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Mastering Your Strategy to Accelerate Sales & Visually Surpass the Competition

Cohort-based Course

Learn branding and marketing strategy methods to visually communicate, curate content & create striking visual presentations.

Hosted by

Alex Ortiz, Marketing Strategist & Creative Director

Course overview

Lifestyle Design Strategies to Build Your Product and Create Your Content with Confidence.

  • Go beyond poorly designed slides to teach, inform, persuade and entertain your audience to grow your revenue stream.

  • During this course you will learn, visual storytelling, content creation, and lifestyle branding strategy methods to help fire up your product or services.

This course is designed for...


Non-designers and course creators looking to define their visual content strategy to persuade, educate and entertain their audience.


Consultants, managers and entrepreneurs seeking to improve, build strong visual narratives and define their brand identity.


Powerpoint, Google Slides or Keynote users seeking for a different trend-driven productivity tool like Canva to iterate their presentation.


Community influencers ready to learn how to customize Canva templates, and apply lifestyle branding to diversify their body of work.


Startups looking to create a lifestyle brand around their product or services, and curate their content effortlessly.


Entrepreneurs ready to discover how lifestyle branding can reshape the vision of their brand, & put it into practice.

Applying Monopolize Your Creativity's models you will be able to...

01: PLAN AND DISCOVER:) Audience Immersion

Learn proven step-by-step frameworks, used by retailers and manufacturers, on how to identify your audience to plan a strong presentation narrative.

By identifying your audience you'll be able to obtain lifestyle trend knowledge to help you craft your own Customer-Story-Board.

02: GATHER NO MORE:* Deep Dive into The Topics

Collect, and categorized trend-driven topics to gain a global perspective and the sentiments your audience most care about.

By narrowing the topic with our research model you will create a KeyWord-Asset-Store, to be used on your search efforts when building your visual stories.

03: STORM THE BRAIN;- Seeds of Inspiration

When it comes to idea generation, the more ideas and seeds of inspiration you have, the better chance that you can turn these into something amazing when building your content strategy.

Gathering market assets as a form of inspiration can help define your visual presentation.

04: DISTILL YOUR WORLD:+ Decide on Your Aesthetics

Building a Content Style Guide can help you define the content rules that keep the tone of your voice, and other elements of brand sentiment consistent across your pieces of content.

This guide covers aspects of content style such as color branding, layout and type.

05: BUILD YOUR STORY:) Four Pillars to Content Curation Mastery

Deep dive into the Canva platform to understand the productivity tools and customizable templates available to create your own branded presentations.

Learn how you can combine templates, develop your Brand Kit and Style Guide to offer consistency across all your presentations.

06: MEASURE & PUBLISH:$ Creating Brand Awareness

Publish your branded content by following proven marketing strategies to create social media brand awareness.

Polishing your presentation during peer to peer interaction will help you find a tune to better align your business objectives with your audience's branding expectations.

See what people are saying

        What I love most about Danny and Alexsandra, besides that they are extremely knowledgeable and experienced with all of the latest designs and trends, is that they’re the most genuine people and polished professionals. Hands-down, truly a pleasure to work with every single time!
Amir Elliot

Amir Elliot

CEO of Artisan 34
        Danny & Alex have been amazing partners for our business over the last 5 years on the product development side. We've worked on multiple projects in the home furnishing market and they've always exceeded our expectations.
Dawn Rochelle Fields

Dawn Rochelle Fields

Vice President of Design and Product Development, HK GMS
        Danny is a master at Twitter and his results speak for themselves. Techniques, tools, mindsets, Danny knows and practices the best of each. He's exceedingly kind and generous at sharing his knowledge and great at communicating at your level.
Chris Wong

Chris Wong

Founder, Newsletter Launchpad
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Mastering Your Strategy to Accelerate Sales & Visually Surpass the Competition

Meet your instructors

Alex Ortiz, Marketing Strategist & Creative Director

Alex Ortiz, Marketing Strategist & Creative Director

Product Brand Developer I Visual Communicator | Trend & Color Analyst

Welcome to the thrilling intersection of marketing, design, and strategy.

I will be your guide in this journey. As a seasoned business owner, marketing strategist, and designer with a career spanning over two decades, I've faced and overcome the challenges you're likely struggle with today.

Having co-founded Creativo Design Studio, managed projects and provided global trend forecasts for exclusive brands such as Adidas, Walmart, Hobby Lobby, Debenhams and Home Goods, I've donned multiple hats and maneuvered through the intricacies of the business world.

Today, I am here to share that wealth of experience with you. My mission is to empower you with Bold-Synchronized-Strategies, demystifying marketing and enabling you to craft a powerful marketing playbook and engaging visual content.

I will facilitate hands-on training and live demonstration sessions, providing you practical techniques and proven frameworks to construct compelling visual narratives.

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Mastering Your Strategy to Accelerate Sales & Visually Surpass the Competition

Learning is better with like minded people

Learning is better with like minded people

Active learning to unlock and discover your best content curation

This course focuses on live hands-on projects, iterations and peer-to-peer feedback during breakout rooms.

You'll have hands-on Q & A time with Alex and Dan.

Learn with a cohort of peers

You’ll be learning in public setting through breakout rooms engaging with industry experts, disruptors, and rule breakers.

Learn with a cohort of peers

Surround yourself with like-minded designers who want to grow alongside you

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Be the first to know about upcoming cohorts

Mastering Your Strategy to Accelerate Sales & Visually Surpass the Competition