Discover your Inner SuperLearner

A 4-Week Accelerated Learning Adventure.

Life is learning. The better you are at learning, the better you are at life.

Collin Jewett - Head Instructor
Andrea Szabo Ph.D. - Coach
Dylan Peterson - Coach
Luke Herman - Coach


Collin Jewett - Head Instructor, Andrea Szabo Ph.D. - Coach, Dylan Peterson - Coach, Luke Herman - Coach

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The course that will make learning anything fast, fun, and easy for the rest of your life.

Messages from Alumni

        Down to earth and exceptionally skilled at making the complicated simple. Collin’s coaching style can best be described as giving you a sprinkle of what you think you want, and a generous dose of what you really need. Those lucky enough to benefit from his wisdom are noticeably better for it.
Sarah C-J.
Sarah C-J.
Human Rights Lawyer, Canada
        I found that if you put in the work and continue to do so after the class, the real transformation begins outside of the course. Each session would leave me excited and eager to learn more and put into practice what I have learned. All around great coaches and great course.
Eddie C.
Eddie C.
Senior Project Engineer, AZ, USA
        Collin has a wealth of practical application knowledge when it comes to learning techniques. He has shown how anybody with the correct guidance and application of these techniques can achieve amazing memory results.
Jean J.
Jean J.
Independent Sales Agent, South Africa
        If you want to turn your learning skills up a notch, improve your memorization skills, retain information longer, or even create your own, personal learning system, then this is the course for you!
Alexia C.
Alexia C.
Acupuncturist, Singapore
        There I only two regrets I have with Collin: 1) that I did not interact even more with him during this course and 2) that the system does not allow me to give him a 6 or 7 star rating. Besides his immense knowledge, he is very approachable and puts your success at the very core of his endeavors.
Daniel F. PhD
Daniel F. PhD
Psychologist, Germany
        On top of knowing his stuff inside and out, Collin is incredibly patient and tailored the course to our cohort. The live sessions were engaging and the resources were clear and fun to follow. Collin was extremely generous with this time and energy, hosting an additional, weekly, 3-hour long breakfast club (just to hang out and get better together).
Dominick L.
Dominick L.
Software Engineer, CA, USA

Who is this course for


You think you are a "slow learner" or that you are "not a creative person."


You constantly feel scattered, unfocused, overwhelmed or just plain bored.


You struggle with making plans/decisions and actually following through.


You purchase books and courses and almost never finish them.

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Enrollment for Cohort 2 is limited to only 30 superlearners - lock in your spot today!

Topics covered

Your Unique Brain and How to Partner with it Effectively

Ever feel like it's you vs you?

Your brain is the most complex thing in the universe - and there's no owner's manual. It's time to write it.

How to Make Learning AND Remembering Anything Fast, Fun, and Easy

Learning does not have to be a "hit head on desk and repeat" process. It can and should be an adventure.

How to Coach Yourself (and others!) to Maximize Clarity

The most important questions can't be Googled.

The good news is, no one can answer them better than you.

Systematize your Success

Become the scientist in the laboratory of your life and design your own strategies that actually work...

... even if you are a free-spirit. ;)

Meet your instructor team

Collin Jewett - Head Instructor
Collin Jewett - Head Instructor

Collin hated school growing up. He was rejected at job fairs, failed tests, often felt stupid, and even cried in front of his guidance counselor. But once he discovered how to partner with his brain, he joined the Dean's list, landed a senior engineering position out of college, and went on to become the director of coaching for a 7 figure eLearning company. Since then, he has written two books on learning and lifestyle design, helped executives, psychologists, and nuclear engineers become learning experts, married the love of his life, and embraced life in the mountains of Colorado. He is on a mission to share the love and joy of learning with as many people as possible and ultimately transform the education system.

Andrea Szabo Ph.D. - Coach
Andrea Szabo Ph.D. - Coach

Andrea is a Medical Doctor and Ph.D. in Medical sciences, Bowen Therapist, Yoga Instructor, Neuroscience Researcher, Pharmacology Professor, tenured leader of a 300+ person medical team, and experienced Learning and Productivity Coach.

Andrea's clients praise her wealth of knowledge and hands-on, results-oriented approach to coaching.

If you think you are beyond helping, you haven't worked with Andrea yet.

Dylan Peterson - Coach
Dylan Peterson - Coach

As a former, self-described, "barely-fulltime gas station cashier", Dylan is the Hero's Journey incarnate. Using the SuperLearning skillset, Dylan has read more books and acquired more professional certifications in a year than many people manage in a lifetime.

When he is not running his successful IT business, TechEase, negotiating Real Estate transactions, or being the World's Best Dad to his four kids, Dylan is coaching others to achieve the impossible, just like him.

Luke Herman - Coach
Luke Herman - Coach

The newest addition to the coaching team, Luke is an International Business Administration Major at Missouri State University.

Don't let his age fool you - what Luke lacks in experience, he more than makes up for with perspective.

Luke mastered this skillset recently and is uniquely positioned to encourage and support new SuperLearners - like you!

Course syllabus


Learning in Context

Life is learning, but learning as a skill is just one piece of the puzzle. In order to make the most of that invaluable skill, we need to understand how it contributes to getting meaningful results in any area of life.

Enter The Results Formula: life-changing framework and context of this course.


Begin with the End in Mind

More than a pithy saying, you will be systematically designing the unique results you will achieve from this course, from the very start, with the help of world-class coaches.

No two people have the same goals or the same path to reach them; you will find no "cookie-cutters" here.


There is no Failure, only Feedback

The difference between those who achieve mind-boggling success and those who don't comes down to one critical practice: self-experimentation.

You will become the scientist in your own laboratory of life; you will become the world's leading expert on what works for you.


Your Brain

Not my brain, not just the brain (though we'll talk about that too), your brain. What good are fancy "guru-approved" strategies that worked wonders for the guru, if they don't work for you?!

There is no magic pill for learning faster, making better decisions, etc. It all depends on your brain.


Too Tired to Sleep, Too Busy to Plan

Tired? Restless? Overwhelmed? Bored? Busy? Clutter-brained? Butter-crained?

That's no way to learn - heck, that's no way to live!

We've all been there.

Thankfully, you don't have to stay there.

It's not about "Time boxing, or Pomodoro timers, or a new fad diet either. It's about Self-Knowledge and Clarity.


Rediscover the Genius of Children

Curiosity is the secret weapon of children. You will rediscover your curiosity and the wonder and unlimited creative power that comes with it.

Writer's block and boredom will become 100% optional for you.


More than Memory Palaces

Everyone loves memory palaces, but guess what?

They're useless.

Ok fine, they're not useless, but they are horribly misunderstood and frequently misused.

You will unlock your unlimited memory and infinite learning potential, not just a box full of party tricks.


The Personal Learning System: The Holy Grail of Personal Growth and Achievement

You already have a personal learning system.

Now, it will no longer suck.

Check out the video below to hear stories from Cohort 1!

Cohort 1 Testimonials

Learning is better with cohorts

Learning is better with cohorts
Active learning, not passive watching

You will design your own path through the course, with the help of coaches, and practice the skills LIVE.

<< This is a picture of a breakout practice session.

This course is focused on taking meaningful action and learning through real-world experiences.

Learn with a cohort of peers

There is a reason the Alumni Community has continued to hold weekly calls long after the cohort officially ended. These are more than fellow students, they are friends and team-mates.

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