will work on unpacking your pitch, how to standout from your peers and develop your fundraising strategy.

Build your network and grow your footprint

The VC industry is all about network. Joining this cohort plugs you directly into my global emerging manager community of 500+ funds alone. This, together with your cohort peers presents lifelong learning and an opportunity for knowledge-sharing, deal flow and all things VC!

Course syllabus

7 lessons • 7 lessons
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  • Week 1

    Jan 23—Jan 28

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Foundation

    • Narrative

    • Materials

    • Execution

  • Week 2

    Jan 29—Feb 1

    Week dates are set to instructor's time zone


    • Fund Economics

    • Data Room

    • Fundraising

What people are saying

        In the current market it would be folly to launch a first fund without the strong foundation this course provides you with. Don't even think of trying. Let Dario be your guide.
Alexandre Covello 🇫🇷

Alexandre Covello 🇫🇷

Partner at Paladin Ventures
        Dario's course exceeded my expectations and proves to be an invaluable resource for anyone looking to break into the world of fund management. Dario's expertise and clear communication style made complex concepts easily understandable. All delivered with a good dose of humour!
Dr. Christiaan de Koning 🇳🇱

Dr. Christiaan de Koning 🇳🇱

Founding Director at Founders & Funders | Founding Team - Venture Lab at Planet Positive Lab
        Dario is a very knowledgeable and sophisticated LP with a great eye when it comes to emerging managers. He is a big supporter of diversity in the venture ecosystem and has been very supportive with his LP network and industry insights. It’s been a real treat to work with him and have him at the Bridge.
Sophia Platt 🇺🇸

Sophia Platt 🇺🇸

Founding Partner | Head of LP Relations @ The Bridge
        When we were launching our fundraise, Dario was super helpful in providing transparent and clear feedback on what LPs look for, how to structure our data room, and key points to include in our deck. It’s rare to come across LPs that are so willing to demystify the fundraising journey - Dario is the real deal.
Saloni Bhojwani 🇬🇧

Saloni Bhojwani 🇬🇧

Co-Founder & Partner at Pink Salt Ventures
        Dario was a great thought partner in the early days of setting up Embed. His willingness and commitment to getting stuck in was invaluable as a first-time solo GP.
Yann Ranchere🇨🇭

Yann Ranchere🇨🇭

Founder at EMBED | Venture Partner at Anthemis
        Dario has been a thoughtful and dedicated partner from day one. Since our first meeting, his commitment to the asset class and emerging managers was clear. He's invested in building a meaningful community and ecosystem of emerging managers and has been an open, trusted and collaborative partner to f7. 
Kelly Graziadei 🇺🇸

Kelly Graziadei 🇺🇸

Founder & General Partner at f7 Ventures
        Dario is a proactive, hands-on investor whose commitment to transparency, communication and connection is a key differentiator in the market. He always did what he said he was going to do, and was ready to jump in and help if we needed it"
Courtney Leimkuhler 🇺🇸

Courtney Leimkuhler 🇺🇸

Founding Partner at Springbank Collective
        Dario is a great partner. As an LP he is curious and supportive, helping to navigate the journey as an emerging fund manager.
Ella Goldner 🇬🇧

Ella Goldner 🇬🇧

Co-Founder at ZINC | Co-Founder at Alma Angels | Co-Founder at NewCo UK
        We have seen a growing interest in students wanting to build their own funds. Dario gave a wonderful overview of what you need to think about when entering this market and setting expectations of what is involved. He was very open to sharing the positive and negatives of the world and answers questions in a clear and concise way.
Natalie Berge 🇬🇧

Natalie Berge 🇬🇧

Head of Networks & Alumni | Entrepreneurship Centre | Saïd Business School , University of Oxford

Meet your instructor

Dario de Wet

Dario de Wet

Founder & General Partner at LTV Capital

Hi, I'm Dario. When I first entered the VC world, I was always fixated on thesis development and futurist thinking. This set precedent for my keen interest to invest into the emerging manager VC ecosystem - deploying into six top-tier emerging fund managers and reviewing 500+ funds over the past 18-months.

Prior to founding LTV Capital, I was a Principal at Anthemis Group, a market-leading global fintech investor ($1.5bn AUM), where I co-led fund investments.

During my early tenure at Anthemis, I built and invested into early-stage embedded finance plays in partnership with BBVA. I then co-led the development and fundraising of a first-of-its kind embedded finance fund at the intersection of media and financial services. 

Despite a failed fundraise, this experience provided coalface exposure to both sides of the industry; setting the foundation for my desire to empower emerging managers.

As such, I have guest lectured on this topic at the University of Oxford Saïd Business School’s Entrepreneurship Centre, served as a panelist on the Oxford and Harvard alumni's Founder & Funders series and sat on the LP Selection Committee of Europe’s leading tech VC LP community, ALLOCATE.

I also like to write articles on all-things related to VC, which you can find here.

But it's not all business for me. Outside of work, I am an ex-125cc motorcycle road racing champion. Motorcycle racing teaches you a lot about risk-taking and the balance between winning races versus championships. Inevitably, you will fall off (and potentially break some bones in the process).

The difference is that you need to get back up, learn from your mistake and go faster next time. In fact, due to mechanical failures at the beginning of my championship season (first full season), I had to win the final three races of the year, without putting a wheel wrong. And i did it.

It is this mindset that influences my approach towards the venture industry, and I want to share this with others.

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Becoming an Emerging VC Fund Manager


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Course schedule

3 hours per week
  • Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays

    8:00am - 09:00am EST

  • Sunday (Week 1)

    10:00am - 11:00pm EST (Office Hours)

    Here is your opportunity to ask me anything. Ideally, I'd love to work with your materials and provide direct feedback.

  • Q&A

    The Community (24/7)

    If you have a burning question, the community and I are here at your disposal.

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It's all about community

It's all about community

Build your network

Ecosystem is at the centre of the venture world. This course builds on live interactions to foster, grow and support your network as an emerging manager globally.

Level up

Be part of the first online Maven interactive course specifically designed to set up the next wave of talented emerging VC managers for long-term success.

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Becoming an Emerging VC Fund Manager


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