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3 Weeks


Cohort-based Course

Attract a community of raving fans. Go from obscurity to influencer status. Create a tribe of enthusiastic followers who love what you do.

Course overview

For Twitter and LinkedIn (either or both)

I'll teach you to play the hidden game behind the fastest growth on the social networks where business professionals thrive.

(And how to stay true to yourself in the process. This isn't a course on clickbait.)

— so you can meet interesting people, win new clients, and monetize your following.

This course is for you, if...


You're tired of shouting into the void, waiting for growth to magically happen.


You need to overcome the cold start problem, and you don't want to waste months.


You want to see rapid growth without clickbait garbage or buying retweets.

What you get when you join us:

The same tactics I used to hit 30,000 followers in 100 days (but better)

I'll teach you the strategy I used to become a hypergrowth account with an authentic brand. Plus, all the new insights I've learned since.

A step-by-step roadmap for how to play the "game"

Both Twitter and LinkedIn have two algorithms: the computer one and the human one. Understand the crowd and computer dynamics and how to use them to your advantage.

A community of growth-focused accounts to join with

Network and execute positive-sum strategies with feedback from a self-selecting group of growth-focused accounts.

Writing systems to max your productivity

I've tested different systems and worked out a version that works for me. I'll share how I balance using repeatable frameworks with keeping ideas original and fresh.

Tons of live feedback

The basics are easy enough, but executing well still requires a lot of nuance. This course has lots of live feedback and Q&A to make sure your questions are answered.

Plus $500+ in bonus content

(Keep scrolling, you'll find it...)

Results working with Rob:

        I went from 0 to 1,000 followers in 1 month. And when people ask me what’s my secret, I always tell them: Rob’s community. Learning from people who’ve been playing the game for a long time is the best shortcut you can have. The amount of great feedback I got from the community made my threads go from 3 to 5 RTs to 100+.
Gianni Cara (16,300+ followers)

Gianni Cara (16,300+ followers)

        After trying to grow for weeks and seeing no results, I joined Rob's community, started a new account, and grew from 0 to 1,000 followers in five weeks. I've learned 10x faster than I would have ever learned on my own. I've never written online, have zero social media experience, and now I receive DMs constantly asking how I grew so fast.
Rachael Camp (5,400+ followers)

Rachael Camp (5,400+ followers)

        Though I didn't know what to expect...I was hoping the course would deliver like this. It was a 3 week sprint (perfect) that hit on many levels. - Connected with open-minded amazing people - Learned tactics, strategies, mindset, twitter algo...I mean the learning was amazing - Built accountability and a new practice Rob over-delivered
Adam Eskow (cohort 1)

Adam Eskow (cohort 1)

        This was a high-value, actionable course. Rob knows what he’s talking about and doesn’t waste a minute. I considered other courses on the same subject before, but this was the first one I trusted to teach an authentic approach.
Michael Sklar (cohort 1)

Michael Sklar (cohort 1)

        I only chose 10/10 cause there wasn't an 11. Seriously, awesome course. I'm a ghostwriter and was looking to upskill. The result: I came away with several tactical strategies and frameworks I am immediately applying. Can't recommend this course highly enough.
Matthew Brown (Ghostwriter)

Matthew Brown (Ghostwriter)

        I've taken a lot of courses over the years. From starting a business, to building new skills, to learning tips to grow faster. This has been BY FAR the best one I've taken. Rob's tips have been instantly actionable. Within 48 hours of the course start I had a tweet that went viral, and I've seen a 10x increase in impressions and engagement.
Joe Konrad (cohort 1)

Joe Konrad (cohort 1)


"I've had two VCs reach out & ask to chat about my company."

  • 🔸 Here's what happened with John:

    "I reached out to Rob initially because it took me 44 days to go from 30-297 followers.

    I was posting a thread a day, getting no feedback, & doing everything by myself...this week I'll break 1,000 followers.

  • (Note: Since sharing this, John has 10x'd his following in just a couple of months and is now above 11,000 followers.)

    Other things worth mentioning...

  • Before Rob's group:

    My traction came from borrowing the credibility of others & curation.

    My follows were from anon accounts with cartoon PFPs that were trying to sell me NFTs.

    I was writing by myself & got no feedback.

  • After Rob's group:

    Some of my unique ideas have gone viral. I've had two VCs reach out & ask to chat about my company.

    Others have asked for paid business consulting.

    I have a community of people who're better than me, that take time out of their day to improve my content."

  • John Franklin (11,000+ followers)


Meet your instructor

Rob Lennon (@thatroblennon)

Rob Lennon (@thatroblennon)


I want to share these audience-building secrets because they truly can change your life.

10,000 followers in 41 days. 50,000+ in 6 months.

16+ years in startups.

Author w/ 1M+ page reads.

Bringing wisdom on writing, mindset, and online business to the world.

More of what people are saying

More of what people are saying

Join the cohort and get $500+ in free templates and guides

BONUS: Twitter Algorithm Guide ($100 value)
BONUS: LinkedIn Algorithm Guide ($100 value)
FREE: Post inspiration database ($150 value)

Get access to 150+ proven tweet structures. Learn how to use proven templates as a model. Still be yourself and your ideas.

GUIDE: The Art of Commenting and QRTing ($75 value)

Become known for leaving great comments.

BONUS: Twitter profile checklist and Canva template ($75 value)

Everything you need to quickly optimize your bio.

Exclusive Growth Community Invite (Priceless)
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Zero to 10k Audience Accelerator


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Course schedule

3 hours per week
  • Tuesdays & Thursdays

    1:00pm - 2:30pm EST / 10am - 11:30am PST

    Plus, it's highly suggested you take some time to put what you learn into motion.

  • Jan 10 - 26

    3 weeks, 2x week, x 90 minutes

    3 weeks gives you enough time to learn, try, and improve. When you go off on your own, you'll be practiced and ready.

  • Live Community

    Always on

    Get feedback and answers from me and the community in between sessions in your Maven student hub.

  • Bonus material

    On demand

    Videos and cheat sheets will be available whenever they are ready (even before the course officially starts.)

Audience building is better with a team

Audience building is better with a team

Active hands-on learning

In this course, we do a little bit of a lecture, but a lot of learning by DOING.

Interactive and project-based

You’ll be writing tweets, creating content plans, and figuring out your personal brand. Leave with actual work accomplished.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Join a community of like-minded people who want to learn and grow their audiences alongside you

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🔸 Results or you pay nothing

Put my system into practice and you'll gain 1,000+ followers within 8 weeks.

If you don't, I'll work with you until you do.

(Or, you can have a 100% refund.)

More of what people are saying

        Extremely helpful for those serious about building audiences. This course teaches not only tactics, frameworks, and methods for success, but also gets at the deeper questions: • Why do you want to build an audience? • Will you be motivated to continue to do this work when it gets tough? Etc. Overall very helpful.
Matt Riback

Matt Riback

        A wealth of knowledge translated into simple, pragmatic advice that is easy to follow. Exactly the type of course I like. Also the community is amazing and very supportive of each other.
Ryan Junee

Ryan Junee


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Zero to 10k Audience Accelerator


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