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Become a Skills-Based Organization

8 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Attract and retain your industry's top talent with a culture of growth and human flourishing. No one wants a job... they want a journey!

Hosted by

Gabe Gloege

Two decades in workplace learning. Co-founder at CultivateMe.

Course overview

Become an ROI-Driving Learning Leader in 8 Weeks

Are you exhausted trying to prove the value of learning in your organization? Do you feel overwhelmed navigating the skills gap? This 8-week online course will empower you to become a strategic player who cultivates a thriving skills-based culture. 

We'll step back and question why learning matters at all. You'll gain clarity on metrics that matter—like talent flow and growth culture audits—to demonstrate ROI and address pushback. We'll tackle the skills conundrum head-on, clarifying who defines skills and how to build skills inventories. 

Each week, you'll explore contradictions that spark creative solutions. How do you put employees first while meeting business goals? How do you balance data with human-centric design? You'll prototype plans tailored to your organization and come away with an expanded portfolio to elevate your programs. Join us on this journey of inquiry and action to level up your skills and transform your organization into a powerhouse of motivated, skilled employees.

Who is this course for


L&D professionals seeking to evolve from order-takers to strategic players who can clearly demonstrate ROI and the value of learning program


Talent development leaders aiming to close skills gaps, build skills inventories, and cultivate motivated, growth-oriented cultures.


People managers seeking to build supportive teams that help grow employees' skills and careers.

What you’ll get out of this course

Activate Natural Learning in Daily Work

Apply cognitive science-based practices for generating insights and building skills through daily work. Forget periodic training, learn as you work through relevance realization.

Cultivate Forgotten Ways of Knowing

Some ways of learning have been lost in our culture's obsession with data and logic. Rediscover deeper aspects knowing that develop wisdom faster and accelerate career growth.

Engineer Career Journeys

Map employees' career stages within the company. Intentionally design practices and tools that motivate and support their progression through each stage.

Prototype Your Ideal Learning Ecology

Tailor a learning culture (we call it an ecology of practice) to your company's specific needs. Chart a path from current to ideal state and build a blueprint you can implement.

Meet your instructor

Gabe Gloege

Gabe Gloege

CultivateMe Co-founder, former Head of Learning

With over 20 years in workplace learning, Gabe Gloege has led learning departments in global corporations and been a learning team of one in startups. His experience helping teams and companies build learning cultures that drive employee engagement and attract top talent makes him uniquely qualified to help you prototype the ideal learning ecology for your organization.

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Become a Skills-Based Organization


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Course syllabus


How to hitch a ride on your day job

We’re going to dive into 4E cognitive science and understand how the human mind makes sense of the world. We’ll also explore how dialog and dialectic are fundamental to the production of insights. Learn to leverage these natural cognitive processes in order to quickly build skills and increase insight by simply doing one’s everyday work.


The Four Lost Ways of Knowing

Corporate learning, and even modern culture overall, has become obsessed with data and logic as the essence of learning and growth, with a sprinkling of “how to” knowledge of procedures. But there are deeper, forgotten, and far more important and powerful ways of knowing that impact our professional growth and the accumulation of wisdom.


An Odyssey of Career Growth

The north star of most employees’ motivation to learn is “how will this help my career?” Harness this innate desire and employee engagement dramatically improves. If employees are a ship at sea, their career is a string of journeys to various ports. We’ll explore the necessary conditions that make for  a successful journey.


How To Build A Skills Inventory

We’ll step through a design process for defining roles and how to identify the most important and impactful skills. We’ll also explore ways to think about mastery and what it means to have fluency in a skill. How we break down skills into useful components without losing focus or being overwhelmed by abstraction is at the heart of becoming a SBO.


The six arenas of the employee journey

We’re going to explore the different stages of an employee’s career (within a company) as a series of different games, each with different goals and rules. And we’re going to design ways to make those games more obvious and engaging to employees… so they win more often.


Home, Edge, and Groove

We’ll explore the the poisonous aspects of toxic learning environments, and the inversion that fosters human flourishing and lead to career development and talent flow. We’ll also explore how they show up at multiple levels of the organization.


How to actually change culture

This is where we design an ecology of practices. We’ll start with the three pillars of culture: frameworks, practices, and tools. Then we’ll prototype a growth culture that might work for your own company. Finally we’ll brainstorm the practical and political approach to changing culture at your own company.


Increasing Talent Flow

People don’t stay at an organization forever. They come and they go. But what’s the right pace of turnover and how can we monitor it and use that to regularly tweak our growth culture? This is talent flow. In this session we’ll explore the key metrics you should be optimizing for and how to measure if it’s actually working.

Course schedule

3-4 hours per week
  • Asynchronous Course Material

    30 minutes per module

    Each module has ~20 minutes of video content to review before the live sessions. Videos are 5 minutes or less so you can watch them in the cracks of your busy schedule.

  • Live sessions on Tuesdays & Fridays

    11:00am - 12:00pm EST

    These will be highly interactive sessions where we discuss the course material, have paired dialog with cohort members, and refine your personalized learning culture plans. You'll deepen your understanding of these concepts and build relationships with other professionals.

  • Short projects with each module

    20 minutes per module

    With each module you will gradually design a specific ecology of practice for your own organization. By the end of the course you will have a master plan for a growth culture that is unique to your company. Use it as you see fit.

Free resource

Growth Culture Field Guide

People want to do meaningful work that challenges and changes them into better professionals. Create a culture that delivers on this promise and you will have top industry talent beating a path to your door.

This guide walks you through all the essential components of a growth culture that attracts and retains top tier talent, and how to get started at your organization.

Get the field guide

Learning is a team sport

Learning is a team sport

Active hands-on learning

This course builds on live workshops and hands-on projects

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be interacting with other learners through breakout rooms and project teams

Build your professional network

These will not just be faces on a screen. You're going to interact with every member of the cohort, teaching each other and growing together.

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Become a Skills-Based Organization


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